Saturday, June 19: Update

I don’t have many Claire updates today because I didn’t see her today. We wanted to make sure the girls got a break from the hospital today. Autumn’s basketball game fell in the middle of the day, so the morning was spent readying for that.

I spent the remainder of the day with Autumn and Heidi while Tiffany, her mom and her sister went to see Claire. The girls came up with the idea of brushing and styling my hair. It was pretty relaxing. But I had to tell Heidi I’d prefer if she didn’t apply makeup and put me in a fancy dress. Autumn tried to sneak away for Tiffany’s makeup case: she’s sneaky in her own mind and I caught her before she’s even made it to the bathroom. It was time well spent.

I had a reason for staying home the rest of the day. My outlet has long been soccer on the weekends. It’s a way to relieve normal day to day stress and it helps me sleep better at night. Betwen the lack of exercise, sleep and appetite I’ve managed to lose 15 pounds since this started. I attribute a large part to the stress and many of my close friends – and wife – have been encouraging me to get back on the field. So I did tonight.

My teammates were very attentive and didn’t pry at all whih meant the world to me. I went in with the intention of scoring one goal for Claire. I scored three for her. This was due in large part to the fact the other team was playing two men down. But that’s beside the point.

It was nice to run again. I felt hungry afterwards whih is good and I’ll sleep well tonight. It was a healthy choice and I’m glad I went.

What I gathered from my mom and Tiffany is that Claire’s agitated states are moderating very well. Controlling the stimuli around her is helping her brain sort itself out. We’re seeing her range of motion improve in her limbs due to her hard work. We are more encouraged every day.

This coming week will be a week of bigger updates after we have our first Care Conference. Thank you for indulging some of the posts about me that lack some of the Claire details. We thank you for your prayers and support.