Thursday, June 10: Update

I got to hold Claire last night. It was the prelude to today’s emotional day. It wasn’t for long, but it was long enough. The nurse needed to get Claire’s weight and asked me if I would be able to hold her instead of getting another nurse for help. I was surprised she asked. Her eyes were open and she cried a little from the activity. I cried a lot after she fell back to sleep.

Today ended up being an emotionally draining day. I’ve come to expect the ups and downs. When I woke up this morning – meaning I actually fell asleep last night – I could sense that today would be an emotional drain. It hasn’t disappointed. Claire’s eyes are open much more today than they have been since being here. She’s having a hard time dealing with the discomfort and pain, and since she can’t talk we are only guessing at what is the cause.

We are drinking in what connection we can get with her through her eyes. Tiffany was feeling a little downtrodden because Claire hadn’t held her gaze yet today. I was able to catch the moment she did.

While she looks alert in this picture, she is still battling the malaise from the medications, initial insult to the brain and recovery. But it’s enough to see her beautiful blue eyes.

Claire finally got her leg and arm splints today. She is on a three hours on/three hours off cycle for the splints. The first round really helped reposition her legs so they are pointing up again. A few more days of occupational therapy and splints and her legs should not be as stiff and sore.

Claire continues to take small steps. The ambiguity and uncertainty continues, but she is making progress. We continue to hope that while the road may be long, the progress will be astounding.

Thank you again for the support and prayers. We will continue to update and I intend to start posting more pictures so you can see the progress, not just read about it.

96 thoughts on “Thursday, June 10: Update”

  1. What a precious moment that was! I can’t count how many times a day my thoughts turn toward Claire and your family. I am praying for and expecting a miracle. We are here to stand in the gap for you. You are not alone!

  2. She is the most beautiful little girl. I don’t know if I should smile or cry when I look at this picture. May you be comforted in knowing many people you don’t know are your prayer warriors for her healing. I hope that very soon she is able to talk to you and give hugs.
    Blessings and prayers,
    Julie Dohrman-
    a friend of Caitlin King

  3. What a beautiful picture!! What a blessing to see the changes this sweet girl is making! Praise be to God! Healing is coming. The road will be long but like you said, it will be astounding!

    Praying for the miracle to continue –

  4. That picture brought tears to my eyes! What a gorgeous mother and child, and what a huge difference from the first picture of her you sent. So glad you got to hold her; she must have felt so good in your arms. I’m printing the picture to show Grandma Rae. Thank you so much. Prayers continue for all those little steps, for good sleep for all of you, and for continuing hope.


  5. Oh my… what an incredibly beautiful picture!! Thank you so much for sharing this moment with us… it is one we will cherish with you!!! You are in our hearts and our prayers throughout each and every day!!! Love to you all!!!

  6. This is the most wonderful picture!!! It brings tears to my eyes – it’s so beautiful. I was looking at the picture of all 5 of you from your Christmas card today and I shared it with a few of my praying friends so they could see who they are praying for. I hope you don’t mind. You are such a precious family! Thank you so much for the updates. They mean so much to all of us. Much love and prayers, H&H

  7. I can’t stop looking at this picture. It is so great to see Claire with her eyes open!

    Love you lots.

  8. Thank you so much for posting the picture, and look forward to more of her beautiful face.
    IN Christ

  9. This is a picture of a miracle! It is so encouraging. We will continue in prayer and we believe that Claire will find continued healing and that our Heavenly Father will provide for all of your needs. I pray that you are comforted by His presence and that you continue to find rest in Him.

  10. Although we have never met, my family is praying for your precious Claire to be completly healed. May your family be surrounded by Gods love and your hearts be free from worry as He does his work. You will be in our prayers continously.

    In Him,
    the leach family

  11. But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”
    Isaiah 40:31

  12. What a BEAUTIFUL little girl Claire is !!!!! Praying for you everyday for a full recovery for Claire… I think of her often and wonder how she is doing… May the power of prayer heal her….

