Sunday, July 4: Update

This will be short. My brother and his wife drove in from Colorado today. We’re glad they are here.

The holiday brought an opportunity to spend time with the girls away from OCH but amplified our emotional states. We watched fireworks as an incomplete family tonight. It broke our heart knowing that Claire should be here enjoying the fireworks.

We take solace knowing that Claire is a fighter. She challenges us to fight harder. Tiffany and I encouraged each other to match Claire’s feistiness for the next several months: she is working hard, we need to match her efforts. We’re very proud of her.

I plan on giving a more thorough update tomorrow. Until then Happy 4th and thank you for your support and prayers!

17 thoughts on “Sunday, July 4: Update”

  1. Hi. I do not know you or your family but I have been following your story ever since I saw a post on facebook. I am humbled by your experience and the strength and determination of all of your entire family. God bless you on this day and every day after. It is amazing how a complete stranger can bring a new perspective on life and family. God bless.

  2. Thanks for your post!!! All of you keep fighting you have the endless support and prayers of family and friends. We are always sending positive and peaceful thoughts your way!!!

  3. Without knowing you, but reading your posts from day 1, I know
    you are both such strong fighters for Claire. We pray every day for Claire and your family. God bless you and Happy 4th.

  4. Hi Tyler & Tiffany,
    Thank you for the continued details of Claire’s recovery. I can’t imagine anyone fighting harder to help their daughter than the two of you already have and will keep doing. I’m glad she has been able to be outside for awhile even with all the recent rain.

    Blessings and prayers,

  5. We are so glad to hear that Alex and Laura are there. We continue to pray for your entire family.

  6. That was a positive post. I am so thrilled to feel that in your words. Your journey is already impacting your readers’ lives. Thank you for including us in the new reality you are facing now. I only see beauty, peace and happiness for you and your family. Any way you might look at it, you learned many wonderful things from your family and girls yesterday and you are going to learn many wonderful new things tomorrow. I don’t think there is enough awareness about recovery. You are making that happen by sharing Claire’s and your story. Thank you Martin Family!

  7. I can feel the pain in my heart for your family to celebrate without one member. May God heal that pain and continue to heal Claire as you fight right along with her. Continuing to pray for your strength and wisdom.

  8. Four years ago my son spent his first 4th of July “alone” in the NICU and it was one of the hardest nights we had during his two month stay. Three days later on July 7th we rejoiced as the day we brought him home! He is an amazing happy and healthy four year old this year, even though it’s been a long hard road getting to this point. Continue to have hope, continue in your faith, there are so many people praying for Claire and your family, God will get you all through!

  9. Continuing to pray for renewed strength and hope for your family. Claire is a lucky little girl to have such wonderful parents. Thank you for reminding all of those who are following your journey to live fully in the present moment. That is all we really have.

  10. When we were in the thick of it as you are, we thought of King David who felt every emotion to its fullest; he didn’t let his wife’s reaction to him dancing or his servant’s reactions quell his enthusiasm. We resolved to do the same and seek out laughter…
    We did things and watched things that made us laugh together out loud and deep, and had the FUNNEST fun! It was good medicine and it lowered the stress immensely.
    SO glad you had fun together this holiday.

  11. I am one of an army standing with you–in prayer, in faith–for this battle. We are unknown to you; you are unknown to us. But yet we are deeply moved by the battle, and have voluntarily enlisted to hep see this through. You are on the front line; we are your support. We are praying and believing that God will fully restore Claire, to His honor and glory.

    Your openness and vulnerability in your posts are very powerful. You are gifted writer/communicator, expressing a whole gamut of emotions with tremendous simplicity and effectiveness. Thank you for sharing with us so intimately.

  12. Your whole family is in my thoughts & prayers! Following your story helps to put life into perspective and realize each day what is truly important!!

  13. Claire is not only a fighter, but she has changed lives. I have shared your blog with so many parents. So often, either at work or in my personal life, someone tells me how Claire’s story has inspired them to do something new or different. She has inspired friends to take a CPR course, stop postponing swimming lessons, seek ways to donate to TBI research, and, most of all, enjoy every minute together. I think about Claire everytime I look at my boys. She inspires me to think about how to get more out of the time we have together. By affording us this window into your family’s story, you are changing what we do everyday.

  14. What a joy to think that Claire has such a wonderful family to be so loving and so supportive for her. I prayed for ya’ll as I watched fireworks again knowing that this was the first holiday to not be the way it used to be. Thanks again for your updates.

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