A New School Year

This is going to be short.

Heidi and Autumn joined the annual migration back to school today. We joined the host of parents with cameras attached to their eyes and captured the first day back. It was bittersweet.

Another piece of the routine has been set. The kids are in school and Claire is plugging away at therapy. It will be a while before we can stop to catch our breath, but at least we have air to breathe.

Thank you for your support and prayers. Sleep good.

32 thoughts on “A New School Year”

  1. BEAUTIFUL girls…all three of them! Dig into God and you will be richly blessed…continue to be richly blessed:)

  2. OMG this is the best back to school pic EVER!!! They are both so cute, LOVE the pink boots, and red bow!!! The missing teeth make for great stories later!!! You have very cute children, I hope their day was GREAT in evry way it could be!!! Talk to you soon,

  3. That picture is going to a classic for many years to come. Love the pink boots & converse. Much love is being sent your way.

  4. they are so adorable. their backpacks are almost as big as they are!! those are some spunky, spirited grins. so glad to see joy…
    praying for you as you press on…

  5. How cute are they?! Great taste in shoes. And their expressions are adorable. Love it.

    I hope your ankle is much better, Tyler. We think of all of you and pray for you throughout the day.

    Much love,

  6. What a scrumptious picture! Great smiles, cool pink boots, humongous backpacks. They look excited, which is good. Hope they have a wonderful year and great teachers. Your life will be busier than ever, though your daytimes might ease up a little to focus more on Claire’s therapy. Is it this Friday Claire has her first “hippo” therapy session? Do let us know sometime how that goes for her. And know so many “out here,” not just near by who can physically help you, are praying for you daily. Not just for Claire’s healing, but for healing and rest and something like settling into a routine you can all live with as Claire heals for the long haul. Love ya! Dodie

  7. Tyler and Tiffany~
    A precious picture! I continue to pray for Claire and each member of your family throughout the day. It’s clear. There’s something about Claire…
    God Bless you all.

  8. I am IN LOVE with Heidi’s outfit. If only I had a matching one, I swear I’d wear it tomorrow to work. I love them so much! They are so grown up (tear)!

  9. AYY!! Que linda!!!
    Translation – How cute!!

    I can’t believe how much Heidi looks like Bryanna,her auntie, and Susie her nana. Wow three generations and they all look like they have been cut out with the same cookie cutter designed by God.LOL…. Precious!!!!
    Love it!!!!

  10. Hi Tyler and Tiffany: So good to see those smiles! Love the picture (and shoes)!

    This morning I remembered part of my dream (not always the case), and it had been about Claire. I had called you guys (I guess), and you asked if I wanted to speak with Claire. I hesitated inside, not knowing if she’d be able or what I’d hear. I agreed regardless and was taken aback by her clear and appropriate responses to my questions. That’s all I remember.

    I don’t know if my dream was influenced by Heidi’s hope to hear Claire speak by the next school year or not, but I believe God gave me this to at least increase my faith for prayer if not to give us hope for His intended future. Be encouraged that He’s dropping seeds of faith in our hearts all over the world (we’re in Portugal), watering those seeds, and challenging us to believe for the visible fruit/answers. It’s not easy for us to come visit, but I do really hope to speak with Claire someday!

  11. Got to say hello to the lovely red headed Autumn yesterday and she seemed like a happy camper!! It was nice to see both Tiffany and Autumn and I’m glad to hear the first day went well. Thinking of you all, as always!!

  12. Your post was short but stupendously sweet. It’s been a while since my girls were so small but I can see all the promises of the future in those expectant faces. You guys are going such a powerful job because those faces ooze happiness. I love the pink boots and the matching ribbon; I love the hightops and the smile that comes with this new day. The path they stand on leads to a bright future for all of you. I love seeing that in those faces … a masterpiece in the making. — Dave – Tustin, CA

  13. The girls look great in their first day of school! So exciting :). We continue our prayers for all of you. Stay strong, you are doing a great job 🙂

  14. You know I’m loving Heidi’s boots and coordinating hair accessory. A princess after my own heart!

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