  13. Hey guys,

    I’ve been catching up on the blog today, crying my way through it. I know there’s nothing else I can do but pray, so I’ll do that. You guys are at the forefront of my mind…

    Dana Stuart

  14. A beautiful picture of your daughter! We are continuing to pray daily, and I am going to forward your e-journal to my MOPS group so that all of the mothers will pray for God’s hand to continue to work miracles for your family. I know that the journey is hard, but I hope that you find some measure of comfort in how far she has progressed already. My family will faithfully continue to pray for continued progress and healing for Claire.

  15. Oh my! This is such a beautiful sight to see! I can’t wait to read tomorrow! We are all cheering for little Claire. I think of her everytime I look at my own children. She has taught us so much about the imporance of family and faith.

  16. I don’t know if Claire can do this yet, but there is a machine called Brain Fingers. (A friend of mine’s child had Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and was able to use this to help him communicate his wants and needs.) She will have to look at a picture on the screen, and it will verbalize for her. There are several screens with a variety of pictures. Not everyone has one of these fancy machines, but I bet Baylor Children’s House will. You can also make her a photo book with some simple pictures. Mommy, Daddy, Heidi, Autumn, eat, drink, favorite toy, book, and a bandaid for hurt. When she looks at the pictures if she will make a noise or heart rate elevates, you might be able to start communicating with her this way now.

    We are thrilled that she is doing so well, and will continue to pray for strength and healing for all of you. I know it’s hard, but you and Tiffany have to sleep to keep your strength and not wear your own immune systems down. Take care.

  17. I can tell you from my own painful experience with my daughter that Claire looks and sounds like she is on the road to recovery. Any child I’ve come across that has suffered from anoxic brain injury and is swallowing, coughing and making sounds this early will make progress. Unfortunately my daughter didn’t not make this progress and is still severely impaired. I’m not saying it’s going to be an easy road but she will be amazing. I pray that you can keep your strength as I know this will be the worst time of your lives.

  18. Tyler, thank you for the picture….there are no words to express what I feel looking at it. I’m happy to see, not just Claire, but Tiff..mi querida amiga smiling.

  19. Dear Tyler & Tiffany,
    Thank you for the amazing picture of Claire and Tiffany. I’m praying for continued progress for Claire – what a blessing to have the breathing tube out! Also praying for your strength and peace as well as quality sleep.
    Love, Susan Knighten

  20. It touches my heart to see her in this picture. She looks awesome! We’ll keep on praying until she’s completely fine and even more! We love u guys!

  21. I’ve been following Claire’s progress from almost the beginning, and have had her in my thoughts and prayers. I have been looking at this picture for nearly an hour and cannot tell you how happy I am. My family and I will continue to pray for her continued recovery and for your family’s ever growing strength. What a beautiful picture. Thank you.

  22. Although we have never met, I felt compelled to comment after seeing this picture today. I having been praying for your daughter and your family everyday as I have been following your blog. Three years ago (almost to the day) my son (then age 3) experienced a near drowning. He was also in the PICU (UC Davis in Northern California) on a ventilator for 3 days. He did make a full recovery and is now a thriving 6 year old. I thank God everyday for such a miraculous outcome! Reading your blog and seeing your pictures is very emotional for me. I had only a small taste of what you are going through. I will continue to pray for you and for Claire.

  23. Thank you for posting that BEAUTIFUL photo of Claire and Tiffany! Will continue to pray for your sweet and STRONG little girl.

  24. Tyler, fantastic picture taking! It brings tears to my eyes and warms my heart to see Tiffany connecting with her beautiful daughter. Priceless.

  25. I cannot stop crying as I look at this picture. I can only imagine how Tiffany must feel to get a look from sweet Claire, her heart must be bursting. Continued prayers for your whole family. To God goes the glory.

