Friday, June 25: Update

I crossed paths with two of the first responders for Claire last night just as I was leaving OCH. Kristen and Veronica had come to see her and we were happy to bend the rules so they could see her. It’s important to us that the people who saw her that day see the progress she has made to date. It helped calm their minds as well. We spent about an hour discussing what happened that day and it was eye-opening to see which pieces I recalled and which I blocked. While I may forget pieces of that day, I won’t forget the part Kristen and Veronica played in saving Claire’s life.

Claire had a challenging night last night. Her sleep cycle shifted and made her night more fitful. We had hoped she would recover some of the lost sleep today. She hasn’t. The doctors wanted to run some labs on her this morning. The subsequent finger pricks made her irritable and weepy. By the time she had managed to calm down, a therapy session was scheduled. The cycle continued throughout the day. I hope the sleep loss will result in a quiet night; however, there are no guarantees.

There have been few other changes. The occupational therapist mentioned that Claire’s range of motion is improving. Tiffany and I are being aggressive with her therapy when she’s not in session. Though Claire’s loud protests muffle our soft commands, she is working hard and bearing the pain. We are proud of her.

I went to pick up some food before heading to OCH today. As I got out of my car, I heard my name. I was shocked to see Claire’s admitting doctor from Medical City. He joined me for lunch and we had the chance to discuss a variety of topics. He is not only the one that stabilized and first administered care for Claire, he is also a friend. Tiffany was jealous that I got to see him and not she. He is a part of our family now and it’s hard not to regularly see those you trust on a regular basis. We grew accustomed to his advice, manner and attention. We miss it. I was glad to share a meal with him, even if his was just a cup of Coke.

Claire’s cheerleaders continue to increase in number. Tiffany and I read each of the comments and marvel at the number of times they begin with “You don’t know me… . ” We are happy so many people are cheering for Claire and keep her in their daily prayers and thoughts. It’s helping sustain us. We thank you for it.