Tuesday, August 10: Update

Claire worked hard today. Tiffany followed up her afternoon therapy sessions with a home regimen that tuckered Claire out. When I got home, I set to work on her legs. Claire ended the evening with a stint on her stomach. At 8:30 PM when it was time for her meds, we really didn’t need them: she was sufficiently tired on her own. She voiced her discomfort throughout the day, but soldiered through everything she was forced to accomplish.

I’ve been wanting to take a refresher CPR course since this happened and signed up for one of the advanced courses this weekend. My mom is coming back down next week and so I signed her and Tiffany up for the same course in a couple of weeks. Surprise mom! It will also satisfy a requirement that I need for some nursing courses I am going to be taking over the weekends and via distance learning. I’m not content with just regular book learnin’ at home and want to make sure I have the skills to take care of Claire at home in the best way possible. So I’ve registered for the RN nursing program at a local college. It is additionally beneficial for my career because I work in the health care industry and it will give me a clinical perspective for my business efforts. The class I’m looking forward to the most right now is the Basics for Health Care Professionals course: it is a survey course that will go over the skills paramedics and EMTs require, so I can perform routine checks on Claire should she have any other vomiting episodes.

We’re finding that as our confidence grows, we are taking more and more into our own hands. We are not content with the pace that red tape from bureaucracy inflicts on recovery. After a month of waiting to receive Claire’s wheelchair and bath seat, we got a call from the supplier to let us know that the bath seat and a number of wheel chair components were denied. So we are taking matters into our own hands and getting the tools Claire needs. The financial aspect doesn’t bother us. It’s the expectation that recovery tools were on their way only to be delayed longer. So we’re not delaying anymore. We ordered her bath seat tonight and are going to get a new chair – something more fitting – ordered for her tomorrow.

Claire’s train marches on and we’re laying the track for her as fast as we can. We thank you for laying the track with us. Goodnight.