  26. love it love it love it! and, i love her and all of you martins! (and powers!). we’re thinking of you always and can’t wait to see her again soon. thanks for sharing this moment with all of us. love you!

    1. Hi Becky,

      I am Tyler’s sister, Bryanna. I have never met you, but have heard from several of my family members that you and your family have been great supporting friends to Tyler and Tiff through all of this. I thank God for you-that my family has such wonderful friends who could be there when they need it the most. In addition to the support you have offered to my family in Texas, I have been so blessed to read your comments. Thank you.


  27. What a beautiful moment you captured! We are praying for Claire and your family daily.

  28. I love the photo. Stunningly beautiful.

    Based on our experience with Jacob, I’d say Claire’s progress is already astounding. I pray it continues and increases day by day. I also pray you’ll have supernatural strength and the grace to take things one day (or even one hour) at a time. I know it’s hard to see her crying and uncomfortable, but it’s exciting to me, because it indicates connectedness. We waited months before seeing anything like that. I’m encouraged for Claire and for you.

    Thanks for taking the time to post these updates and for being honest and vulnerable. It’s a honor to hear your hearts and to stand with you for your precious child.

    With love,
    Jeanne Damoff

  29. Hi Tiffany and Tyler,
    What a beautiful picture of little Claire and Tiffany!!! It brought tears to my eyes!!! Thank you so much for sharing it and for your continued blogs! I know everyone who is keeping up with Claire’s progress will agree that we appreciate the time you take to do this. I know it must be painful to do sometimes but it is wonderful to be kept updated!!!
    We are praying for a miracle!!!!!
    love you,
    Clifford and Kathi

  30. Tyler, Tiffany and family,
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful moment with us, each “baby step” of progress, and for being so honest, with such a positive outlook.
    Jeremiah 29: 11(ESV) is very familiar “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for wholeness and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”!! But the next verses are encouraging as well “Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will hear you. You will seek Me and find Me.” Even your groanings (and ALL the peoples together) are prayers that ARE being answered! Vs. 14 says “I will be found by you declares the Lord” We release ALL of this to you as you get aquainted with Clair as Father knows her, she had a “baptism” and is now ALIVE in CHRIST, what an adventure she has to share with you all!
    We continue to interceed for each one of you!!!!
    Uncle Glenn & Auntie Ruthie

  31. How awesome it is that you were able to capture such a special moment between Tiffany and Claire! It’s great to see her without the tube and with ponytails. It’s great that Autumn and Heidi were able to visit as well

    Claire is fortunate to have such loving parents, a caring extended family, and long prayer chain. šŸ™‚

    I check in often and think of ya’ll even more. You have touched my heart and the hearts of so many by sharing your experience. Ironically, we are teaching our son to swim this month. He has always been timid in the water, but I’m not sure whether I or he is having the harder time. What I do know is that thinking of your family and your display of faith and hope in life makes me want to make each day count a little more…by giving my son that extra hug, reading that extra story, and playing one more round of his favorite game. Each day will count for Claire too, as she gets stronger and shows the world all that she can do. And maybe she won’t be exactly the same as she was before…one thing we know is that she has gained a special gift…the gift of touching people’s hearts.

  32. This picture is wonderful! Claire looks beautiful and Tiffany is smilling! Lord, I thank You for Claire`s life!

  33. Claire looks like she is fighting hard to come back… the very fact that she can make eye contact is wonderful. I know the pain she is going through is tough to deal with, but pain tells us we are alive:) thank you for sharing that beautiful picture! I am praying non stop for little Claire and for all of the rest of her family!
    Whitewood, South Dakota

  34. I’m praying hard for your family. I’ve been reading the updates since Chris Scotland posted the link on facebook, but this is my first comment.

    The picture you posted is both beautiful and heartbreaking. I can’t imagine your pain at seeing your baby like that. I pray that you will be rejoicing soon as she makes a miraculous recovery and that all glory will be given to Our Heavenly Father.

