Friday, June 4: Update 3

I’m writing this entry from Claire’s bedside as I watch her sleep. Nothing new has happened since the last update. I did, however, omit some minor information from my last post.

One of our excellent day nurses, Kara, said she knew she was a real nurse when she started gettig so excited about pee. Crude yes, but touching when you understand that base functions like this indicate certain levels of neurological function. We had similar hopes today when Kara reported that it seems Claire is passing gas. It’s indicative that her digestive system is starting to function and we’ll be watching to see if she can take this first step to the next level. Here’s hoping we will soon be more excited about certain functions than we’ve ever been.

I’d mentioned that Claire’s ventilator settings needed to all be at a certain range before they’d remove the tube. We’re almost there. My unqualified forecast is that we’ll be there by the end of tomorrow.

I wish I could give bigger and more progressive news. I hope all of you that were waiting for an update can sleep soundly tonight. Thank you for your prayers, hopes and support.

52 thoughts on “Friday, June 4: Update 3”

  1. Thanks again for the updates! we check the blog for updates everytime we are on the webb or think about her. you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers! Stay strong!

  2. We love hearing these kind of reports. Pee makes me happy. The little things are just as important as the huge things. Don’t think we don’t want to know. WE DO! God is BIG!!

  3. Yay for Claire’s gas! What I really want to know, though, is did she lift one butt cheek when she passed it? ‘Cause we’d know where she gets that from…

    These are the small events that slowly build into big improvements. It’ll take time, but I believe it will happen. I love you, and I hope you get some sleep tonight too!

  4. My friend, Ashley, is in MOPS with Tiffany. She told us about Claire last Tuesday, and I have been praying ever since. Just wanted you to know that another ‘stranger’ is praying for your precious Claire.

  5. Yea…. I am so happy to hear about all that. That is so cool… I said a rosary for her last night. I revived one that was from Rome and blessed by the pope…..I like so many others can’t wait to hear the latest news….. thanks for posting.

  6. Hello Tyler,
    It has been years and years since we have been in touch but I wanted to send you a note letting you know that Dave and I are praying for your family. We have 4 girls ourselves now and 1 boy. I am friends with your Mom on FB and have been reading her comments and have been praying daily for Claire.
    Praying for the Lord’s strength and supernatural comfort, love and grace to continue to pour over your precious family.
    Dave & Tanya Park

  7. Tyler and Tiffany,

    Know that as well as prayer, you have a lot of emotional support behind you. I know that I , as well as others, I’m sure, cry when they read some of what is happening, and rejoice over pee and gas along with you. There is a lot of love coming at you guys, even from us who have never met Claire.

    Still praying!

    Love, Emily

  8. Tyler and Tiffany,

    We continue to pray for a miracle for lil’Claire. We feel encouraged by your latest post.

    God Bless
    Oscar, Monica, Lidia, Lucas & Heleni

  9. Thank you so much for taking the time to keep us updated! I can’t stop looking at the blog wondering how Claire is doing!

    A caring friend in CA!!!

  10. Ohh Ya Claire! You go girl! I can tell already we are going to be great friends… so much in common 🙂

    Em, what I really want to know is who in your family displays such great technique!?!

    On a serious note…. Bree and I are praying and thinking about you all constantly and believing in God’s healing power!

  11. My husband and I serve as teachers in AZ and heard about Claire from Melissa. I have had the chance to work in the PICU and have seen so many miracles when the doctors predicted the worst. I am a “skeptic” as well but have learned from so many patients that God is stronger than all the medicine we humans have got!

  12. Was directed here from a post to MOPS on facebook – I don’t know you, but I am praying for Claire and your whole family! xoxo

  13. I have started reading your journal after my friend posted it on her facebook. I don’t know what to say to encourage you other than to tell you I am thinking and praying for Claire. I hope you continue to see good signs. I also hope that you can find a few minutes to breathe and not feel guilt or desperation or impatience or grief. This is Claire’s time to heal and it can’t be rushed.

