Sunday, June 6: Update

Barring a major change, this will be today’s only update.

We have had little progress today from Claire instead focusing on getting closer to the time when we can extubate from the ventillator. Claire has also started to go through more withdrawals as we back down on the pain and sedative drips. Doctors have started her on methadone and adavan to compensate for the withdrawal symptoms. It’s hard to watch.

Today’s nurse indicated that we shouldn’t expect to move off the ventillator until tomorrow: the staff doesn’t want to make a major change this weekend.

Autumn and Heidi are back at the hospital and were happy to see the Dendys today. The Dendys are great with the girls and good friends and Texas family. The girls are going to get out of the hospital and play at the Dendys’ house today. It will be good for them.

I just got back in the room with Claire and Tiffany. I’m watching Tiffany brush her hair and put small barrettes in her hair. Before Tiffany started brushing her hair, Claire’s eyes were open and staring. As soon as Tiffany started brushing, Claire’s heart rate moderated and her eyes began to drop. We mark this as the first time Claire has ever been put to sleep by brushing her hair.

The wait continues. Thank you for waiting with us.