Tuesday, September 28: Update

It’s been almost a week since the last post. And that week has been very busy. Aside from having family in town, we began a process that normally takes several months: buying a house. We’ve been passively considering a move and wanted to make sure Claire had enough time to settle in at home before seeking more space. Our lethargic search became more urgent last Wednesday when we found a house in Coppell. We made an offer this evening and expect to discuss a counter tomorrow morning.

We don’t want to give too many details right now because we still have to come to terms with the seller. If we do get the house, however, we will be asking for some helping hands with the prep work on the home. The house needs to be made move-in ready after closing: every wall needs to be painted (the current owner has a vivacious personality that comes through in her paint choices) and we have to lay carpet in the upstairs. If you like to paint and your schedule will allow, we’d be grateful for the help. But we’ll hope and see if we even get the house in the meantime.

The mad scramble with the house was simply layered on top of Claire’s therapy. We feel we’ve hit another plateau and we’re fighting through. We’re finding that the battle against physical exhaustion is becoming more acute with each passing day. Sleep deficits are piling up and the daily grind is taking its toll. Claire is developing bags under her eyes because her sleep isn’t as sound as it was when we first came home. As her body continues to adapt, we play catch up with new techniques to alleviate her discomfort. It can take several days of experimentation before we hit on something that works; and before we know it, something new pops up and we’re experimenting again. All of us would like a little bit of respite, and we wonder when it will come. It’s one thing to be tired from a hard days work with Claire. It’s another to be tired because we can’t replenish our energy through the night. It’s adding up.

Despite the malaise, we’re happy to be together as a family. We hope that we can come to amenable terms on a home and get some more space for guests, family and friends alike. We thank you for your continued support and thoughts. We look forward to sharing good news on multiple fronts soon.

24 thoughts on “Tuesday, September 28: Update”

  1. Hello! I don’t know you personally, but heard your story through Facebook. I have been quietly reading your posts ever since the accident and praying for your sweet Claire.

    Today’s post caught my eye because I am actually a teacher in Coppell. If you end up moving here, you will not be sorry – it is such a great community! If you need anything, please let me know. I will continue to pray for strength for your family and huge strides for Claire!

  2. praying for your house… i know you’ve already pictured yourselves inside and how everything will adapt for Claire… i’m praying things work out.
    pleasant dreams for all of you. praying too that you get the sustained sleep each of you needs to tackle the next day.

  3. Plateaus are hard – and sleep deprivation sucks the life out of you. You get so used to it after awhile – but it never gets any easier.
    I so hope the new house pans out – good luck!! My American geography is pathetic – would that be a far move?
    Thinking of you all – and praying Claire finds some fuzzy sheep in dreamland tonight.

    1. Always love to hear from you Gillian. You are so sweet. My geography is pathetic in general.. so I understand. It won’t be a far move. It’s actually just about 10 minutes away from us now. 🙂

  4. Dear friends,

    I am so happy right now! . . We will be neighbors:) YuppY!!
    I will pray for that house and for a good night.

    Ps: I can`t paint – you know why 😉 – but I can do another things


  5. Hope house works out for you – Duane and I have moved 12 or 13 times – lost count.[ retired AF ]
    Start throwing things away now!!!
    Care for the caregivers,
    Hugs, love and prayers to all;
    Susan D.

  6. I hope everything goes well with the new house! If I lived closer I’d help get things ready, but it’s a long drive from CA. I continue to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers!!

  7. Rejoice in the Lord Always and Again I say Rejoice!!! I hope that you get the home that you are wanting, and continue to lift all of you to our dear Heavenly Father. I’ll be lifting you up with sweet dreams and much needed restorative sleep. God Bless

  8. How exciting! We will pray that if it is the Lord’s will for you to call that house a home that you will get it! Can’t wait to see it!

  9. praying you will get the house – and will be available to help with moving, painting, anything my limited skills can provide.

  10. My family & I definitely want to help. I have been just sitting by waiting for an oppportunity. Please keep us posted & we will be there for whatever you need.

  11. Praying that the house comes through! I presume you’ll chose more soothing colors. . . but no more apartment house white!

    You’ve worked your way past plateaus in the past; you will again. I know it’s hard to see that in the moment, so my other prayer is for patience. I know that’s hard.

    And finally I pray for sleep, for all of you. Everything is harder when you’re sleep-deprived.

    Love, Dodie

  12. I wish you well with your new quest for a house. I am still praying for your family. Specifically for continued improvement in Claire, rest for the family, and peace of mind. I know that you dont know me but I would be willing to help your family with anything I can.


  13. You don’t know me but I’ve been following your blog since the accident and sending all my positive thoughts your way. Good luck with the bid on the house.

  14. If you do get the house please let me know (my husband and I live in the apartment complex (1103) and we are friends of Kristen). We both like to paint and we also own a pick-up truck that we could help move your furniture and other items. Anything we can do to help, just let us know.

  15. We follow your posts religiously, and hope and pray daily… Every night Kate brings up Claire, and we pray for her and your family every time… Whenever you post something, please know there is always someone who’s praying with you… whether you post daily or once a week, it doesn’t matter… We are with you every night…

    1. Thank you Olga. It is so sweet of you to remind us that you are praying for us. Kate is such a precious little girl. I miss seeing her at your mom’s house. Thank you for staying with us and being with us each night. 🙂

  16. By the way, my husband is in the mortgage business, so if you need someone to look over your final documents, please let me know…. And we do have a pickup truck… We’ll be happy to help with the move… 214-235-5301… just call me if you need anything…

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