Sunday, August 22: Update

It was a challenging day. Claire was not overly agitated but was inconsolable almost all day. She seemed fed up with the situation and no amount of yelling and crying helped. Claire had brief breaks. They were few, however, and short lived.

I stayed home with Claire all of today while Tiffany helped tie up some loose ends for before school starts tomorrow. I stayed home in large part due to the same reason I didn’t post last night. We had a late night soccer game yesterday, our last of the season. We were short sided which meant there were no substitutes and I got to run the entire game. While it was good for my cardiovascular health, the full kick to my right ankle did not bode well for my body. When I got home we couldn’t see my ankle it was so swollen. It is a bright red today and showing shades of black and blue. While I don’t type with my ankle when I write posts, the night’s activity kept me away from the computer. It also made me a homebody today. So Tiffany ran errands and I stayed home with Claire.

Though Claire’s day was rough, we did notice some improvements. Claire’s range of motion continues to improve particularly in her arms. We have been focusing most of our effort on Claire’s legs which seem to cause her the most discomfort. We had planned to intensify her arm rehab this week. We are finding it may not be necessary. Despite that attention lack, Claire’s arms have become more flexible. Her left arm has always been tight, and now it is much easier to maneuver and manipulate. We are pleasantly surprised.

We hope her legs follow suit soon. While we are seeing improvement in Claire’s calves and Achilles, her quadriceps and hamstrings are getting more sensitive and sore. Her feet are more flexible but they seem to maintain their flexion rather than fall to a natural position. We continue to use aggressive therapy like the percussion massager, the stander, deep tissue massages and stretches; however, we haven’t gotten to the point where all the tension is worked out of her legs. It’s been a game of inches. We hope bigger strides happen soon.

Heidi came into the kitchen today while I was making dinner. She was in a reflective mood. School is finally upon her and she was thinking about this, her last summer. Her opening line was “I hope Claire can walk and talk by next summer.” It was an appropriate summary for our summer of 2010: the story behind it is tragic, and we remain hopeful for things to come.

Thank you for you support through this summer. We wish you and your family a prosperous school year. Thank you for keeping Claire in your prayers and hopes. Goodnight.

14 thoughts on “Sunday, August 22: Update”

  1. We continue to pray every day for you and your family. May God’s arms continue to embrace you every second of every day. May Claire continue her healing process. May you find strength and comfort in Him and in your family, friends and prayer warriors.

  2. Still praying for you all, even though we have never met. I feel like I know you all. Hope the girls have a great first day of school. Blessings!

  3. I’m with you, Hiedi, I hope Claire is walking and talking and running yelling “Hiedi” when you walk in the door from school by next summer.
    You’re all in my prayers. Enjoy school girls!
    Aunt Mary Ellen

  4. Tell Heidi that its our hope and prayers that Claire will be walking and talking as well.
    I wish both girls a very sucessful new school year,new friends and awesome teachers.
    Ty I hope that your ankle gets better soon.
    Have great day on the first day of school for the girls and both mom & dad!!
    Love ya

  5. You and Tiffany are excellent parents. Thank you for your transparency. Jeanne, Jacob, and I will continue to pray for all five of your family.

  6. never stop believing. never stop hoping. because we will never stop praying, with FULL EXPECTATION that our GOD can move MOUNTAINS. press on, brother, as you give your entire family strength.

  7. My prayers go out to Autumn and Heidi today in their first day of school, especially for Heidi.
    I hope your ankle is better. . .

  8. I prayed for Heidi and Autumn’s first day of school. I know Heidi is super excited to be in kindergarten!

  9. My heart just breaks for Claire when she has difficult days like that. I pray that today’s first day of school is going well and that Tiffany and you have peace found throught Christ. I also pray for Heidi and Autumn, that their peers would be kind and not ask too many questions, but that they would be good friends, even at their young ages. Hope your ankle feels better.

  10. There is a product called “CALM” that you get in a health food store. It’s put out by Peter Gillham’s, Natural Vitality. I don’t know if it can be given to Claire but you could ask the doctor. When I was having problems with my muscles tightening up the doctor had me take this. It’s a relaxing magnesium supplement that balances your calcium intake and restores healthy magnesium levels. It’s all natural and contains NO yeast, dairy, egg, gluten, soy, wheat, sugar,starch, preservatives or artificial color or flavor. Cruelty free. Vegetarian formula. No added fructose. It was like a miracle when I used it. Also, if Claire is having bed sores use white fleece under her or in her diaper. That also works wonders. I hope some of this information will help Claire be more comfortable. Your family is always in our prayers.

  11. Tyler and Tiffany-I have been meaning to reach out to you both since I learned of the terrible news about Claire a couple of weeks ago. As you know I pride myself on being in the know and I must say that first off, I am so terribly sorry to have heard about this, and second, to have heard about it a little late. And then I find myself fumbling for the right words, which I am confident others experience daily when speaking with you about Claire. You have so many people that are supporting you right now and just know now that you can include our family as well. I know that your school year just began (as did Shane’s), and I wish you and your family the best as you begin the new year. Tyler, I will reach out to you in the near term, but I wanted to let you know that you are all on our minds at this time. Our thoughts go out to you all.

  12. Suggestion: epsom salts in bath a] helps sore muscles, b] doesn’t interfere with any other meds/therapies, and c] won’t gunk up hair, etc. [ works for me ]
    Care for the carefgivers:
    Love, hugs, and prayers for all,
    Susan D.

  13. Tough to hv an injury added to the mix. Hope ur getting enough sleep. Pain & exhaustion wear on body & spirit. Praying for God’s strength.

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