Wednesday, July 28: Update

Claire had another positive day today. She was more calm during physical therapy than any previous session. We were surprised to see her do her exercises without protesting which was a first. Overall, Claire had a good day.

We are continuing to build our arsenal of gadgets and gizmos to further Claire’s recovery. Today we got a standing frame via eBay. The frame needs some cosmetic rehab but is in good working order. This will give us the ability to stand Claire up at home so her legs have to support her own body weight. The therapists have been eager for this and made us equally eager. It should get her in the next two weeks, and we’ll put it to immediate use.

Tiffany and I got out of the house for a little while today. We headed to a park and kicked around the soccer ball. It was nice to run around and get some energy out. I ended up getting a craving for fajitas afterward. Our friends had been telling us about a place in Coppell called Rosa’s that makes their own tortillas. It was 10:30 by the time we got home, but fajitas were worth it.

It’s been a long day, so we’re going to turn in now. Thank you as always.

18 thoughts on “Wednesday, July 28: Update”

  1. So glad to hear that you both have a positive outlet to be used as a stress relief. But I am even more excited to hear that you both together are able to spend some quality time together. It is SOOO important to have some time to yourselves as a couple, to recovery, to share your thoughts, to connect. And you will need to find some time to be alone as well. I call that “ME” time. “Me” time is a time to reflect, gather your thoughts, cry out to the Lord , to let it all out. After 22 years of marriage I have learned the hard way how important my “Me” time really is. You are not being selfish with your “Me” time, you are being a good husband/wife, a good father/mother and overall for your well being mental and physical health. So please make sure you arrangments to take that time because ultimately it will do you well.
    Thinking of you today… Love ya

  2. Thinking of you in CT! I hope Claire continues to do well. We all have our bad days so hang in there. Fajitas are good at any time! :0)

  3. Sounds like being home is just what Claire needed. We are still praying for all of you. I really want to bring another meal sometime in August too…especially now that you are all home.

    We love Rosa’ gotta go on Tuesday and get their Taco Plate. It is $3.33 on Taco Tuesday – and it is a ton of food. We can feed our family of five off of three plates – so its about $10 for all of us and that is with a 12 year old boy!


    1. What a great suggestion Kristi! We will have to do that. πŸ™‚ Thanks for all the meals. We reopened the care calendar for one last month, so you can sign up on there.

  4. Hey guys. I keep trying to email Tiffany and the other Tiffany keeps emailing me back telling me I have the wrong address. If you are up for visitors (or it would be helpful) please email me at We live super close to Baylor Grapevine in south Flower Mound and I think you talked about having your therapy there. I stay home and would love for your big girls to come over and play with my 4 and 5 (almost 6) year olds while you are with Claire. Just a thought.

  5. Hey Tiffany and Tyler! you sound so good since Claire has been home! I’m amazed at the relaxed demeanor in your posts over the last few days. So glad things are going well. Keep up the good work, and sending positive vibes your way!


  6. Hi Tyler!
    Are you guys still accepting meals from people? If so, I’d like to bring another dish if I could. Even if you guys are at Baylor Grapevine, its no sweat since we live like 2.3 seconds away πŸ˜‰

    1. Thank you for offering Brittany. We were considering what to do about meals in August, and we decided we aren’t ready to start planning that into our routine on a regular basis. We have extended the care calendar into August if you’d like to bring us something. We are home, so you won’t need to bring it to Baylor @Grapevine. πŸ™‚ Thank you.

  7. We’re so glad that you had the opportunity to get out and enjoy a dinner together.

    We pray that you will soon have all the equipment you need to use at home to help Claire return to the person she was before her accident.

    Sending many prayers for Claires’ improvement,

    Ken and Jana Kirkpatrick
    Jesup, GA 31545

  8. I’m so glad things are going well at home for Claire, and that you guys are in turn getting some better rest. Bless you guys, continued prayers!

  9. Praise God for a good day for Claire and that you guys had a chance to take a break and relax. πŸ™‚ Still praying for you and hope things continue to improve with Claire’s therapy!

  10. Praise God for a good therapy session, good fajitas (largely unavailable in Seattle), kickin’ around the soccer ball together, and a standing frame on the way! Things seem to be moving well since you’ve got your Claire home. Love the colored pictures so we can tell she has a hot pink splint.

    Someone I didn’t even realize was aware of Claire just asked me for an update. I was glad to be able to tell her how well Claire’s doing, and what needs praying for now.

    Since you’re in this for the long haul, I agree that one important thing is couple time, and one is “me” time for each of you. And only you can determine where that balance is at any given moment. It’s clear you’re each other’s best friend, so couple time is very important to you. Do what YOU need!

    Love and prayers on this journey, Dodie

  11. Tyler and Tiffany~
    Today I kept thinking of your family. I prayed for each of you, individually, as each of your experiences and reactions to the current circumstances are unique. There is something about Claire. Something. That tugs on my heart.

    P.S. Roly~Pollies…Tyler, your words are affecting me; causing me to let go just a little, just enough of the brokenheartedness of our family’s situation. Thank you.

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