Friday, July 23: Update

It’s been a busy day and it followed a long night. My nights continue to be short. I got to bed at 3:00 AM last night and was back at the hospital by 8:30 AM. I’m looking forward to Claire being home for many reasons including better sleep.

We continued making arrangements for Claire’s post-discharge therapy in Grapevine. Claire is going to continue therapy three times a week with one day of pool therapy. We’ve gotten her scheduled so there will be no gap between inpatient and outpatient.

We spent the rest of the day organizing the girls’s bedroom further. We picked up a large bookcase at IKEA today, assembled it and found places for the mountains of toys the girls have received over the last two months.

Your generosity continues to astound us. Gifts, prayers and stories continue to overwhelm us. We thank you again and look forward to updating you tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “Friday, July 23: Update”

  1. I continue to pray for dear Claire, Autumn and Heidi as you all are reunited at home together. The Lord’s blessings be upon you and give you His grace and strength.

  2. The Lord will continue to show His love through His people to let you know that His spirit is with you always. You are not alone. I pray that He will give you the strengthen and energy so that you may continue to prepare for Claire’s arrival. In the midst of your busyness be sure to make some time to “Be still and know that He is God”. May you recieve His peace today.
    Love you. Have a good weekend :o)

    PS How do you insert a photo for the blog icon?

  3. We pray that you all continue to find strenght as you prepare for Claire’s return home! Sounds like you’re ready to hit the ground running!! Claire seems to have made great progress so far! Your family is very inspiring!!! Sending positive vibes your way!!!

  4. Everyone knows just how hard it is to accomplish things, especially a plate-load, on scant sleep, missing all that restorative stuff. Praying God’s strength & grace will kick in when needed:) Hang in!

  5. Looking forward to hearing lots more good news and all about the joy of bringing Claire home. Hang in there!

  6. I am so glad to hear that Claire is home! I am thinking and praying every day for your family.

  7. Please take care of yourself. The long-term ramifications of lack of sleep can be devastating. Hopefully you have support enough to allow you to rest – if not, please post here that you need night support and some of us will certainly step up. We want to help, but don’t know what do to at this point. Please let us be “hands and feet” of Jesus for you, Dad.

    Love and blessings,

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