Wednesday, July 7: Update

Claire made her return to the pool today. It wasn’t a triumphant return. It was more of a leisurely stroll. Her audience had no outbursts as well which made for a more controlled environment. There was an intensity in everyone’s eyes as we watched her work with the therapists. Tiffany and I both braced for the phobia related stress we expected for the first time. It didn’t come. We were instead struck with regret and dismay as we watched Claire be carried around the pool with three adults on all sides: it was heartbreaking to think that she was learning to swim and playing in the water just over a month ago. We were reduced to tears again, reminded of how Claire was.

From a therapeutic standpoint, however, Claire did very well. She was relaxed and comfortable. The therapists remarked that they could feel some muscular effort around her trunk while she was in the water. We’re happy to hear she’s trying to use her core muscles more. Claire got to exercise those muscles first on a foam mat, followed by an inflatable neck ring and waist device. Claire was relaxed for a solid two hours following the pool therapy and she needed that relief.

Claire didn’t get good rest last night. Our two night streak was broken. Claire didn’t fall asleep until midnight and had fitful sleep until 4:30 AM. She finally slipped into slumber then until 9:00 AM. While Claire was able to collect bits and pieces of sleep, Tiffany didn’t fare so well. The physical distress led to emotional duress and the pulling of hair ensued. For those concerned, I’ll point out that Tiffany was pulling her own hair, not Claire’s (though if she was, we’d understand why Claire wasn’t sleeping well). Remarkably, Claire was alert for most of the day. Tiffany not so much. Claire’s eyes were open and searching. She was responding to people entering her gaze, especially when they were less than 12 inches from her face.

But her energy was bound to give out. After exercising her for over an hour and giving her a bath, Claire only had enough energy left to protest while Tiffany did her hair. She made a mad dash for the finish line and resigned herself to a more calm state thereafter. She’s made virtually no noise since and is now sleeping soundly.

Today was an emotionally draining day for Tiffany and me. We continue to deal with some of the fallout without knowing how. So we just hope and pray that we’re given the necessary information when the time is right and we rely on the professionals around us to make a wise decision. Please keep us in mind as some other aspects of this ordeal transpire these next few weeks. The state is obligated to investigate events like this. Our investigation has started. I won’t provide details except to say that it is unnerving for me. The process is foreign and adds to the strain. Your prayers and support are welcome and appreciated.

49 thoughts on “Wednesday, July 7: Update”

  1. Prayers for your family as always! I am glad Claire did well in the pool, I know it must have been hard on all of you! I pray she sleeps well tonight and that peace feels all of your hearts!

  2. We will continue to lift you up in prayer. Thank you for sharing Claire’s progress, and we will pray that everyone gets a peaceful night’s rest.

  3. heartwrenching to hear about your tears/Tiffany’s pulling hair, Claire’s cont’d sleep issues and an investigation. I am encouraged by the pool therapy. Praying sweet family…..

  4. Tyler, Tiffany, Sutumn, Hiedi and Claire.

    All I can say is I love you all. I’m praying always with you all in mind. I’ll stop by church on my way to work tomorrow and leave your name in the prayer request book for the next step of your journey.

    All my love,
    Aunt Mary Ellen

  5. Praying still. Glad today in the pool went well. I love the picture you posted of Claire and Tiffany! I pray that the state investigation is quick so you guys can just focus on her recovery. You guys are amazing parents and we get a clear glimpse of that everyday here…don’t forget or doubt that for a minute! God will give you the strength you need to get through this.

  6. We will be praying for all of you, as this process of recovery
    continues for Claire.

    We found it absolutely unbelieveable that the state is involved in any type of investigation of your situation. You certainly have enough stress without them adding to your problems.

    We pray that the Lord will give you peace of heart and clarity of thought in all your dealings with this investigation.

    We pray for Claire’s daily improvement, that she might have a steady return to normalcy.

    Blessings and :Prayers,

    Ken & Jana Kirkpatrick
    216 Horse Ranch Road
    Jesup, GA 31545

  7. Tyler and Tiffany-
    Praying, praying, praying! It’s comforting to hear that Claire responded well to her first session in the pool. My heart aches and tears well as I think of you and Tiffany and the turmoil you are facing. The pain and heartache of lives forever changed is overwhelming, I am so sorry about the added stress that an investigation will bring. I am praying for all of you. Praying for recovery. Praying for peace and comfort in your thoughts and hearts. Praying, praying, praying….

  8. I am so sorry about the “typo” in the above e-mail. Please forgive my lack of typing skills!

    Sincerely, Jana Kirkpatrick

  9. Our hearts are once again touched when we hear of Claire’s pool therapy. We can only try to understand what u are going thru. With all that is in us we keep praying for u for the family and esp. for dear Claire. Our Lord is in charge and will guide u in this trying time. Continued Peace and prayers from Connecticut.

  10. Our dear friends, you are still completely covered in prayer and you are in God’s hands. I’m so sorry to hear about these new trials you must go through. Praying for rest, strength and peace on your family. Love you and miss you.