  14. We at the Turning Point Church (Chuck Martin’s) are continuing to pray for complete restoration of Claire’s body, every cell and fiber. May our God, (the One who created the universe, you and I), return Claire to a perfect child with a perfect childhood, with an expectant, propsperous future (physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually, etc). May Claire grow old and have a wonderful life without a glimpse of a memory of this tragic event. May Claire tell stories of how God saved her to her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. In the amazing name of Jesus Christ, Amen!!!

  15. What a day of amazing progress! I am praying that by tomorrow your princess will be breathing without any help! I BELIEVE! God is bigger then this darkness and she will do it! I have asked Makenzie’s prayer warriors to pray for Claire ( and want you to know how many people are right here for your family praying for healing and restoration for your amazing little girl!

    1. I am in agreement with your prayers. O God, thank you for the blessing of ventilators but please deliver Claire from needing these machines!! I have been ferverent in this request last night and this morning, O hear us, dear LORD!

  16. My heart has opened for your family as I read the blog entrees. I hope & pray that Clair’s recovery is swift. My closest story is a boy who suffered a stroke at 12 years old. As a speech therapist, I followed a coma stim protocol. I moved away & asked about him a year later & his recovery was nothing short of miraculous. I will certainly follow the blog & pray for you all. God Bless…

  17. just wanted to let you know i’m praying…..i teach with Jessica Powers….
    God is big and He is more crazy about your little Claire than you can possibly imagine. Trust His best and lean on His crazy love. Praying for you and your family….

  18. As a parent of 8 I can’t conceive what you deal with at this time. I do know that I too have witnessed the power of prayer, and I assure you that the number grows hourly. Whatever the final outcome, trust that there is a purpose and a plan. Staff from FedEx in Colorado Springs and Memphis are adding to the cry that goes up for all of you. Watch and be amazed.

  19. Hey Tyler it’s been forever and a day since I’ve seen you, and still haven’t met the rest of your “new” family, but my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone of you and that Claire makes it safely and unharmed…

  20. Tyler and Tiffany,
    Keep drawing strength from the Lord… Miracles can happen! We are so encouraged by Claire’s progress and your family’s resolve! Claire is in our constant thoughts and prayers and even though we don’t know you personally, you are our brother and sisters in Christ. We will continue to pray as you continue to draw your strength and peace from Him. Take care and may God keep blessing your family!
    The Bilberry Family in Colorado Springs

  21. Thanks for the updates! So happy to hear about these positive signs. Still praying! Glad you got a break yesterday!!!

  22. From a parent who, almost two years ago now, has lived what you are going through right now… prayers are with you and my heart goes out to you. All that you have updated lately as to how Claire is doing to how you feel brings me right back to when my son had his drowning accident. Remember, all children are different and outcomes vary as the children. You will know what is best for your daughter and you will be her voice. I pray that you will get your miracle as many parents that have walked in your shoes have done. May God hold you tightly and wrap Claire in his healing arms. Take advantage of your support system and let them do for you what they can.

    If you have any questions or would like to talk to someone who “has been there”, please feel free to contact me. There are alot of resources and groups of parents that would love to help you in any way they can, in advice, in prayers and support.

    With all sincerety ~
    Lisa Cherek

  23. This is really great news! Any progress is GREAT progress! I will continue to pray. Thank you for posting this blog. I’ve never felt so burdened to pray for someone I don’t know, but I feel I am getting to know all of you quickly, because of this wonderful way of sharing Claire’s story. We are brothers and sisters in Christ, so therefore we are FAMILY! May God’s strength undergird you all today and give you abundant FAITH to BELIEVE for Claire’s miracle!

  24. Remember Our God is Big,
    He provides
    He guides
    He heals

    He gives beauty for ashes, strength for fear, gladness for morning, and peace for despair.
    He can give claire healing, peace, love ,
    My prayer for you and your family is that God’s Love and Peace will overflow in your hearts as you continue to wait. Waiting is sometimes so hard to do, but God is in Control of this situation, Just keep Trusting in Him and Hoping in a Miracle

  25. Tyler, Tiffany and your dear family,
    I’m just one of Sarah’s friends in Colorado Springs. (A Yada-Yada Sister) We are praying always for Little Claire and your family. The updates are so great ! We are far away in miles, but very close in thoughts and prayers. I pray that you will know God’s presence at this very moment.

