Saturday, July 24: Update

Claire was scheduled to come home on Tuesday, July 27. We brought her home yesterday instead! We decided not to post about it yesterday because we had someone coming in that we wanted to surprise. It was a surprise, so mission accomplished.

Claire was discharged from OCH yesterday morning at 10:30 AM. We’d made the request for an early discharge on Tuesday because there was little point in staying through the weekend: the extra four days would be invested for only a couple of hours of extra therapy. We felt that getting Claire home would be much more therapeutic. The Care team agreed.

We also kept the news secret from Heidi and Autumn. Both girls were speechless when the front door opened and Claire entered. Autumn gets embarrassed when she is overcome with shock and retreats from those situations. Heidi didn’t have anything to say for 10 minutes. Her Aunt Krissy asked her if she was happy. Heidi just smiled and said, “Yes.” Seeing their reactions was a great payoff.

These past two days with Claire at home have been busy. We got some more furniture to organize the girls’ room and spent a lot of yesterday finding homes for their collective belongings. Trips to Sam’s Club and Vitamin Cottage were in order to get some much-needed supplies: Huggies diapers and a pill crusher were the most important. OCH used Pampers diapers for the duration of our stay. We don’t like Pampers. We are walking spokespersons for the absorbent power of Huggies. It makes a difference! The pill crusher is for Claire’s meds. Three of her prescriptions were delivered in pill form. We have to crush the pills and mix with water to administer via her G-Tube. We’d been using a spoon and a bowl to do this. The pill crusher has made it easier to draw her meds now. These were the last two pieces we needed to take care of Claire.

Everything else had been completed beforehand. Last week was a mad dash to make the Friday discharge date. I was so excited and full of nervous energy last week that my sleep cycle suffered further. For that reason, I’m going to cut today’s update short and get in bed. We’ve already seen some improvement since Claire has been at home. I’ll share those things with you tomorrow. How’s that for a teaser?

Goodnight to all and thank you for your prayers and support. We’re home!

73 thoughts on “Saturday, July 24: Update”

  1. Fantastic news Tyler! We look forward to being able to visit. We continue to pray for Claire’s recovery.

  2. Praise God your family is once again all united under the roof of “home”!! AND ahead of schedule!! Hooray!

    We continue to pray you thru the valleys and rejoice with you on the mountain tops! Keep on keeping on!

    We worship an awesome God! YES!!

    The Hollinshead’s

  3. Happy , happy news! We have grown to love our Claire, even though we only know her via posts. What a sweet and wonderful post to read.

  4. “This is the day the Lord has made,
    Let us rejoice and be glad in it!!!!”
    I’m sure it was a great surprise, because I let out an audible gasp when I read the good news. So much to be joyful about, congratulations on one huge milestone. I’m waiting anxiously to hear about the next, and the next , and the next.
    Prayers and love,
    Aunt Maureen

  5. Yeah! Your family must be so happy to be together again. My son, Nathan, and I pray for Claire and your family every night!

  6. I found out about Claire through a friend and I’ve followed your story since the beginning. I feel so much joy for your family tonight reading your post. I hope to hear more good news as the weeks and months pass. Many blessings to your family!

  7. You must be sooo happy to be together under one roof again! Have Amber and Heidi started jabbering yet? Can’t wait to see those first pictures of Claire and her sisters at home. Think of all the prayers and miracles that have made this possible! I hope you all sleep better tonight! Love, Dodie

  8. You don’t know me but I have followed Claire’s story from the beginning through a friend of a friend. I am so happy that Claire is home with you now and it was a great surprise for all of us that have been following your family. Claire seems to be quite a little “spitfire” and I know she will continue to improve now that she is home. From all you have written you have two other amazing daughters and it is so nice that you you are all together under one roof as a family again. You all are in my thoughts daily.

