Sunday, June 20: Update

I’m going to keep this update short since I hope everyone is spending their time together as a family for today’s holiday.

Claire has had a challenging day. The doctors have weaned her completely off the methadone and have steadily decreased her ativan (yes, I was misspelling it earlier). Her agitation has remained constant as more of her body wakes up. She is having trouble sleeping through the days: her brain is trying to reorganize itself and battling between staying awake and succumbing to sleep. She will calm down for three or four minutes before getting agitated for 30 seconds, then start the cycle again. It’s hard to hear her struggle.

The noises she makes to express agitation have continued to evolve. She is employing a whimper now that is much closer to the way Claire used to cry. It break our hearts and cheers us at the same time – it’s an odd dilemma. She sounds so pitiful, yet we can hear some aspects of the Claire we miss. Then there are the yells. Those are fun. She uses them freely when we’ve done a rehab stretch and held it for a long time. It’s either her way of telling us to cut it out, or a victory cry. We’re choosing to believe it’s the latter.

I am very thankful for my father and father-in-law today. They are both men of strength and virtue. Their response to this family crisis is but a glimpse of their character. Everything they have demonstrated these last three weeks is accurate. We love them for that and much more.

Thank you for your prayers and support. Happy Father’s Day.