Tuesday, July 20: Update

Today’s Care Conference focused on what we can expect over our last week at OCH as we prepare to take Claire home. OCH has been great at coordinating the partners we will need at home: food supplies, meds, equipment and therapy schedules have been handled by someone on our Care team while we provide the inputs. It has helped alleviate the stress and the confusion. There is a lot to put in order and we feel that OCH has accelerated us along the learning curve.

Our conference ended and we were on our way to Claire’s fourth aquatic therapy session. Claire had a great ride over to the rehab center and chilled poolside while we waited for her therapists. All that changed when she entered he water. Claire didn’t take kindly to the pool this time and needed some extra coaxing before she settled down. But when she did settle down, she did so in a big way: Claire was more alert during today’s session than any of the previous three. We enjoyed watching Brita, Claire’s physical intern therapist, carry Claire in the water. She did a great job settling Claire down. Claire enjoyed sitting upright in the water and let Brita know she did not want to recline. This was the last time Claire will be at the Baylor Rehab Center and we will remember it fondly, fire alarms and all.

Tomorrow is Claire’s early morning procedure for phenol and Botox injections. We are anticipating a great outcome and look forward to updating you on her results. Thank you for the continued support!