Monday, August 16: Quick Update before Tomorrow’s MRI

This is going to be quick because I need to get to bed. Tomorrow’s MRI is scheduled to begin at 6:00 AM CDT. It will take an hour to complete and Claire needs to be under for it. I don’t expect any results tomorrow. I expect that we’ll hear the results – if we choose to – at our August 25th appointment at OCH Dallas.

We will be returning to Medical City for the MRI. We wish we had time to head upstairs and see our PICU family, but we have to make a quick escape after so we can pick up my mom. Please keep her in mind and prayers as she makes her way down to DFW tomorrow. Please also think of Claire: going back into the hospital is never fun and the triumphant return this is not. That will come down the road.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Sleep well tonight!

9 thoughts on “Monday, August 16: Quick Update before Tomorrow’s MRI”

  1. Sending prayers and tons of positive thoughts. Claire’s clinical recovery is what’s important – an MRI is just a picture. Try to let that be your mantra tomorrow. She’ll get there.

  2. Praying for an uneventful MRI with encouraging results (whether you see them or not) and safe travels for Claire’s grandmother. Peace and blessings to you all…

  3. I pray that Claire doesn’t experience any anxiety over being back in the hospital. I pray for safe travels for Susie. ANd I pray for both you and Tiffay in your waiting on Claires results. Lift you up to our almighty God!!!Amen…
    love ya

  4. praying for a favorable testing experience for Claire with positive results. what a dose of encouragement that would be!! thankful for your mother’s visit.

  5. Hi Tyler and Tiffany,

    I know you are getting more suggestions than you can probably even consider at this point, but I thought I would throw in my two cents. I’ve read some research about the benefits of tart cherry juice on joints and muscles. It is supposed to help, particularly the joints, relax and function better. Many runners use it before they run to keep their joints from inflammation. Not sure if that might be helpful at all.

    Praying for all of you.

    Oh, and I love Claire’s Adidas shoes in the stander! So cute!!

  6. Tyler and Tiffany,
    Encouraging indeed! Thanks for posting the photos.

    I was thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and your family a couple weeks ago. Especially thankful that you had the opportunity to meet Jacob. We will continue to pray with you and your family.

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