  9. Praise God!! I’m so glad she’s home. I can’t wait to hear how she continues to improve now that she’s home!!!

  10. Praise God! : ) So glad you have Claire home. If it helps at all, I have a very small cloth diaper business and if you decide to go that route, I’d be happy to help you get the right size for Claire. I helped one little boy who was bed bound a couple of years ago and I’ll never forget what he told his momma when she put them on… he said they were like clouds, soft and cushy. I’m praying she won’t need diapers for long. Can’t wait to hear how she is doing at home. Blessings, Ann (Cole’s Prayer Team –

  11. What glorious news! I hope you all settle in quickly to your new routines and setup at home. Even more so, I hope that you all get some much needed rest that only a home with everyone in it can bring you. Let us know if there is anything you need.

  12. How wonderful for you and your entire family. It is my prayer that Claire will continue to improve and flourish now that she is home. My church, family, and myself continue to pray for you, your family, Claire, and Claire’s caregivers. God is good!

  13. Wow that is FANTASTIC news that Claire is home… God Bless…. I bet her sisters are so HAPPY to have her home and especially their mommy and daddy… Prayers to you all….


  14. Thank your the sheer joy you gave us with youre incredible news. I can only imagine the incredible solace your girls and you have with Claire home.

    I’m afraid I am a Pampers Mom.

    Welcome home, Claire!!!

  15. Congrats on bringing your sweet girl home! I am sure that you are happy to have you family together again! In my thoughts & prayers!!

  16. Awesome! I am so excited for Claire and the family! Praise God! I think this will be very beneficial for all of the family.

    In HIm!

  17. Congratulations on being home! That has to feel so wonderful to be together as a family in your own space! Continuing to pray for you all as you make this adjustment and enjoy the change!


  18. Tears of Joy Tears of Joy! You will have the peace of your household and the calmness that will be great for all of you! I am sure the drive was just like the first time you drove your oldest home as new parents. You were nervous and anxious with the precious cargo! May this be a turning point for all of you to further Claire’s recovery and help build your strength back up! May the sun continue to shine on you all! Enjoy your family and when you have time to let us peek into your lives again please post.

  19. Praise GOD!!! I am so glad that you are home! Praise our amazing God!

    Ps: I am with you about Huggies “power”!!

  20. Tyler,

    I haven’t posted a lot on your blog, but I have read all of your comments during this journey with Claire. I have prayed for her and your family everyday and so have many of my friends and family members. I was overcome with emotion this morning when I read that Claire is now home. God is so great and I have no doubt that He is going to heal Claire completely! I look forward to reading your posts each day. Please give Claire a hug for all of us that don’t know her. I look forward to meeting her someday. When she’s completely well again, you’ll have to bring her up to the Fox Sports office so we can all meet her.

    Take care,
    Regina Rountree

  21. This is SO exciting! We are so happy for you… The power of love and confidence from your loved ones and the relentless commitment from a loving family are the true secrets of miracles. I am sure that a miracle will happen to get Claire better and better everyday with all you do for her and the strength of your support. Home is everything… And you are all there now… Best of luck for the days to come and lots of sleep for all of you… Together at last

  22. I’m shocked and amazed and so very, very happy to hear this news. Did not expect it! I’m texting some of my coworkers to make sure they’ve heard, Claire is home! The miracle continues…

  23. May I add my congratulations on getting Claire home. I am excited to hear the great news as well. We at Medical City think of Claire often and I posted one of last weeks Our Claire Journal entries in the staff lounge. The nurses that helped care for her love to have updates. Your family will stay in our prayers. Tell Autumn and Heidi that I miss pulling their ears.

  24. Praise God! That is wonderful news! We look forward to news of each and every step of Claire’s progress in her own home with her family all together. Our prayers continue to be with you all.

  25. Tyler, since reading the beginning of this blog I have only had one thought: believe: this is based on a French method: the Coue method that I am a true believer in as I have it seen it work over and over, you are the living proof of it’s power. I hope you will recognize yourself in it and enjoy this short overview to distract your minds positively !Émile_Coué

  26. I am so happy Claire is home!! Congratulations!!! What a momentous occation and what a thrill for the two of you to finally have your baby home where she belongs!! You are wonderful parents and we’re all so proud of you!! You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers DAILY. What wonderful news we can share when we go to church this morning!! Our God is so good and so AWESOME!!! We love you guys so much!!!

  27. Praise the Lord! So thankful you are all together at home again. Praying that she will continue to improve in the best place in the world for her!

