Monday, August 2: Update

Claire made it through today without refluxing and in an improved disposition. Yesterday’s events prompted us to begin researching alternatives to Pediasure in earnest. G-tube parents had reached out to us previously with offers to discuss dietary solutions: we started taking them up on their offers today. Tomorrow we will be starting Claire on a diet that consists of baby food, carrots if you’re interested in the entrée selection ( thank you Laura for the recommendation). We will be keeping Claire on the carrots for a prolonged period as her digestive system begins to acclimate to real food again. We hope it helps assuage the tummy volatility.

Today marked the first day that we did not have a live-in guest during the past two months. Esther ended her week-long stay yesterday, leaving Dallas’ 105-degree weather in exchange for Colorado’s high 80s and thunderstorms. She was missed the minute she left the house. Esther overwhelmed us. She cooked, cleaned, played and prayed for our family. She was here for the first time that Claire’s G-tube popped out and suctioned Claire’s nose so she could breathe during yesterday’s episode. She cleaned soiled sheets and cleaned the soiled couch when Claire’s diapers didn’t do their job. She helped Tiffany clean Claire’s mouth and brush her teeth. Esther came down her with a mission. It wasn’t apparent to us when she got here, but we were clairvoyant when she left: she was here to serve us in any and every way she could. She did. She served us in more ways than we could have come up with. Esther is invaluable and Gordon is a rich man for it. We love you Esther.  And Gordon, we love you too.

I have also been grossly negligent with mentioning that Tiffany’s sister Krissy left last Saturday. For that, I apologize. Krissy was with us when we brought Claire home. She helped us get the house ready for Claire’s return and stayed up many late nights listening to us and crying with us. Krissy came down here the week before her own daughter was scheduled to go into surgery. Coming down to be with us in spite of the fact that she was caring for her own kids shows us how much she loves and cares for us: We love her equally so. We are so thankful she was able to come and we hope to see her again soon.

Tomorrow marks week two of Grapevine therapy. We’re scheduled to receive Claire’s standing frame this week as well. I’ll be sure to include pictures the first time Claire takes it for a test drive.

Thank you as always and sleep well!