Tuesday, June 29: Update

We are saying goodbye to some family today. But it is a farewell that caps off a great day for Claire.

Claire and I began the day with an hour and a half of exercises. She was a little champion. I put her through all kinds of stretches and resistance exercises to wake up her muscles and protect her range of motion. She protested. I talked her through it. It was a good start to the day.

We took our third walk outside and extended our record from 15 minutes to 30. It was a cooler Dallas summer day, slightly overcast and humid. The sun hid behind the clouds for the duration of our walk. Claire enjoyed the excursion.

Our time outside ended when the rest of the family arrived. Physical and occupational therapy was next on the docket. We were surprised to discover that today would be Claire’s first day to try the standing board. This was a big step for two reasons. First, Claire had always been relegated to therapy bays that sequestered her away from the noise and commotion in the general therapy area. The standing board is in the general area. So we were curious to see how she would handle all the other stimulating activity going on around her. Secondly, this was a more aggressive treatment and we were curious to see how agitated Claire would get. She handled it very well. She wasn’t any more agitated than normal despite all her protests to mommy at first.

Claire stayed in the standing board for the full 30 minute session. The occupational therapist commented that Claire’s range and motion has improved a lot since yesterday and she feels much more loose. The therapist also tested Claire’s eye tracking. She used a flashing light toy and moved it laterally in front of Claire. Claire tracked both directions with a stronger response to her right side. It was great to watch. We are very pleased with the rate that the therapists are moving her sessions. Each session is new, different and more challenging.

The busy day took a lot out of Claire. But she did a great job. I was very proud of her.

We were reticent to see my sister, my dad and Brian leave tonight. The visit was too short. It was nice being close together, yet we longed for the times when we just hang out. We eagerly anticipate the day when we can all be together again on different terms. They are all driving back to Colorado tonight. Please keep them in your prayers.