Friday, August 20: Update

There’s not much to report tonight. Claire had a mixed day: she was equally frustrated and content throughout her waking hours. It was a good day to recover from the preceding three of therapy. But it still felt long and belabored.

For that reason, I’m going to cut this short and head to bed. I’m evaluating the update frequency right now. The end of summer brings more activities for us all: Autumn starts piano lessons again, Heidi goes back to ballet and both return to school. I will be amending the frequency in the next couple weeks. I encourage all of you to sign up for email alerts (on the right side of the page) if you haven’t done so already.

Forgive me for the brevity. Enjoy your weekend and sleep well!

15 thoughts on “Friday, August 20: Update”

  1. It makes sense to ammend the frequency of the jopurnal entries. You’ve been driving forth at breakneck stress levels and now that things may begin to moderate, it is wise to follow accordingly. Thank you (My father and mother, Ed & Diane especially thank you) for the consistency and clarity of your updates. ai

  2. I am going to miss checking in every morning and reading your daily updates. Tell Autumn and Heidi good luck with their piano and ballet (respectively). Hopefully those will be good redirection of focus for those two girls. Know that you will continue to be in my daily thoughts, and we all look forward to hearing about the many corners Claire will turn. Tiffany and you have a wonderful grace about you and you two are amazing people and parents.

  3. You are wise to think about decreasing journals. I’m sure life is busier during the school year. Still praying for your WHOLE family. Glad Nana is there with you now!! She is SUCH a great encourager.

  4. I have signed up again for emails but haven’t received them. I would love to get your updates again. I accidently said no to recieving everyones comments and now I don’t get the blog updates. can you please try and get me back on the list. I love to read about your progress and your family. thanks again, I know your busy. Hope you have a great weekend.

  5. Enjoy the beginning of your Fall activities. Routine can be a blessing… can run on “auto pilot” and coffee!!

    continuing covering your family in prayer


  6. Tyler,
    While the blog means a lot to a lot of people, and you get the comments to help encourage you, it can become a burden to you. You’ve become exhausted with all you need to do for Claire and the rest of your family. Do what you have to do, update when it makes sense, and know that God’s strength undergirds everything you do. And that Claire’s Team is still out here, pulling for you, encouraging you, praying for and with you daily, even without updates.

    Glad Autumn and Heidi are looking forward to school and piano and ballet lessons. Those activities will add to your activity load too. So we’ll understand if you don’t update daily.

    Love you all lots, and praying all the time, Dodie

  7. I applaud you taking the time to search your plate and determine what needs to stay and what needs to go or be altered. I’ll continue to check the blog & so will see what you have to say, when you’re ready to say it. Still here…still praying.

  8. Know that it’s fine for you to do less emails. I appreciate keeping attune to what’s happening to Claire and her progress. However, you need a break as well. Take care of yourself–or else you won’t be good for Claire of for the rest of the family.

    My continued prayers. I loved visiting Claire and her picture will stay with me a long time. She will be constantly in my prayers.

  9. Although, I completely understand your reasoning for cutting back on your daily blogs, I must admit I will miss them. I have made it a routine now to check your blog every morning during my daily devtions. It has allowed me to faithfully continue thinking about you guys and praying for you all. It has been an excellent tool for us all to keep in touch and abreast of everything that is happening while been hundred of miles away. My true heart desires is to be there for you all in your daily walk but distance makes it impossible. Unfortunately work, responsibilty and life in general must continue. But we rather be there with you all. We might not be there in the physical realm but we are there in spirit and you will not be forgotten. God bless you all. Love ya

  10. I’m excited about the beginning of this school year- getting to see Autumn everyday and getting to know Heidi! Your family is precious and the whole Tom Landry community is behind you 100%! Let us help you in whatever ways we can- it blesses us to be able to do so! Still praying constantly for Claire…

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