  11. While I don’t know your family I have followed your story since the early days in the hospital. Being a MOPS mom and having kids of similar ages, your story has truly touched my heart and God continues to lay your family & Claire on my heart daily.

    I pray for God’s hand of protection over your lives as you deal wtih the stress of all you are going through right now and that you would feel His peace, strength and rest.

    Psalm 18:2 — The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.

    May that be true for you all in the coming days and weeks.

    Kristie S.

  12. I am appalled that the state is investigating the situation… it is heart wrenching enough. Hearing that reaffirms how lost society is in general. It sounds like Claire is doing OK though. I am sorry you have to go through more…

  13. Dear Tyler & Tiffany,
    I’m sorry for the difficulties of today. You are constantly being lifted up in prayer for quality sleep, physical healing for your sweet daughter, perseverance and peace for all of you as you continue down this path. I pray that the stress involved in the investigation will be manageable and that it will be completed as quickly as possible. Your love and care for your daughters is inspiring to so many people.


  14. I have been praying for Claire and your family daily. Although I don’t know you, it’s beyond obvious what amazing and loving parents you both are. So sorry to hear about this investigation adding to your stress … will also start praying for quick and perfect resolution. Peace and blessings to you all…

  15. I pray for your sweet family daily. We have three little girls as well. Thank you for sharing Claire’s progress….My heart aches for you and I will continue to pray.


  16. That is wonderful that she did so well in the pool. I bet it was indeed very relaxing for her little body. That’s great that she is using her core muscles!

    I love the picture of Tiffany with Claire. She is such a beautiful little girl.

    Praying for you all – all the time!
    Dee Stafford

  17. Hi Family,

    The post today is very up lifting to see Claire in the pool and the family watching. Claire looks so lovely in the picture with her mother. She really is coming along quiet well by the sounds of things which pleases both of us to see. To see her in that photo so much more awake is a real joy.

    As for the investigation it is the law of the land sorry to say. God will carry you through it in flying colors I am sure. Maybe if they can learn one thing to save another child from this happening again it will be worth it. I am just so sorry that your family has to deal with the added stress of this investigation.

    Tiffany please don’t pull your hair, Claire won’t know you bald & neither will the two oldest girls. ;^)

    We have been praying for you all daily and am looking forward to the day when you can take Claire home.

    Hugs for all
    Your cousins,
    Eddie and Janice

  18. I can NOT look at that picture of Claire in the pool without bawling. She is so precious. I am so sorry that this is your reality right now. My heart is broken for you. Literally broken.

  19. Love you guys and praying and literally thinking of you a lot during the day. My eyes are acutely aware and sensitive to my boys actions this summer. Love you whole family as our own and may the state quickly report and finalize their needs.

  20. Keeping you all in my prayers for Claire’s recovery, your peace and rest and for a swift investigation.

  21. My sweet friends, my hearts hurts for all of you and rejoices at the same time. Pool therapy went well, family was there to support. Claire look just beautiful and I am so thrilled to see her eyes opened more! Your both wonderful parents and all will work out. Continued prayers for all of you!! Big hugs

  22. May the Lord our Almighty God strengthen Claire and you-all with His amazing peace and unspeakable joy (Neh. 8:10b).

    May the investigators be gentle, kind, and come to a quick conclusion of your complete innocence.

    May the Holy Spirit continue to wrap His Arms of Comfort around you and Claire, and hold you close to His Heart. You two, and your family, are a beautiful example of patience, hope, trust, and love….

    Hugs and love from here to there

  23. Please know that you are not alone–we are all praying for you and sending our love to Claire. I can only imagine how much this investigation must hurt your hearts. Please, please try to remember that Claire is all that matters and that you are wonderful parents. There just aren’t words to describe how much we admire your love and devotion for each other, for Claire and for the rest of the family. Please borrow some strength from us– from all of the people who care for you–even though we’ve never met. God bless you.

  24. Tyler,
    Praying comfort and peace over eveyone . I’m so sorry you are having to go through this especially an investigation.
    Upholding you in prayer.

  25. Am continuing to pray for Claire, your marriage and all the stress and attack it must be under, for the encouragement and support of your family and the other people God has placed in your life – may you feel the great love that He has for you many times each day, for your physical, emotional and spiritual well being, and for Autumn and Heidi. Your posts have ministered to me greatly. Thank you for being so candid and real!

    With love in Him,
    Tisha and family

  26. Dear God and heavenly Father, I pray right this minute that you would touch Tiffany and Tyler with your mighty hand of grace, that they would feel your comfort and love. May their hearts be peaceful and their minds full of the knowledge that you love them and their family more than they could possible imagine. Thank you for the medical staff that is working with Claire; give them your wisdom and may your healing hand stay on Claire as she goes through her rehabilitation. Give her rest and healing, and encourage all those around her. In Jesus’ name I pray.