  35. Hi Tyler & Tiffany,
    I don’t know you at all..Just got this through Facebook and attend the same MOPS as Tiffany..Anyhow, You are on my mind & heart every day & I am praying for God’s sweet love & peace to overwhelm you..Get some rest when you can & take care of yourselves..Claire is in the best possible hands of our loving Saviour. I am praying for an incredible healing from Him..
    Much love,
    Tamra Thomas

  36. What a beautiful picture of Claire and Tiffany – frame that for the sisters at home!!
    One day at a tiome, one step at a time.
    Prayers and love to all of you.
    Love from Susan

  37. You guys may not know me by name, but I was Heidi’s teacher in Zone Jr for about a year. I’m better known as Faith and Hope’s mom. šŸ˜‰

    I just wanted you to know that I am crying and praying with you guys through all of this. It takes me back to Hope’s babyhood when I was fighting to keep her alive and the doctors all told me that too much brain damage had occured and she would never have an IQ over 50. That was the darkest time of my life, but I kept fighting and most importantly, kept praying. I had no idea what was in store for her life or mine at that point. After the most painful year of my life, I was finally able to have her cognitive skills evaluated and they told me she was perfectly fine. She just completed a “normal” pre-K school year. People who have no idea what we’ve been through tell me all the time, “she is so smart” and it’s all I can do not to cry. God is so faithful and so good and He does heal and restore! I want you guys to cling to that.

    If you can, watch the 700 Club every day. A family member told me to do that early in our ordeal and it really strengthened my faith. The miracle stories are awesome. I ended up on the show telling Hope’s story a year later. You can watch it on You Tube by searching “700 Club, baby Hope” if you want some encouragement.

    Please, please let me know if there is anything at all I can do. I mean that! I’m so grateful for the updates and to see that you have such a huge support system of prayer warriors!


    1. Hey Carolyn–
      It’s good to hear from you. Hope has actually been in the Kangaroos class with me at IBC. It’s fun that we’ve taught eachother’s kids. She is precious and definitely a little miracle. I have seen your segment on the 700 club. You are a special family, and you are a special mother. Thank you for your words of encouragement. We’ll keep you posted. šŸ™‚

  38. Beautiful picture of a beautiful little girl.

    I am a friend of Claire’s grandpa, Ed, back in CS, who has been following this blog closely, praying through tears, knowing that God does answer prayer.

    Tyler, you write well and there are legions of prayer partners and loving, caring people who are riding this emotional roller coaster alongside you and Tiffany and your family.

  39. Tyler, Tiffany, Aurumn, Heidi and Claire, what a beautiful picture of love. Tiffany so good to see your smile, such a beautiful mommy! Tyler your an amazing father, husband and your words bring me to tears everytime I read the blog. To precious Aurumn and Heidi, you are the best sisters for Claire and you girls are so special to
    us all. So thankful for every step Claire has made. Praying for each of you. Big hugs to the whole family.

  40. What a great picture. Claire’s progress is so great! I am happy to see she is improving on her own. We will pray that it continues on this positive road, one day @ a time. We will pray for you guys to get your rest so you don’t become ill and miss a day! Hang in there and give her kisses from all her supporters! Is there someplace we can mail cards to her for you guys to read?
    Wendy Bokros

  41. We’re praying here in Oxnard, CA. Your whole family, and especially Claire have been on my mind a lot. My 5 year-old and 6-year old pray for her at dinner and ask about her often. Lots of people thinking about you. Stay strong.
    Monica and Dan (friends of Grace and Danny)

  42. Claire! We miss you so much! You are beautiful. Keep taking little steps, you are in our prayers all day long.

    Tiffany, that picture of Claire looks so much like you when you were her age. It warms my heart and makes me smile.

    Will you please let Autumn and Heidi know that we love them and miss them too.

    We love you all.

    Matt and Jess.

