Tuesday, June 22: Update

The Care Conference was short and to-the-point. What was the point? Wait and see. We didn’t learn anything new during the meeting. The doctors are pleased that Claire is slowly becoming less agitated. But the overall refrain was the same: Claire is going to have a long recovery and nobody can tell us how fast or how good it will be.

It was nice to see Claire’s team in one room. Everyone was very attentive and answered our questions with care and candor. Tiffany asked about Claire’s cortical vision impairment (CVI) and how the vision challenges are factored in her coma scale score now. Doctors will continue to test her vision, hoping it improves, but will factor it out of the coma scale score.

I asked some clarifying questions regarding treatment and refrained from asking the question to which I really want answers, because there are no answers now. The uncertainty is taking its toll on my psyche. With the lack of sleep, I’m becoming a little surly. I made sure to order dessert tonight hoping it will take the edge off; however, they brought me a dessert with fake apples. I can’t abide fake fruit. So no dessert.Or maybe just a couple bites. Who am I kidding? It’s already gone.

We said goodbye to Tiffany’s mom today. We love her and are so thankful that she was with us to help watch Autumn, Heidi and Claire while Tiffany and I sorted out the early brouhaha. Autumn couldn’t let go of her Gram-Gram. Heidi was glad she got to plant flowers with her. We look forward to seeing her again soon. Please pray for her safe travels.

The waiting continues and we hope that Claire’s agitation will soon move to a level that makes it conducive for more aggressive therapy. Thank you for your support.