Gifts to Claire, Part 2

Hello again, this is Emily. Just a quick note from IBC regarding the fund for Claire. You may now also give online by going to You would then click on “Click here to make a donation to IBC through American Bank Draft” and, since this is done via a live check and not a credit or debit card, you would, again, put “Claire Martin” in the memo line of the electronic check to designate your gift’s destination. This will then be deducted from your checking account in a few days after you submit the information on the website. Thank you again for your prayers and love during this time, they mean more to us all than we can ever express.

Gifts to Claire

Hi Folks, this is Emily again. I’m writing because so many of you have asked if there was a way for you to send financial help for Claire’s care and continued recovery. Tyler and Tiffany have been reluctant to accept monetary help, and especially to use this blog as a vehicle by which to accept money. This blog is intended, and will always be used, as a source of emotional therapy for Tyler and Tiffany; as a means of conveying information to all of you; and as a great source of love, prayer and support from our wonderful friends, family and even strangers who have done so much already to sustain us during this unexpected and life-changing event. Some very loving friends have, however, gone ahead and set up a charitable fund for The Martins-Dallas Branch. For this generous act we want especially to thank Jon and Becky Barnes, Gary and Heidi Lindsey, Tommy Tucker and those who have worked behind the scenes for Claire. Their continuing kindness toward us all can never be repaid, and while the words “thank you” are too small, we do sincerely thank you. Therefore, if it would bless you to contribute to Claire’s recovery expenses, you can do so through Tyler and Tiffany’s home church in Dallas, Irving Bible Church (IBC). The specific information follows.

Checks may be written to “Irving Bible Church” with “Claire Martin” referenced in the Memo line. They may then be mailed to:

Irving Bible Church

2435 Kinwest Parkway

Irving, TX 75063

There is not currently a means of giving online, but they are exploring the possibility of it, perhaps through PayPal. I will let you know if there are developments on that front. If you have any further questions, please contact Tommy Tucker at IBC at 972-560-4600. All donations are tax deductible, and IBC sends out quarterly reports as well as one report at the end of the year for your own filing purposes.

Thank you all so very much for everything you have already done for us, whether you have been able to physically be in Dallas or not. Your loving support has meant more than any financial gift ever could. Your continued expressions of love through prayer and good wishes remind us that in the middle of all this darkness we have yet been greatly blessed.

To Answer a Few Questions…

Hi, this is Tyler’s sister, Emily. Since Tyler and Tiffany are focussed on Claire’s post-op recovery right now, I thought I’d try to answer some of your questions.

The doctors’ intention to move Claire to the Our Children’s House at Baylor is one more step toward her recovery. Our Children’s House specializes in preparing not just the child, but also the child’s parents for the day-to-day routine of life and rehabilitation at home, as well as connecting them to a network of experts who are available for advice and support. While Claire’s doctors will not move her there until specific goals have been met in her recovery, it is an excellent facility. If you want  more information, their website is at

As far as the G-Button goes, it is only one more tool to help in Claire’s recovery. It can be used as little or as much as necessary, depending on Claire’s ability and willingness to eat orally, and it can also be used to administer medications. If at some point Claire’s G-Button is no longer needed, it can be removed, and the place where it was will heal over much as a person’s skin heals after a piercing is no longer in use. Ultimately, however, its duration is entirely dependent, like so many other things, on Claire herself and the rate at which she recovers. offers a decent explanation of the functions of a G-Button and has some useful external links. If you are curious the website is

Tyler, Tiffany and our entire extended family thank you so much for your love and concern toward Claire and toward us. While I can more than understand your desire for more detailed information, some of these topics are still difficult for them, as parents, to discuss precisely because so much of the process is still wrapped up in “wait and see.” I can also assure everyone, having met them myself, that the entire medical staff at the hospital are ridiculously awesome, and that her doctors are not only extremely competent but they are all personally invested in Claire’s recovery. They are making and will continue to make the decisions that are best for our girl. Thank you all for your truly amazing support, and also for your continued patience in letting Tyler update us only as much as he is able to do so, and at his own pace.