Wednesday, June 30: Update

Claire’s therapists had some aggressive plans for her today. Claire, however, wasn’t consulted beforehand. She was a little less compliant than she was yesterday. The therapists did put her through some more challenging exercises still. Claire had to put her weight on her hands and support her upper body and then rest her elbows on her knees putting weight on her legs and feet. She showed resolve by trying to raise her head again today despite her overall energy lack.

The therapists also suggested that we consider some therapy in the water. This sent chills down my spine when Tiffany told me about it. Once the initial reaction passed, Tiffany explained the rationale: Claire has been calming during her showers and the pool therapy would help with her toning. We hope she can try it out soon.

Claire continues to improve her sleep cycle. She slept for six hours straight last night. That is the longest stretch she has had of continuous sleep. Sleep is one of the critical recovery factors. It is an indication of the brain calming down and we hope cognitive therapy will soon follow.

Tiffany and I are home with the girls tonight. We played Clue with the girls. Autumn won. The girls got in bed before 10:00 PM for the first time since the accident. It’s going to take a while to readjust their sleep schedule. They were in bed at 8:30 but they’re still awake and I anticipate they’ll be up for a while longer.

Our emotional state was less volatile today. The longer the good day streak continues, however, the more I find myself bracing for the next bad day. It’s hard to just rest and recharge. Since we don’t know how, we’re going to force ourselves to go to sleep earlier than we have been. We hope we can replenish our sleep reserves some.

So with that, thank you for your hopes and support and goodnight!