Wednesday, June 2: Update 1

One thing I neglected to mention last night is some of the support that we have here in Dallas. I can’t name everyone but want people to know that my in-laws Ed & Sarah flew in Monday afternoon, my mom Susie and my sister Emily flew in Monday morning and my Dad is flying in today.  We have had a number of offers for help with Autumn and Heidi and as this progresses we will be coordinating that help to give them a break.

Now the updates:

Last night my mom and I were bedside with Claire and got to see a pupil test. The on-duty nurse Andrew showed us that she is having noticeable response to light on her eyes. With each update like this I want to caution that it is not a definitive indicator of the outcome, but it is a sign that we’re headed in the right direction. More importantly it strengthens our hope and resolve.

They also started a nutrition plan yesterday for Claire to give her body the energy it’s going to need for the fight ahead. A monitor to track micro changes in her blood levels was also connected to her which is tracking organ activity and oxygen use in the brain. The monitors are showing positive trends right now.

An infection specialist was ordered by yesterday’s on-call doctor to monitor the signs of infection they’d seen yesterday. Claire’s white blood cell count was a little high yesterday indicating a possible infection. We changed to two other antibiotics to fight the infection. The infection specialist told us that they were strengthening her antibiotics and we should expect the results of her cultures later today.

The work to prepare us and set our expectations has also started. We were cautioned last night to expect that Claire will go through some withdrawals as some of the medications are stopped. The doctors will introduce a couple of other medications to deal with the withdrawal symptoms. We were also told to expect that some straps will be added to her wrist to keep her from reaching up and pulling out tubes as she comes out of sedation. While the idea of our girl strapped to the bed is stark, we’re reminding ourselves that if she has to be strapped down it’s because she’s moving and responding: we want her to move and respond.

One note about Claire’s night nurse Andrew: we came down to Claire and found her hair brushed and in a purple bow. Andrew has been taking great care of her and he has our gratitude. We will be mentioning some of her other bedside care providers later as well who has been just as awesome as Andrew.

As we get the culture results back we’ll continue to update.