To Answer a Few Questions…

Hi, this is Tyler’s sister, Emily. Since Tyler and Tiffany are focussed on Claire’s post-op recovery right now, I thought I’d try to answer some of your questions.

The doctors’ intention to move Claire to the Our Children’s House at Baylor is one more step toward her recovery. Our Children’s House specializes in preparing not just the child, but also the child’s parents for the day-to-day routine of life and rehabilitation at home, as well as connecting them to a network of experts who are available for advice and support. While Claire’s doctors will not move her there until specific goals have been met in her recovery, it is an excellent facility. If you want  more information, their website is at

As far as the G-Button goes, it is only one more tool to help in Claire’s recovery. It can be used as little or as much as necessary, depending on Claire’s ability and willingness to eat orally, and it can also be used to administer medications. If at some point Claire’s G-Button is no longer needed, it can be removed, and the place where it was will heal over much as a person’s skin heals after a piercing is no longer in use. Ultimately, however, its duration is entirely dependent, like so many other things, on Claire herself and the rate at which she recovers. offers a decent explanation of the functions of a G-Button and has some useful external links. If you are curious the website is

Tyler, Tiffany and our entire extended family thank you so much for your love and concern toward Claire and toward us. While I can more than understand your desire for more detailed information, some of these topics are still difficult for them, as parents, to discuss precisely because so much of the process is still wrapped up in “wait and see.” I can also assure everyone, having met them myself, that the entire medical staff at the hospital are ridiculously awesome, and that her doctors are not only extremely competent but they are all personally invested in Claire’s recovery. They are making and will continue to make the decisions that are best for our girl. Thank you all for your truly amazing support, and also for your continued patience in letting Tyler update us only as much as he is able to do so, and at his own pace.

22 thoughts on “To Answer a Few Questions…”

  1. Thank you Emily for the update! I know God has some very special people prepared to receive Claire and your entire family into their arms at the Baylor House! Ipray for Tyler, Tiffany, Autum and Heidi that God continues to wrap them in His protective arms and comfort them. Thank you again for being such an AWESOME sister and aunt and loving on them! Praise Jesus for such fabulous family members.

  2. May the love and peace of our Lord be with you all not only today but everyday as you endure such a difficult time.
    We love you all very much…
    The Browns,

  3. Emily-Thanks for the update. I have been doing quite a bit of research myself on all the information Tyler has provided. I live upstairs from them and am praying that Clair has a full and swift recovery. Please let them know i would like to come visit once it is an approprate time. I am also here if they need anything done at home. Malisa

  4. hi this is very nice of you Emily tho let us know what happened, they really need a time out to rest. we continued to prayer, say to the gramparents that they are absolute amazing to be there and my prayers are for them too to continue to support and encourage everyday tiff and tyler and ever for minutes put a smile on autunm and heidi faces, and you as sister/-in-law to continue to be strong and wise. tiff everytime I,m im my kitchen doing something I see and hear you ask me how to make such food it make me cry ,you were so happy and curious, and now knowing that you suffer that way my heart is broke. I wish I can do something . I miss you

  5. Thank you Emily! I haven’t even commented since the first time I came to this website. I was asked to pray for Claire by a friend of her parents. Yes, they need time to process. This is a huge event that will change their lives forever. At their pace is best. Just know even though you do not know me I pray for Claire and her family daily. My little boys pray for her in the evenings. Take care!

  6. You do not know me but my prayers are with little Claire and her family.. I learned of her accident through my friends Facebook page.. I pray for her recovery every night.. Stay strong and hugs and kisses to Claire..

  7. You don’t know me, but I do know the Jarrells and the Barnes and learned about little Claire through them. I used to live on the same street as the Barnes. We pray for you and your little Claire over here in DC. I can’t imagine it. You have a very strong family and one very strong little girl. She is amazing.

  8. Tyler/Tiffany,

    I have wanted to write for sometime but I just didn’t know what to say to a Father & Mother experiencing this. I will say from the first time we (My family & I) heard of what happened our hearts broke for you. I can’t imagine the pain you must be feeling. We pray for you often. Our kiddos ask for a daily report on how Claire is doing.

    We are lifting you (Tyler, Tiffany, Autumn, Heidi & Claire) up to our Lord Jesus Christ in prayer. I hope you can find some comfort this.

    You (Tyler & Tiffany) are on our minds a lot. We want to encourage you specifically and we pray that somehow we can. If there is anything you need PLEASE let us know.

    We love you guys,

    In Christ Jesus,

    Thomas S. Barnes

  9. Tiffany: it was so good to talk to you today.. It has been on my heart to visit both you and your mom and so glad I got to talk to you both. Until I saw you, I did not realize you were the cute little pregnant girl in my bible study four years ago. Sarah, I certainly understand things from your perseptive as well…you hurt for your grand daugther, but your daughter and family as well.. Glad school is over so you can be here to support your Tiffany and family… will continue to stay in touch..

  10. Sweet Claire and all of you are in our families thoughts and prayers each day. We are committed to praying for all of you throughout the day.
    Kristin Violi
    (IBC family)

  11. Emily, thanks for the update and the websites–the explanations helped. Tyler and Tiffany, feel all the prayers coming your way, today and for the long haul. Rest when you can, and stay strong. Tell us only what you’ve got the strength to tell us–you and your family come first, after all! I can tell you are surrounded by loving friends. Tell them exactly what kind of help you need from them! I’m so glad Autumn and Heidi have their grandparents there, and Aunt Emily. It sure sounds like Claire is a strong little girl. Much love to you all from Dodie and Grandma Rae, and God bless.

  12. I do not know the family, but I heard about this prayer request via email from a friend and I wanted to let you all know that a sister in Christ in Connecticut is praying for complete healing of Claire. And for peace to be with the family. I’ve posted the prayer request on my blog and know that others will pray for her healing as well. May God bless you all with His grace….

  13. I have never met you, but I heard your story today. I want you to know that I am praying. We serve a God who is still in the miracle business. I pray that He will continue to uphold you and comfort you.
    In His love,

  14. Em,

    Thank you… mcKenna and Camron Ryan still prayin… Update when you can… All our love to you and family right now… and special love for Claire and the doctors

  15. We are very thankful for each up-date and understand the pain that goes with watching, waiting, and at times not seeing so much that they understand. We are praying and waiting and watching as well. Love to you all.

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