Gifts to Claire

Hi Folks, this is Emily again. I’m writing because so many of you have asked if there was a way for you to send financial help for Claire’s care and continued recovery. Tyler and Tiffany have been reluctant to accept monetary help, and especially to use this blog as a vehicle by which to accept money. This blog is intended, and will always be used, as a source of emotional therapy for Tyler and Tiffany; as a means of conveying information to all of you; and as a great source of love, prayer and support from our wonderful friends, family and even strangers who have done so much already to sustain us during this unexpected and life-changing event. Some very loving friends have, however, gone ahead and set up a charitable fund for The Martins-Dallas Branch. For this generous act we want especially to thank Jon and Becky Barnes, Gary and Heidi Lindsey, Tommy Tucker and those who have worked behind the scenes for Claire. Their continuing kindness toward us all can never be repaid, and while the words “thank you” are too small, we do sincerely thank you. Therefore, if it would bless you to contribute to Claire’s recovery expenses, you can do so through Tyler and Tiffany’s home church in Dallas, Irving Bible Church (IBC). The specific information follows.

Checks may be written to “Irving Bible Church” with “Claire Martin” referenced in the Memo line. They may then be mailed to:

Irving Bible Church

2435 Kinwest Parkway

Irving, TX 75063

There is not currently a means of giving online, but they are exploring the possibility of it, perhaps through PayPal. I will let you know if there are developments on that front. If you have any further questions, please contact Tommy Tucker at IBC at 972-560-4600. All donations are tax deductible, and IBC sends out quarterly reports as well as one report at the end of the year for your own filing purposes.

Thank you all so very much for everything you have already done for us, whether you have been able to physically be in Dallas or not. Your loving support has meant more than any financial gift ever could. Your continued expressions of love through prayer and good wishes remind us that in the middle of all this darkness we have yet been greatly blessed.

4 thoughts on “Gifts to Claire”

  1. Emily,
    Thank you for the info. We have friends who want to do a fundraiser, now we feel we can earnestly help from afar.

    Aunt Mary Ellen

  2. I just wanted to pass along a site that we used when our son passed away in March.
    A fraternity brother of my husband is the CEO of this organization and was extremely helpful in setting up a site where others could donate to expenses and donate to organizations that are near & dear to us. Easy to monitor and they take care of gathering all necessary info.

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