Tuesday, August 10: Update

Claire worked hard today. Tiffany followed up her afternoon therapy sessions with a home regimen that tuckered Claire out. When I got home, I set to work on her legs. Claire ended the evening with a stint on her stomach. At 8:30 PM when it was time for her meds, we really didn’t need them: she was sufficiently tired on her own. She voiced her discomfort throughout the day, but soldiered through everything she was forced to accomplish.

I’ve been wanting to take a refresher CPR course since this happened and signed up for one of the advanced courses this weekend. My mom is coming back down next week and so I signed her and Tiffany up for the same course in a couple of weeks. Surprise mom! It will also satisfy a requirement that I need for some nursing courses I am going to be taking over the weekends and via distance learning. I’m not content with just regular book learnin’ at home and want to make sure I have the skills to take care of Claire at home in the best way possible. So I’ve registered for the RN nursing program at a local college. It is additionally beneficial for my career because I work in the health care industry and it will give me a clinical perspective for my business efforts. The class I’m looking forward to the most right now is the Basics for Health Care Professionals course: it is a survey course that will go over the skills paramedics and EMTs require, so I can perform routine checks on Claire should she have any other vomiting episodes.

We’re finding that as our confidence grows, we are taking more and more into our own hands. We are not content with the pace that red tape from bureaucracy inflicts on recovery. After a month of waiting to receive Claire’s wheelchair and bath seat, we got a call from the supplier to let us know that the bath seat and a number of wheel chair components were denied. So we are taking matters into our own hands and getting the tools Claire needs. The financial aspect doesn’t bother us. It’s the expectation that recovery tools were on their way only to be delayed longer. So we’re not delaying anymore. We ordered her bath seat tonight and are going to get a new chair – something more fitting – ordered for her tomorrow.

Claire’s train marches on and we’re laying the track for her as fast as we can. We thank you for laying the track with us. Goodnight.

29 thoughts on “Tuesday, August 10: Update”

  1. Your love and support for your precious daughter are amazing and inspirational. Certainly Claire benefits greatly from your tender care for her. I pray for Claire’s continued recovery and for strength and endurance for you.

  2. Thinking of you, Tyler and Tiffany, reading up on your blog to keep in the know. You’re so proactive and dedicated. No ‘woe are we’ – you’re out chopping down the jungle with determination. Scared of lions, tigers or bears – not you!
    Much love, Lynne

  3. I am glad she is doing well with therapy. I have some great resources on organizations that can help you. Email me and I can send them to you and I as well can drop a book with a bunch. Just let me know when.

  4. You continue to impress and inspire me. RN classes. Good for you. Your dedication to your daughter is truly inspiring. Claire is in our prayers every night. God bless Claire and your family.

  5. I cannot read this post without crying tears of pride for you Tyler. Tiffany must be so proud of you as a father and a husband and your mother so proud to have you as her son. Thank you again for sharing your heart with us every day. We continue to pray!


  6. Tyler and Tiffany-
    I can’t begin to express how inspiring your blog is to me. While I know none of this is easy your perseverance and strength, and vulnerability touches my heart. I look forward everynight to reading your posts, they leave my heart uplifted and full of hope as I go to bed. I love you both very much and the entire family is always in my prayers.
    Cousin Missy


  8. You all are awesome! I love how you have totally taken control of the pace of Claire’s recovery. Your hard work as a family is amazing!! Claire is so very lucky to have all of you rallying for her everyday!

  9. It is amazing that with all you have going on at home you are thinking about continuing your education – that is fantastic! Please be careful not to get yourself so burned out that there is nothing left for your family. I can imagine the burden you are carrying is enormous and pray that God will send people continually to relieve you of some of that burden.
    You are a wonderful family and I know God has His almighty hands on you and under you.

  10. You are both such awesome parents. Claire is lucky to have you. I am blessed as well to be able to connect through your posts. You both inspire me. We are still praying for all of you daily!! I also understand the red tape thing. It is frustrating. I am sorry that you are having to deal with that.

  11. Wow Tyler… You truly amaze me! Claire has the best parents in the world!! You and Tiffany inspire me to my best each day! I want to see the girls again soon… It has been too long! I am glad you are welcoming visitors in your home. I will get with you soon about visiting!
    Thinking and praying for you daily,
    Kecia cate

  12. I think everyone should take a cpr course. No ever knows when a loved one or a friend might need you to step in.
    Good for you all!!
    Susie will do great!!!!

  13. Praying for your little angel everyday. Although I have never met you, I feel as though I have known you forever. Claire has been in my thoughts and prayers for months. My sister worked at VHS until a week ago and she told me about Sweet Claire. I enjoy hearing about her progress in recovery and praying for her each day. May Gods peace and love be with your family each and every day.

  14. I love your determination! Claire is blessed to have you for a father. Keep up the good work! We are praying for Claire to recover at a miraculous pace.

  15. God works in mysterious ways, doesn’t he? You’ll be a great RN and what you, your family and sweet Claire are going thru right now will define who you are as a nurse. As a nurse, I know that there is alot of red tape to go thru when getting durable medical equipment – so frustrating – maybe you already know this, but make sure the right diagnoses have been submitted for the equipment! So proud of all of you – and my thoughts and prayers are with you all each and every day. Thanks for sharing your story us!

  16. As an EMT, I feel everyone should know CPR. You never know when you’re going to need it. I hope you will be able to do some ride time to see what it’s like in the field vs. reading a book. It’s completely different and the ride time will help. Good luck with everything and all the studying will pay off in the end! Wishes and hugs to Claire and the family!

  17. PS, yes , I am so proud , or I should say Thankful to God , to have Tyler as my son (OUR son 🙂 ). Thankyou God, for how you have ‘knit’ Tyler together and continue to accomplish Your Highest Purposes in Tyler.Thank you that in Tyler , You made me a mother for the first time, and what a joy that has been! And You made me a Nana for the first time. You are so good,Father.

  18. Kuddos to you for all you’re doing! I hope Claire will be able to tell you thank you herself one day. 🙂
    Still praying for each of you everyday.

      1. Please email me, we offer CPR classes at Las Colinas Medical Center every month, that is sponsored by the American Heart Association…or we can discuss other options that may be available for you.

  19. The staff at Las Colinas Medical Center ED, still enjoys to follow claires progress. We are still praying for all of you. Even my wife loves to read about Claire and she texts me while im at work to give me updates as well. My wife and i would absolutely love to help you all out, we remember reading about claires bed sores and that a woman responded by saying that she uses ATP Pads Alertnating Pressure Pump Pads. Is this something that you are interested in? It would be our pleasure…to get this for Claire. Also, I am excited for you…in electing to go to RN school. Please let me know if i can help you with that as well, all of the free tutoring you want (both RN or Paramedic schooling). If you can, email me direct, i would love to hear which school you have elected.

  20. Thanks so much for your ongoing updates. I think of and pray for you daily, and yesterday shared Claire’s story with my daughters, who are now praying, too.

    Your updates are a very important part of keeping your spiritual support system in place, as they are both a reminder and a prayer guide. I so appreciate the effort it takes to do this one more task at the end of each day.

  21. While I read “my mom is coming back” I breathed a sigh of relief. Funny how mums can melt stress, not all, but plenty. I’ll be praying for safe travel.

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