  26. Tyler and Tiffany..
    It’s an amazing thing to observe how all our paths have crossed. I became aware of your journey with Claire from Angela, whose infant son Christian was in the same hospital.
    I am touched beyond description about your situation.

    I have a group of women fiends scattered around the planet. We have all met through the Internet, in different ways… similar causes, mutual friends, even games. We pray for each other, and for needs in others’ lives. All this explanation to let you know that hundreds of prayers, from this loving grou of people, will be said for you, Claire, her doctors, and for anyone that touches your lives.

    I check this site a couple of times a day, and think of all of you so many times between checks – every time with the picture of her precous face in mind.

    I hope this lengthy explanation gives you comfort in knowing that you are not alone.

    Much love and warmth,

    Yvonne Mitchell
    Raleigh NC

    1. Thank you. It means a lot to have you with us. So many we don’t know beyond their empathetic, loving hearts which ache with us give us such encouragement. Thank you for posting.

  27. Yeah to passing gas!! That is great! I still cheer everytime my 3 month old pee’s on me. He left medical city of Dallas a few weeks ago after having sepsis due to a UTI due to a congenital blockage. Every victory no matter how small is a victory. Stay strong. Claire is in our prayers. Once she is better and you get to go home have yourself a breakdown day. Grab a bottle of wine and let go of all the pain. Until then here’s to the small things. Big hugs to you guys!

  28. Little steps! . Let’s keep on thinking that all the progress, although slow, is gonna be just positive! We are praying everyday for those little signs that keep on giving us hope that she’s gonna be fine 🙂

  29. Hello! Any little pieces of progress is good news! I’ll be praying and thinking of little Claire.

    It has been almost a year since my son, Christian, had his near drowning. I can remember each bit of what you are going through. I, too, remember being in a public place (Target) and thinking that nobody really knows how much pain I’m in. Could they see it on my face? It is moments like these where you are so sensitive to kindness.

    The MRI results may sound bleak but just don’t listen. The whole time Christian was in the PICU, I don’t even remember what the doctors said, honestly, because I blocked all negativity out and relied on faith alone. My Christian suffered global devestation (the entire brain was effected) but he’s still making progress. Slow progress, but progress is progress. You can read about his progress at

    I do pray that Claire gets her miracle. Please feel free to contact me through my blog or through email as I have walked your road not too long ago. I wanted you to know you’re not alone and remember…there is always hope.

  30. Thanks Tyler for all the updates on precious Claire. You are all on our families thoughts continually. In continual prayer. Marty and Cindy Rauer.

  31. Jesus, I ask you to fill Claire with your spirit and heal her from head to toe. By your stripes, she will be healed. Please give comfort/strength to this family because they need you so much.

    God Bless You!!

    Nicole from Rosemead, CA

  32. My daughter, Sara Taylor and her husband Jeff Taylor and son Callum are part of Irving Bible Church & she posted the request for prayer for you all on her blog. I’ve been reading and have been drawn to pray for you all! I’ve never been where you are right now but I am praying for Claire and for God’s strength for each of you; for wisdom/guidance for Drs and nurses; and that you will sense His intimate attention/ministry personally as you face need beyond anything you’ve ever known.

  33. Thank God for pee and gas. And to think I was just complaining about Austin passing gas in my car.

    Tyler, I remember wierd moments of our hospital stay with Justinand the little things that happened are the most significant. I remember the wonderfull support from all around and know that God is who held me up in that time. You are an inspiration to me in your love and sharing to all of us.

    I’m of to chores, but my first stop is Church for good prayers.

