Saturday, August 14: Update

I’m starting to come down with something that’s I’ve been battling all day and hope I can head it off at the pass by getting to bed before midnight. So this is going to be quick.

Claire had a challenging day today. It had been a few days since having a bowel movement and that contributed to an early morning wake-up call and a day of discomfort. We finally started seeing some action around 3:00 PM today and had four diaper changes in quick succession. We’re hoping this means tonight and tomorrow will be more comfortable for Claire. The reduced Miralax doses seem to be going well, and we’re going to pick up a pediatric suppository tomorrow since it’s easier on Claire’s stomach.

I completed the Basic Lifesaving Course for health care providers this morning. It is similar to the standard CPR course I took years ago with more hands on training. The instructors were great and the presentation commendable. The class did have portions that drummed up haunting feelings, particularly on the pediatric CPR portion for the training. Aside from that the class was great and I’m looking forward to Tiffany’s attendance.

Thank you for your continued hopes. It’s hard to stay optimistic on some days. Knowing we have an army of supporters helps us regain our optimism. Goodnight!