Tuesday, August 3: Update

I’m going to make this one short because both Tiffany and I need to get to bed.

We had another episode today that warranted calling emergency services. Claire is fine and sleeping well right now. It was almost identical to Sunday’s action. We looked at her feeds again and still feel she is getting too much volume. We’re going to back down her feeds tomorrow even more and make the rate a little slower. We are also going to introduce some real food into her diet. We hope these things settle her stomach so she can avoid the hardship on her little, 30 lb body.

Today’s activity wasn’t as emotionally shocking as Sunday’s but it was just as physically draining. Tiffany and I are starting to drag our feet and so we are going to focus on getting to bed before 10:30 PM the next several nights. Here’s hoping that works.

Thank you for your prayers and for continuing to follow Claire’s story. I’ll give a more thorough update tomorrow.