Saturday, June 12: Update

It’s a slow news day here at the hospital. Claire slept well and continues to rest. We watched a lot of football today, starting early this morning with the Korea vs. Greece game. I’d like to think that it’s helping her, but people keep telling me it’s just wishful thinking.

Tiffany did some stretches with Claire this morning. Her legs and arms aren’t nearly as rigid as they were before the splints. The splints are helping move her feet back to normal and alleviate the pain. The stretching will also help her from losing range of motion which can set in if physical therapy is not performed. The therapy also helps us feel slightly empowered in her recovery: it’s something we can do to hasten her efforts.

We received a package today from American Martyr’s School in California filled with cards from students. This followed another package we’d received filled with cards from an elementary school in Keller, TX. We laughed and cried as we read them to Claire. One card summed up the sentimentality from all the students. On the front it said, “Let’s work to get this girl going!” And to make sure the message was clear, the back read, “Seriously Claire, get well!!!!” To all the students who are following Claire’s story, please know that we read your cards to her and thank you for the time, effort and care you have put into them.

As always, thank you for your prayers and support.

I hope to have some more details to post this evening. Just in case I don’t, I’ll let this following picture close out this one.