Thursday, June 10: Update

I got to hold Claire last night. It was the prelude to today’s emotional day. It wasn’t for long, but it was long enough. The nurse needed to get Claire’s weight and asked me if I would be able to hold her instead of getting another nurse for help. I was surprised she asked. Her eyes were open and she cried a little from the activity. I cried a lot after she fell back to sleep.

Today ended up being an emotionally draining day. I’ve come to expect the ups and downs. When I woke up this morning – meaning I actually fell asleep last night – I could sense that today would be an emotional drain. It hasn’t disappointed. Claire’s eyes are open much more today than they have been since being here. She’s having a hard time dealing with the discomfort and pain, and since she can’t talk we are only guessing at what is the cause.

We are drinking in what connection we can get with her through her eyes. Tiffany was feeling a little downtrodden because Claire hadn’t held her gaze yet today. I was able to catch the moment she did.

While she looks alert in this picture, she is still battling the malaise from the medications, initial insult to the brain and recovery. But it’s enough to see her beautiful blue eyes.

Claire finally got her leg and arm splints today. She is on a three hours on/three hours off cycle for the splints. The first round really helped reposition her legs so they are pointing up again. A few more days of occupational therapy and splints and her legs should not be as stiff and sore.

Claire continues to take small steps. The ambiguity and uncertainty continues, but she is making progress. We continue to hope that while the road may be long, the progress will be astounding.

Thank you again for the support and prayers. We will continue to update and I intend to start posting more pictures so you can see the progress, not just read about it.