    Amy in PA

  28. Congratulations and WELCOME HOME Claire! I am so happy for you all to finally be where you belong–together at home. Will continue to read your blog to see how things are going.

  29. to Him who is able to do abundantly more than we can ask or imagine be all the glory forever!! what a great addition to claire’s victory story!

  30. We are so pleased to hear that you have Clair home at last. There will be many trying days ahead and even more rewards for you and the girls. Lots of hard work has gone into this success story of coming home and lots more to come but what a joy to know you are all back under one roof.

    God bless you all and keep up the posts we love know you are all doing so well.

    Eddie & Janice

  31. We’re a Huggies family too! So glad to read that Claire is home. We continue to pray for you and your family. Blessings!

  32. WooHoo!! Oh, I am so happy for you right now! I cannot wait to see how you all do now that Miss Claire is home!! Happy happy days!!! Congratulations!

  33. Congratulations on the ‘coming home’!!!! I am eager to hear how Claire adjusts in her own home and familiar environment. As a healthcare worker who works with families and children in a neuro rehab setting, your blog has been very eye opening, and has given me an important perspective. Thank you for sharing your and Claire’s journey. My thoughts and prayers are with your family and with Claire as she continues to heal. 🙂

  34. So very happy to hear that your darling Claire is home!! “There’s no place like home”!! My thoughts are with you and your family – thank you for sharing your lives with us – many, many prayers being said for you and for Claire from South Dakota!! We also were a Huggies family (quite a few years ago)!!

  35. Tears of joy!!! Welcome home Claire!!!! I heard about Claire through a friend of mine on FB…I have been following this blog since it started………I am sooo happy to read that Claire is home………..Good luck……..will keep your family in my prayers….

  36. Praise God that Claire is home. May you and your family find rest and peace in this Our Lords day.

  37. I know that we don’t really know each other, but i have followed this story since day one. My husband works with one of your friends from church. We have all been praying for your family during extremely hard time in your life. I am so glad to see the power of prayer working for your family.

    We are glad to hear that you guys were able to bring Claire home and will continue to prayer that she continues to get better and better as each days passes.

    God Bless your family!

  38. You certainly surprised us all with your fabulous news about Claire’s being home! Now you begin a new, even more rewarding chapter. Sounds as though Autumn and Heidi were overwhelmed, thrilled, and a bit cautious at first, but I imagine that today, they’ve already settled into their routines. Claire is where she belongs, and life is good. Such is the resilience of children! They’ve waited for this moment for what seems like forever. Tyler and Tiffany, I know must be relieved beyond words to have the whole family together and knowing that finally all of your girls are “just around the corner.” God bless.

  39. Yea. Happy for the family. Let me know if you need anything. I am just around the corner.

  40. Praising GOD from whom all blessing flow ! Welcome Home Claire…… continued Prayers for all of U.

  41. Tyler,Tiffany,Autumn and Heidi,
    I am so thankful you are all under one roof as a family!
    joy to you,

  42. Wow! These are great news!!! I’m sure being at home is gonna help all of you! Send u a big hug to all 🙂

  43. Dad And I are rejoicing with you all! Our hearts are with you constantly…and you are never far from our thoughts and prayers. We love you, love you!!!

  44. My entire Sunday School class prayed for you today. We pray things go smoothly into her transition at home.

  45. YEAH!!!!!
    The Family together again ;0)
    I am rejoicing with you all in spirit.
    What great news!!!!

  46. Hello Martin Family,
    Glad to hear you all are under one roof again! We are keeping up with the daily prayers and will continue to do so! Lots of love being sent your way. Miss and love you.
    Uncle Andy, Aunt Susan, Alec and Eric

  47. We’re so happy for you that Claire is home. We pray that things will go very well for all of you with Claire, once again, at home. May she improve greatly, now that she is back in her familiar surroundings. I’ve always found that being able to be at home helped greatly with recoveries for my children, as well as for my husband and myself.

    I am Cheryl Prices’ sister; so we’ve never met you; but my sister and brother-in-law are good friends with Don and Joanne Symonds. My brother-in-law, Dale, has worked with Don. I know I told you this before in a post to Claires’ journal; but I just thought I’d mention it again now that you’re home; and I pray you’re able to relax somewhat, now that you don’t have to run to the hospital everyday.