  43. Oh she is simply so beautiful. what a lovely moment. she looks as darling as she does in the pic you have for this site. thinking of you all as I go to bed and praying for a great day tomorrow.

  44. Thanks for keeping your communications open and direct, for me and those caring so much for your family. What a gifted photo of Claire and Tiffany! And thanks to those of you who shared your similar experiences, what strength you give others thru your faith and endurance! God’s Peace, Joe

  45. I live in your apt. complex and also attend IBC. I heard about Claire today from your neighbor Malisa. My heart goes out to your family and I can’t even begin to imagine what you are going through. I am praying daily and without ceasing for a couple recovery for Claire and for the well-being for you and the rest of the family. God has a plan through all of this and His plans are always for the good. I claim victory over Claire’s complete healing. Your updates have been inspiring and heartfelt and we all thank you for allowing us to be a part of this with you and for the privilege to pray for you. I have posted this blog and sent out a prayer request on my FB to all my friends in the states and Russia.

    It’s a privilege and honor to pray for Claire and your family.


  46. We are so grateful to the Lord for answered prayers. We have a 6month old and from the beginning our hearts were so attached to Claire as if she was ours. I’d cry at night begging the Lord for a FULL and COMPLETE recovery. And to see this picture I am overwhelmed with emotion! I can’t stop crying. My husbands tear are flowing as well! We love you Claire!

  47. I’m not a stranger but your sister in Christ in prayer for you and your daughter. Dear God please allow a refreshing sleep for the family and provide them with daily connections with Claire.
    My heart goes out to you all.

  48. I just spent the day at Parkland’s Burn Camp with a group of brave and wonderful kids. Of course the day was emotional with all the stories that surround these kids, but as the day went on I kept wondering how Claire was doing – there was no phone service at CJM so I couldn’t check to see if there was an update. As the kids were going to dinner I was surprised when my phone beeped at me, it was your update coming through even though I had no service. Then I opened the email and found Claire’s beautiful picture – She’s gorgeous. I am continuing to pray for Claire, her recovery, and your entire family.

  49. Please know that we are standing shoulder to shoulder with you in prayer for your sweet family – storming the Gates!

  50. What a great picture……..she is a beautiful little girl. We are praying for you all.

    David’s Dad

  51. Dear Tyler, Tiffany, Claire and the rest of the family,
    After reading through your entire blog, it’s hard to express the depth of emotion I feel for you and your family–heartbreak and hope are just a few words that come to mind. Thank you for sharing this incredibly painful journey. Claire is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Perhaps just as beautiful–the love you all have for each other. It’s written all over this blog. Claire is so lucky to have such wonderful, devoted parents and sisters. You are not alone. Please know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers every single day. I send my love to you all.

  52. Wow, what an amazing picture. I just keep praying that you will get your little girl back, and it looks like you will. It doesn’t matter if things are different, life is always changing and surprising us. Praise God that Claire is alive and can make eye contact with you guys. She can breathe on her own and she was trying to talk. Her body may be weak right now, but her spirit is strong, and that is all that matters. I can not wait for the picture of Tiffany or you holding her, and the first time she says your names again. God is good!

  53. When my daughter was born three months before her due date, a friend of mine (whose twins were premature) sent well wishes to us for our “NICU journey”. I knew, of course, that she would be in the hospital for an undetermined number of weeks and even months, but I had no idea what this time would entail. This parent was right in calling it a journey. We hit some bumps along the way, and there were several milestones we needed to reach. Each day brought something different, and we learned to appreciate the small gains. You and your family have started a journey you never imagined you would have to make, and even though you don’t know me and my family, we have been following your updates. We are thrilled to see that you are moving forward in your journey!

  54. This picture is truly captivating, acknowledging that sometimes the smallest steps cover the most ground. The Lord is definitely at work with Claire. You can see His movement through her everyday. It is so good to see her progressing. My thoughts and prayers remain with you and your family everyday.