    Love to all,
    Aunt Mary Ellen

  34. Tyler and Tiffany,
    I don’t know if you remember us, but Rick, our children, and family are praying for you. We met you guys when you were at Vanguard. My husband, Rick, is the Executive Pastor. You guys are in our thoughts and in our prayers as you fight this battle for Claire. We are praying for healing, strength, wisdom and peace. We are also praying for your other children and extended family as well as you two.
    Laura Clapp

  35. Dear Tyler and Tiffany,
    Just a short note to let you know you all are and have been in our thoughts and prayers. Andy and I want you to know how much our heart aches for Claire, the girls and both of you. We follow the updates regularly. I looked up the Basal Ganglia area of the brain, and have been feverishly asking God, his army and all those who work for the good of him to send their healing love to that area. Much love, hugs and kisses to you all. Uncle Andy, Aunt Susan, Alec and Eric

  36. you don’t know me , but thru my son’s church ,prayers have been requested , and i just want to say i have joined in .
    Claire reminded me of someone , i couldn’t figure out who then it came to me
    a precious moment doll

  37. Tyler,
    You mentioned that you were sorry that you weren’t giving “bigger and more progressive news” in your last journal. No matter how tiny the step or no step going backwards is fantastic news! We have so much to be thankful for with the progress she is making. Prayers will be continued, and the Lord will continue to answer.

  38. Love the positive update! I check every hour for an update, thank you so much for sharing them.

    Makayla & I continue to pray for all of you & send our love. She especially wants me to say “Hi” to Autumn for her, so “Hi Autumn, From Makayla”

  39. Tyler and Tiffany,

    Just a note to let you know that we have been fervently praying for little Claire and all of your family. We have been praying for God’s grace, mercy, and peace in Claire’s healing.

  40. Thank you so much for all of the updates! Every little step forward makes us so thankful! Tiffany, you once told me that Claire has a “stubborn streak”. That onces she sets her mind to something you can’t change it. I have faith that her “stubborn streak” will pull her through this. There is a reason God has left this precious angel with you. Just know that no matter what ultimately happens God will be with you every step of the way! My favorite poem is “Footprints”, remember that during your times of suffering and trials it is then that he carries you. Love you guy lots! Give a hug and kiss to Autumn and Heidi from Auntie Suzanne, Uncle David and Ashley!

  41. Hi Tyler & Tiffany,

    You don’t know me, but I heard about Claire’s story through a friend at IBC. IBC was my church home for many years. I am an occupational therapist at Cook Children’s in Fort Worth, and I work with children who have had similar experiences as Claire. I know this time can be scary, confusing, surreal, and hopeful all at the same time. I can tell by your posts that you are taking it one step at time. You are doing exactly what you need to do right now, and that is to celebrate every gain, be it big or small, and that definitely includes pee! 😉
    I will pray for your family, for Claire’s healing, and for her siblings. May there be peace, love, hope, and trust surrounding you as you wait.

  42. Though I haven’t talked to either of you since high school, through random facebook trails I found this and was immediately brought to my knees for both of you. My husband and I have been praying for you, and we’ll continue to pray.

    Random side-note, we’re in Texas too, and Chris’s favorite place to eat is Freebirds, so the Freebirds story was extra cool for us.

    Praying for you all,

    Joanna Butcher Jones

  43. We do not know one another but I found you blog through another blog that I read and I just wanted to let you know that my family and I are praying for you all. I am a mother of two boys and I cannot even imagine the pain you are feeling. Please know that your baby is in our thoughts and prayers.


    Mindy Thompson

  44. you don’t know me, but I am a friend of your Mom, Susie in CO Springs. My husband and I are traveling in his semi truck and are currently in Waco, TX. I heard through the prayer network at our church about Claire and have been praying for her total recovery.
    I can see where you have the Lord as your strength.

    Have comfort in knowing that Jesus knows what you’re going through & he loves Claire & your whole family.

    Love in Christ, Tom & Lora Strang

  45. I am so glad to hear that Clair’s GI system is “rebooting”. I can recall my own joy over rebooting, and although it seems minor to some, it’s a tremendous hurdle and as silly as it sounds, knowing that she passed gas, warms my heart because hopefully that means there’s only more good news just around the corner. I pray for Claire and you guys everyday. Prayers for Claire’s health are lifted to God daily and I know He hears and He will answer.


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