    Praying for a full recovery for Claire.

    With Our Love in Him,

    Ken & Jana Kirkpatrick
    216 Horse Ranch Road
    Jesup, GA 31545

  48. i have been reading this blog for a while now. your story is amazing, to see how far u have come in this little amount of time. I am soo glad to hear u are finally home and the whole family is under one roof. I will continue to pray for claire and your whole family. I can’t wait to hear how things continue to improve!

  49. So happy that you are all back home together! Can’t wait to hear the update tomorrow about how she is doing 🙂 Your entire family will continue to be in my prayers. Please tell Autumn and Heidi that I am looking forward to seiing them in just a few short weeks 🙂

  50. oh my goodness I am so happy that I have tears streaming down my face!! YEA YEA YEA!!! I dont know what else to say right now except that I am so happy for you guys, if you ever need anything just call, my place is small but if you need a extra bed or something for your guest I have a extra futon, not a room mind you but a place to sleep!! Just let me know! and again I am so happy for you!!
    kristen dame


    Can’t wait to hear the latest improvements! Meanwhile, sweet dreams. My heart rejoices greatly with you. This is wonderfully good news.

    Much love,

  52. Hi and congratulations on bringing Claire home. I don’t even know you and yet I wish I could come over and be a part of this joyous occasion. Ever since my friend, Bekah Massey, shared your story with me, I have been sending all the positive energy, excitement and optimism that I can muster. I look forward to more positive updates. Your story, your strength and your unfailing optimism has been an inspiration to me.

  53. Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for ALL of you! The journey has now moved on to an even more important phase of recovery. Good luck and all my prayers and thoughts are with you.

  54. Our God is so Faithful! Thank you, Thank you! I’m just a friend of Grandma Sarah’s in Colorado Springs and I read your blog daily and then bow my head to pray for Claire and the family. God Bless you all!

  55. We are so glad for all of you, now having Claire home. If you find Claire getting a rash please take this advise. An old doctor told our daughter when her baby got a bad rash, to use white fleece in her diaper. Cut the material to the size of the diaper and lay it in it and the rash will be clear in a few days. We did what he said and it was a miracle. Those old doctors know what they are talking about. Hope all will be well for all of you. God Bless!

  56. REJOICING with you & everyone else who is praying for ya’ll & those who are following this inspiring, encouraging story!

    HA, after reading your comment about Huggies vs. ‘the other one’ I think someone should send your note to the Board of Directors of Kimberly-Clark Corp. out of Irving TX so you’ll receive FREE HUGGIES FOR-EVERRRRRRRRRRR!!!

    Anyone want to take that challenge & help the family? 😉

    May the Lord continue to bless you all with Peace, Joy, Encouragement & His Healing Touch….amen! 🙂

  57. I was thinking about you all day yesterday! I knew it would go well! I expect a full report tomorrow!

  58. HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS!! I am shocked to read this and so so so happy for all of you:) Best of luck for the journey ahead. Just take one step at a time.

  59. God is Good All The Time,
    My heart is rejoicing with you guys as you get to celebrate the coming home of Beautiful Claire,
    Im a mother of two small boys, my son was flown via airplane 4 hours away, only 4 days old, while we had to drive to get to him, talk about heartache,
    Staying in San Fran,CA a week at the hospital was so not appealing-but being able to come home was a joyous experience, I will continue to lift your family in prayer as you adjust to the “new” living experiences.May God continue to Comfort you all
    In Him
    Christina Roberts

  60. Home is where our hearts are as families. Its a good place to be and I pray you are able to smooth right through the transitions. May you enjoy this humble time of sweetness and relish your family as one. God Bless you as the road gets smoother… and with our heavenly father He will glide you down that road with the brush of His hands. God’s Blessings to you all.

  61. It must have been just priceless for Autumn and Heidi to see Claire come back home early. As much as they’ve missed their little sister in the last several weeks, they can now be an even bigger part of her recovery at home. Almost always, it is the comforting voices and favorite things that accelerate the recovery process. God bless and hope for a speedy return to normal.


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