Saturday, July 31: Update

We took Claire to the mall today for the first time. It was mildly successful. Our plan was to see if Claire could handle an hour in public. She made a valiant effort for 30 minutes before letting us know she’d had enough.

The rest of Claire’s day was productive. She has her moments of hardship, but she was predominantly relaxed and amiable today. Around 7:00 PM Claire became more subdued than she has been since being home. Tiffany and Esther were stretching her and working out some of her tightness while Claire watched TV. We thought this passivity was preceding an early night to bed. We were wrong. She’s still awake. But she’s not making noise or agitated. Every time I look in on her, she’s wide-eyed, but calm. It’s sweet, but we hope she falls asleep soon.

Autumn and Heidi’s return to school and on the horizon. We did some school shopping today for them. Autumn is going into the second grade and Heidi is starting kindergarten. The school activity has given us pause as we reflect on the plans we had before Claire’s accident. Every day we are learning more about how far-reaching the effects are into our family life. Our school plans are just a piece of the puzzle. We continue to hope and pray that Claire makes a full recovery, so she can continue to make plans with us.  We can see how much she wants to when we look in her eyes.

Thank you for hoping with us. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and sleep tight!

9 thoughts on “Saturday, July 31: Update”

  1. Continuous prayers for Claire’s recovery. Praying for your entire family as you navigate your way through this new journey in life. Praying for courage, wisdom, strength, hope, and continued perseverance. You are an amazing and inspiring advocate for Claire.

  2. Love that first shot – you nut! LOL! Also love that life is transitioning for you, and that you continue to keep us informed and well equipped to pray for you. Most of all, I love that there is hope in your hearts for Claire’s full recovery. We all share that hope, and I pray for it daily. Sleep well team Martin!

  3. Sending you prayers of hope, prayers of peace and prayers for a full recovery! You are all doing an amazing job!
    Colleen Taricani

  4. I have been following your precious Claire’s story for the past week or so. Our daughter, Vivian, just spent 32 days in the PICU at Medical City Children’s, and I can relate to the fear and disruption that have so cruelly crashed onto the life you knew and enjoyed.

    I obviously didn’t know Claire before, but I can already tell such a difference in her, even from the pictures you posted just a week or two ago. Her eyes are much more engaged and alert and her body seems more relaxed. I encourage you to look back at your earlier updates to track progress because small steps can be difficult to detect on a day by day basis.

    I pray for healing for Claire and for peace and comfort for your sweet family. I look forward to celebrating Claire’s recovery with you.

  5. That first picture is great. very creative, Tyler. 😉 Her eyes look alert, which is awesome. I was talking to a fellow about brain injuries, he had a food alergy that caused damage to his brain (interesting, huh?) He said that when a child is below the age of five their brain “barrels through” in healing inself. I am not saying it as well as he did, but I liked the word picture of that. That Claires brain in “barreling though”, it sound so strong and determined….like an unstoppable force (which I liken to God). I am praying that specifically over Claire. She is our little champion, and we will watch her overcome these incrediable odds.
    Love you guys as always.

  6. I have been following your sweet baby’s progress from the beginning. I have been praying for you and enlisting prayers of all I know. You are amazing people and have worked wonders with her. You mentioned the Glasgow scale and the level to which she had risen, did she come completely out of the coma? I assumed that she did as you are doing therapy now and you said that could not be done full scale till she was out of the coma. I read a book “Where is the Mango Princess?” written by a woman whose husband had masive damage due to a boat accident. All in all it was an encouraging book. Forgive me if I am out of order asking questions, I most certainly do not want to cause you any grief at all. May God richly bless you and your lovely family always.

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