  55. Thank you for posting the picture. Claire is such a beautiful little girl! My family is still praying for you all the time. Hold strong in your faith and remember that there is so much power in prayer!!

  56. What a beautiful picture! Sweet little girl….am praying that she recovers fully! Such a sad situation, I can’t even imagine your pain. I look forward to hearing about her recovery and seeing more pictures. I love that she is looking at you….shows her love for her mamma!

  57. we are friends of stan massey who shared claire’s struggle with us and asked us to pray for God’s miracles. we are in constant prayer for all 5 of you, for claire’s nurses and doctors and for your extended family.

    what a treasure of a picture! thank you for allowing us to see into your heartache.

    we have not been through what you all are facing but what we have come to relate to in our own heartache is what c.s. lewis is quoted as saying, “We are not necessarily doubting that God will do the best for us; we are wondering how painful the best will turn out to be.” Our prayers is that in every step and in every breath you would see the Lord’s perfect love for you and for your precious claire and in it all you would experience a downpour of His grace and mercy.

    we will continue to pray for God to restore claire and know that He is able to do exceedingly more than what we can ask and imagine for His glory.

  58. You don’t know us but my husband does work with your dad(Tim) here in Colorado. We have been following your posts and have been praying for Claire’s complete healing. Lord, we are believing for miracle level healing for Claire, and that You receive all Glory from it! We have a 3 year old daughter as well and our hearts ache for Claire and your family. We told our daughter Isabel about Claire- that she was in the hospital, was hurt very badly, and needs our prayers and blessings so she can can get better. We showed her Claire’s picture and she has been blessing Claire along with us. Earlier this week we were in the grocery store and out of nowhere she said, “Mama, I’m blessing the little girl in the ‘hosibal’ right now.” My heart lept and broke in the same moment; happy because my daughter was thinking of Claire without any mention, and at the same time was breaking, thinking about what Claire was going through. Your Claire has touched our hearts and we hold her there. Thank you for your updates. We will continue to stand with you in faith. We pray that you find rest and comfort in the Lord.
    Nathan, Melissa, & Isabel Liljestrand

  59. What an absolutely beautiful picture! It makes my heart happy to see and hear of the wonderful progress Claire is making! We continue to pray for you guys constantly. Love you all very much!
    Suzanne,David and Ashley

  60. Hi Tyler and Tiffany ~
    Thank you so much for sharing your journey … it has been so long since I’ve seen you guys, and my heart is sad that this is the means through which we communicate now.
    Precious Claire, Autumn, and Heidi, and both of you have been on my heart, and I’m placing you all at the feet of Jesus daily. I also shared your story with a co-worker who is going to put Claire on a prayer list at her church. I want you to know there is an enormous blanket of love and prayer over you all!
    Much love, Tara šŸ™‚

  61. I keep coming back to this picture over and over again throughout my day. You are both so very precious, and I love your bond as a mother and daughter. I also love that her hair is in pigtails…nice work, Tiffany :). Love and hugs to you all.

  62. What a blessing that God sent that nurse to y’all so that you get to hold your precious child. I am certain that she could feel your love and care. May Our Heavenly Father richly bless all of you that are giving her such round the clock care. I pray that you have the strengh each day to continue with your bedside watch.

  63. I was so happy to see Claire’s picture. You have been through so much, but Claire has really improved so much. We will continue to keep Claire and your whole family in our prayers. Yours in Christ,

  64. I am following Claire’s recovery closely and I am so glad to see the improvement that Claire is making. Everytime I see a new picture of Claire she looks like she is so much stronger than when I first met her. The strength and courage that you and Tiffany have shown us is truly an inspiration to us all. Stay strong for Claire and have patience. I know that Claire’s recovery seems slow to those who are so closely involved but the amount of improvement that Claire has made in less than two weeks is amazing. I will continue to pray for Claire and your family.

