Thursday, August 19: Update

Today’s trip was a little more rocky than the past three days, but still less volatile than some our earlier days at home. We have started taking evasive action if Claire goes for a single day of constipation: today we picked up a liquid suppository and it alleviated her discomfort right away. We recognize the close working proximity of all the body systems more now and make every effort to remedy causes before they cause a symptomatic chain reaction. We did that today, and we hope Claire will have a better day tomorrow.

The girls had their annual back-to-school kick off event on campus tonight. We were again overwhelmed with the support and encouragement. Everyone is very attentive to the girls and Claire’s story. The school has taken up residence in our hearts and we are so endeared to them. When we were faced with the possibility of moving because of the accident, we knew that we wanted to stay in district because the school staff, faculty and students have been phenomenal.

Feelings – new and oldĀ  alike – continue to percolate with us all. In addition to wondering when Claire will talk, walk or take her next big recovery step, we wonder when we will feel carefree again. The desire to get Claire better is ever-present; we are always pondering what more we could be doing and evaluating what we are doing wrong. But the biggest weight is just missing Claire. She’s here with us and she’s not. We grieve what she would be doing right now. These feelings are always lurking for us and are most acute in the morning and in the late evening. While we don’t lose hope, we still struggle with the gravity of the situation. The feelings don’t subside: we miss our daughter more each day.

It’s times like these that your support is particularly meaningful. Thank you as always and enjoy the end of your week tomorrow! Goodnight.