Thursday, September 9: Update

We went helmet shopping yesterday. After two trial sessions with horse therapy, we were confident enough to buy Claire her own equestrian helmet. Furthermore, we decided to double down on horse therapy: Claire will have two sessions each week beginning this Monday. The horse therapy has been a great addition to the rehabilitation tactical battery. We’ll take all we can get.

September has brought all kinds of forces to north Texas. Thunderstorms, tornadoes and cooler temperatures are the least of our concerns. The perennial allergy season has darkened our doorway. We never like it and this season it’s more menacing. Heidi, Claire and I have been the most effective. Despite a vanguard composed of Zyrtec and Flonase, Claire’s respiratory system has taken a beating; yet it has not gone down. All the junk in her airways remains an upper respiratory nuisance, and hasn’t descended further to become something more menacing. We’re thankful for that and continue to check and monitor her oxygenation levels and lungs. So far, so good.

Claire’s chair – a Lovesac – has been awesome. She relaxes very well with the chair, especially compared to the alternatives we were using. It’s also much easier to keep her elevated in the chair while she eats. We’d been using our wedges to elevate her while she ate; however, Claire’s core strength increased to the point she was able to easily roll off the wedge. The new solution is much improved.

When Claire is not using her chair, it’s not unoccupied for long. Heidi and Autumn like to sneak their way onto the chair. I’ll steal onto it too from time to time.

Claire has shown small improvements over the past few days. Her neck muscle strength has improved. She is holding her head up with more consistency and control. Claire’s therapists were very pleased with her head control today. Tiffany ventured that today’s therapy session was the best to date. Claire was calm, cooperative and attentive. The therapists remarked that Claire worked very hard. Since that’s all we’re asking of her, we were very pleased as well.

We’re happy to see the end of this short work week tomorrow. We decided to start some projects early.  Heidi wanted to learn some more photography principles today, so we set up the camera and did some portrait work with a ready and willing subject. We felt we captured the essence and mood of the moment.

We hope you enjoy tomorrow and have a great weekend. Thank you as always.