    1. Mike:

      You are a blessing to our family. We got the balloons and card and wanted you to know that Claire has been enamored with the balloons. She looks at each of them wide-eyed and they hold her attention. She always loved and asked for balloons. Thank you for sending them.


  65. Precious girl! You don’t know me; I have never met your family but Claire and her story especially tug at my heart as I have a daughter about the same age. Since I heard of your journey, I have been praying for you all and Claire and did so even once in the middle of the night. I wondered what was going on at that time that the Lord would awaken me to pray. I follow your blog updates every time you send one and that is more than I can say about any of my friend’s blogs. I will continue to hold you all in my thoughts and prayers. While this is a long journey, you won’t be forgotten by Christ or his body.

  66. If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, then this amazing picture is capturing a 100 different feelings and a million more blessings and an infinite number of prayers.

    Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with your family.

  67. What a beautiful picture, eyes of a precious lil’ soul. My prayers are always your way.

  68. I have come back to look at this picture mulitple times today. Claire is still constantly in my thoughts and prayers, as is the rest of your family. So glad that she is making progress! Thank you so much for keeping this updated, it helps to know each day what I can specifically pray for šŸ™‚ God Bless!

  69. Dear Martin Family,
    We are praying for dear Claire and your family everyday. Please let me know if I can help in any way with Autumn and Heidi or anything else. We will keep following her progress.
    (Kids Club at Gold’s Gym)

  70. What a beautiful picture. Claire is always in my thoughts and prayers as well as the family. You do not know me (I graduated High School with Barbara Salerno) but I wanted ou to know there are lots of people Claire has touched the hearts of.

  71. Tiffany and Tyler – What a wonderful update! From what I have read of other’s experiences, she is headed in the right direction.

    I am keeping you in prayers! God is good, it’s difficult to understand that at times, especially when we on a very painful journey involving the suffering of a child but that is when I reach out and ask others to help me pray and trust.

    Feel free to contact me, I know in the beginning there is a sense of information overload.

    God bless you all!

  72. I am happy to see this picture. It looks like your precious Claire is making progress. Praise the Lord! We will pray for you ALL every day. Thank You so much for sharing this difficult time in your life with us.

    Me and my husband John Thorpe also go to IBC, and we work with Mike Sabre who shared your story with us.

  73. I have had the privilege of working with the director of Our Children’s House. His name is Andy Gelfand (MD.) He’s great and really is invested in seeing kids make even the smallest steps.
    He’s pretty busy but if you ever need anything for Claire and it’s not getting done, he is the man to escalate to.

  74. Hello! I am a friend of Regina Martin … her and I went to school together – elementary thru highschool! I have been following your post from day 1 and I am a true believer that our God is the healer of Healers! He has blessed your daughter! I know we dont understand why things happen but its not for us to understand it is for us to believe GOD knows what he is doing and we believe in HIM! Praise God!
    I ask you to cover this family and give them all they need! Give them all they need to trust in you Oh Lord for you are the forever loving God! You know their situation you know their needs and Lord God I ask that you heal their daughter give Claire your child peace and comfort thru this situation. In Jesus name we pray! AMEN….. KRV

  75. Little Claire when I look at you all I can think is,
    “Beautiful, beautiful child”
    Sweet Jesus loves you so tenderly.
    Be brave, little one. Jesus is with you…He is a wonderful Healer of broken things…
    For your tender mother, Tiffany:

    “Life began with waking up & loving my mother’s face.” ~George Eliot
    Tyler, how articulately you express your emotions and heart.
    Maybe one day Claire’s story will be a book to impart hope to others…
    Clinging to Jesus,
    Kathleen Elsey*

  76. God Bless you all and especially Claire. Though I do not know you, I am praying for Gods complete-healing blessings on little Claire and strength for your entire family and friends. I Heard about this thru Brian Lumsdens mom,Glenda, she put out prayer requests… I did the same!
    Blessings from Placerville, California…
    Marysue Russell

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