Friday, July 30: Update

Today marked the end of my first full week back in the office and a week since we brought Claire home. Tiffany and I reflected on this last week tonight when Esther gave us the opportunity to go on a date. We are happy that Claire is home and able to sleep in her own bed. We are happy her sisters are able to help and have us all together under the same roof again. We are happy that Tiffany and I don’t have to stay apart each night anymore. These are the things we remind ourselves of every time the recovery feels overly time consuming and onerous.

What also helps is having health caregivers that are as concerned as we are about Claire’s rehab. Grapevine OCH’s team made us smile with their call this morning. We learned earlier this week that Claire was not going to be able to use the pool as planned. The pediatric rehab center shares the pool under an agreement with the adult center; the agreement precludes kids that are not potty trained. Without us knowing Kristin at Grapevine OCH has spent the week making arrangements to get Claire pool therapy sessions arranged. Her efforts and attention mean a lot to us: we are overwhelmed when others fight for Claire as if she was their own.

We’re looking forward to the weekend and some time to recover from the first week with Claire home. We are going to get out some and get Claire some air. But we need to get some rest first. So with that, thank you for the prayers and support and goodnight.