  27. Hi,
    Still praying for you all. And I can see a change in Caire in the newer photo’s. I know when you are with her it’s hard too see the slight differences . She looks more aware and peaceful. Tell mom it’s Ok to let loose and pull hair and melt down at times. Been there done that hope you all get some rest. Take Care…

  28. Wow, looks like Claire had a great day. I love the picture of her sitting with her Mamma! She looks completely beautiful and peaceful, what a nice sight to see. I am so sorry that you have to go through all of this and on top of it all and investigation….that must just add lots more Unnecessary stress. I am praying for the miracle your family so desparately needs and deserves! Take good care of yourselves!

  29. ….there are no words. My heart aches with you. Praying that you feel God’s strength and love wrap around you and hold you fast.

    Psalm 5:3

    3 In the morning, O LORD, you hear my voice;
    in the morning I lay my requests before you
    and wait in expectation.

    Tiffany, I LOVE you.

  30. tyler and tiffany – praying for you – you have amazing strength and parents and as partners.

  31. You don’t know me, but…

    I’m sure you are hearing that a lot. I am a friend of Natalie Reid and have been following your progress/plight since the beginning. Because of your situation, I am a much more conscience of all water with regards to my 2 year old son, Joey. We lost his father, my husband, in Dec. 2008 and and it is amazing to discover the inner strength and resilience one discovers in themselves when a crisis of this magnitude strikes.

    My one recommendation, which I think you all have already discovered, is to breath. It’s hard to do, but necessary. If you, the caregiver, does not do something for yourself your health will decline. Please take care of yourselves and also take a breath.

    My sincere thoughts are with you,

  32. What trying times your family in enduring! We’re still praying for all of you.

    I wanted to tell of a product I learned about at a recent convention I attended in Scottdale, AZ. It’s a neck ring for the pool. It’s actually used for therapeutic purposes, but I don’t know how much is known about it around Texas. You may want to ask Claire’s therapist about it. To learn more about it, their website and video clips can be found at Take care and God bless you.

  33. Not sure if God reads WordPress, but here goes:

    Heavenly Father,

    Please wrap Your arms around Tiffany and Trevor, fill them with Your strength and give them hope as they continue on the path of recovery for their daughter Claire. Comfort them in this difficult and stressful time. Also please continue to be next to Claire, as her little body continues to wake up. I pray that this awakening continues.

    1. Also please watch over Heidi and Autumn, keep them safe and comforted while they stand by their sister as she recovers. Amen

  34. Hello,

    I’ve been following Claire’s story from day one. I check on her & your family daily. My son also suffered a brain injury when shaken by his caregiver. I understand how unnerving the investigation process is. I also went through it. It’s hard to describe the emotions, but I get it.
    I will continue to lift you & your wife up in prayer as you go through this process as well. Just focus on Claire and her recovery. Everything else, with the state, will take care of itself in time.
    Prayers from GA,
    Vickie Smith

  35. I’ve been following your updates on a daily basis. This is my first time to comment. I just want you to know that my heart aches for you & your family. You are in our prayers constantly. I can see the love you have for your family & I’m sure the invesigators will as well. God Bless you.

  36. Just to let you know that there are a bunch of us praying for Claire and your family here at First Pres in Colorado Springs.
    Many of us know Ed and Sarah, and I remember Tiffany growing up here at the church. I pray for comfort, strength & peace for your family and ofcourse healing for Claire. Thank you so much for sharing this difficult experience with all of us and we are grateful to be able to pray for you all.

  37. Tyler, Tiffany and girls,
    Please know that you all are in our thoughts and prayers daily. We love you very much. May all your days and nights only get better.

    Uncle Andy, Aunt Susan and boys

  38. I can’t imagine the pain of the unknown steps your journey takes each day. My thoughts are with you daily.

  39. You are not alone! We are all praying and thinking about the Martin family….los queremos mucho,

  40. I am so sorry to hear that you are having to undergo the additional stress of an investigation. I hope the process goes quickly, so that you can continue to focus on your daughter’s recovery. No matter how much it seems the investigation is only adding insult to injury, remember that you are the ones who were chosen to be Claire’s parents. Yes, the state has to do their job, which will take up some of your precious time and energy, but you have a much bigger job that you will continue to do long after those pesky officials are out of your hair.

  41. Boy as you write, I can the strain…seeing Claire like that in the water just would have put my stomach in my throat, and the weariness…the tears would have rolled down my cheeks with no ability to stop em.
    You’re probably optimists like myself. I would have to continually LEAN! on Jesus & special irreplaceable staff members with those certain warm voices, while concentrating on ANY positives…deep breaths…you get the picture.

  42. Thank you for the update on Claire.
    You are very brave. I am praying for a much deeper healing through this. A new level of forgiveness. A fresh start.
    There was a particularly painful experience I had when I was three. I died and my spirit had left my body. My brother ran back and saved me. I always remembered that scene from my aerial viewpoint. This year I looked at the cause and finally let myself cry. It was very painful and healing at the same time. I pray that this brings more healing past the pain.
    Love and prayers ❤️🙏🏻

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