Wednesday, June 2: Update 3 with Pictures

I just got done sitting with Claire again. She is off the percussion ventilator and now on a less noisy, less intrusive machine. This is important because it is one of the steps toward slowly weaning her off the medicine that is keeping her muscles paralyzed. It’s also an indication that her body is doing a better job of getting oxygen than it was previously: she’s becoming a little more stable hour by hour.

I’m not yet comfortable taking my big cameras into the room yet, but at least I had my iPhone. I know many of you are eager to see her.

Here she is having just moved from the percussion ventilator to the new ventilator (in foreground). You can’t see it well, but the screen shows great oxygen activity.

Autumn and Heidi met with two hospital workers this morning that specialize in child development and help siblings deal with the events. These are the pictures that Heidi and Autumn made for Claire during the morning session. They’re hanging in Claire’s room now.

And here’s our brave baby Claire. She’s beautiful.

I’ll post again tonight after the progress report with the doctor.