Saturday, July 10: Update

Claire had her best night of sleep last night. Aside from 15 minutes in the middle of the night for a diaper change and a repositioning to avoid bed sores, Claire slept through the night. It set her up nicely for today’s Ativan reduction. She was a little more agitated today but we attribute it to the Ativan changes and subsequent withdrawals.

Having her hair done never helps her mood either. Claire has always disliked having her hair done and that hasn’t changed. We give her a shower every other day and each time Tiffany French braids Claire’s hair: it has been the best way to keep her hair our of the way. The tugging and pulling makes Claire very alert but not in a pleasant way. But she sure does look cute after all is said and done.

We’ve started counting down the days to our scheduled discharge date. Both Tiffany and I are eager to have Claire home so we can get her on a more regular schedule and start being a family again. In the back of our minds, however, we are aware that the discharge date could change. We don’t want it to change and we do want it to change. We want to take Claire home but we also know that if the date is extended that means Claire has emerged from her coma completely and is able to intensify therapy. At the end of the day, we, the doctors and the staff all want the same thing: we want Claire to have as complete a recovery as possible and will extend if that is in her best interest.

There’s not much else to update right now. We’re entering the last two weeks at OCH and it seems the last four have just flown by. We hope the next two weeks yields the most updates. Thank you for all the support.