Friday, August 6: Update

It’s time for another short update since there is not much to report and I’m tired.

Claire’s streak continues. We increased Claire’s feeds slightly today and feel that we’ve found an equilibrium volume that we will test for a while. We’ll continue to measure her weight to see if it is fluctuating, and hopefully we’ll see that she’s gaining at a normal, three year-old pace. It’s been nice having a run of three days without the need for emergency services. Claire’s stomach seems to be more stable: we’re not seeing the slightest signs of reflux right now.

Tiffany worked Claire out today despite it being an off-therapy day. By the time 6:00 PM rolled around, Claire was spent. She was calm for the rest of the evening and eager to sleep once 8:30 PM arrived. She’s sleeping soundly in her room, and for the first time since this began, Autumn and Heidi have joined her. The change is hard on them. They’ve gotten used to sleeping on our bedroom floor, close to us both. But as we continue to rebuild a routine, this piece of normalcy will serve them well.

We hope your collective weekends are enjoyable and you get to relax with friends and family. Thank you as always.