Thursday, September 2: Update

While the weather in north Texas has changed, not much has shifted since the last update. Claire continues to work hard day in and day out. Her efforts are paying off in absolute muscles strength: she doesn’t direct a lot of purposeful movement, but when she doesn’t want to do something, she’s built up formidable strength to resist. Her abs and legs are remarkably strong and her trapezius muscle is ripped. When we place Claire on her stomach now, she can hold her head up for prolonged periods of time just by tensing her trapezius. While this is impressive compared to what she could do two months ago, she still struggles to raise her head from a relaxed position. All in due time.

After six weeks of back and forth with the manufacturer, Claire finally got her plush, memory foam bean bag today. It was a happy day for us all. Propping her up with pillows has become a more difficult task: Claire has used her aforementioned muscle strength to shift weight unpredictably. So placing her on the couch is not an option anymore. We ordered the bean bag so that we can prop her up safely and ergonomically. And now we can. It’s pretty cool and a lot bigger than we expected. We like it.

Tomorrow is the second day for horse therapy. It’s quickly becoming my favorite day of the week for Claire’s rehabilitation efforts. I only have one data point from last Friday, but Claire’s temperament was so amenable after the session, I’m hoping it’s a trend beginning.

The rest of the family continues to charge forward, though everyone has a hint of fatigue in their shoulders. I often wonder when we’ll have a chance to recuperate some of the sleep. energy and resolve lost over the last three months. I can’t imagine when. For the time being, I feel that every minute is an opportunity to learn something new, work on Claire’s motor or cognitive skills, or try a new tool to get her further down the recovery road. I know it’s not a sprint. But I can run hard and fast for a pretty long time. I’ll keep doing so until my body makes me stop. I don’t see that happening in the foreseeable future.

Thank you for your prayers and support. We hope the coming Labor Day weekend treats you well.

19 thoughts on “Thursday, September 2: Update”

  1. I hope Claire does well in Horse Therapy tomorrow. I hope you all get some rest this Holiday weekend! I pray Claires babysteps continue onward! Big hugs to Autumn and Heidi! Sweet dreams Baby Claire! Love and Prayers to you all!

  2. Tyler & Tiffany & girls – you are an amazing family! I know you know that God holds you all in His hands and even though we can’t see it now, He has a plan. I heard this song on the radio a couple of days ago & tagged it ~ ‘No Matter What’ by Kerri Roberts. I think you guys have been an EXEMPLARY example of what the song is saying.

    You are in our prayers!

  3. Prayers for rest and recuperation over the long weekend and the long haul. May the horse therapy go even better than last week. Love the ripped abs! And the great big bean bag! You know Claire’s getting better bit by bit; you just want your miracles more quickly than you’re getting them. How very human of you, Tyler! 🙂 Lean into the love of God when you get tired of all this. Blessings to you all, Dodie

  4. praying for a successful horse therapy and improvement each day. press on, family… what a hard worker you are claire and what a blessing it is for you to have such a committed family. you all are an inspiration!

  5. Tyler & Tiffany – thinking of you and your family as we head into the holiday weekend. May Claire’s equine therapy be another positive step forward and may you have some time for r&r during the weekend.

    Hang in there!


  6. I am thankful for your honest, transparent journals. I can’t imagine what you are feeling, but you put so much emotion in your words that I get a glimpse of your pain. I am praying for Claire to have a good couple of days so everyone can have a restful weekend.

  7. Hoping that her riding session goes well today! Since the weather is a bit more pleasant perhaps you can relax outside some this weekend! Contiunally praying for all of you. You’re ALL amazing!!!

  8. My heart and my thoughts continues to be with your family. I can’t wait to hear about the hippotherapy today, and hopefully you can enjoy some time outside this weekend. Break out those water balloons!

  9. Hi All,
    Just wanted to check in and let you know we are keeping up with the posts and praying daily for Claire and the rest of your family.
    Uncle Andy, Aunt Susan, Alec and Eric

  10. Just another thought…Joey (Martin) and his wife Jill are very involved in a chartiy-therapy group that uses horses. (I believe they focus on post traumatic stress syndrome, not for sure though) Anyhow, just thought that I would share that with you. I know you like to have as much knowledge as possible about therapies, and he (or Jill) may have some useful information or inspiration.

  11. Claire and your family our always in our hearts and prayers. Your family has an amazing spirit and there’s no doubt that Claire’s recovery will be led by that. Blessings to you all…

  12. I hope Friday’s hippotherapy results were as encouraging as the first round. I also hope you (Tyler and Tiffany) will choose to take time for rest and recreation, even though the urge to press forward and explore every therapy option constantly nips at your heels. You’ll be better suited to meet Claire’s (and your other girls’) needs if you’re healthy in body, mind, and spirit, not if you push yourself until you collapse from exhaustion.

    Okay, end of lecture. (Thanks for your patience.) We love your dear family and continue to pray daily. God has a plan. He is doing more than any of us can possibly imagine in and through you and your Claire, and not one word of all that He has spoken concerning you will fail. All will come to pass. Praying you’ll have abundant grace and peace for the journey.

    Much love,

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