Wednesday, June 2: Update 2

My dad Tim just flew in from Colorado and I took him in to see Claire. While we were there we were able to meet with the doctor and get a brief update on Claire’s progress.

The infectious disease specialist had told us this morning that there were some abnormalities in her blood work; the doctor this afternoon indicated that it was nothing new and they are treating the infection a little more aggressively.

The doctors will be backing down the pressure on her ventilator a little more in the next couple hours and hope to transfer her to a more passive machine sometime in the next six to eight hours. Our goal is to raise her body temperature to around 36 degrees Centigrade by this evening and keep on track for normal temperature tomorrow morning. It’s an inexact science, but the doctors are practicing this inexact science well.

I will give another update this evening after the shift change and the night doctor comes on board.