Saturday, June 12: Update

It’s a slow news day here at the hospital. Claire slept well and continues to rest. We watched a lot of football today, starting early this morning with the Korea vs. Greece game. I’d like to think that it’s helping her, but people keep telling me it’s just wishful thinking.

Tiffany did some stretches with Claire this morning. Her legs and arms aren’t nearly as rigid as they were before the splints. The splints are helping move her feet back to normal and alleviate the pain. The stretching will also help her from losing range of motion which can set in if physical therapy is not performed. The therapy also helps us feel slightly empowered in her recovery: it’s something we can do to hasten her efforts.

We received a package today from American Martyr’s School in California filled with cards from students. This followed another package we’d received filled with cards from an elementary school in Keller, TX. We laughed and cried as we read them to Claire. One card summed up the sentimentality from all the students. On the front it said, “Let’s work to get this girl going!” And to make sure the message was clear, the back read, “Seriously Claire, get well!!!!” To all the students who are following Claire’s story, please know that we read your cards to her and thank you for the time, effort and care you have put into them.

As always, thank you for your prayers and support.

I hope to have some more details to post this evening. Just in case I don’t, I’ll let this following picture close out this one.

30 thoughts on “Saturday, June 12: Update”

  1. It’s so uplifting to read your posts. I loved the cards that the school kids wrote – so so awesome. And I know the steps seem so tiny, but when I think back to where we were in our journey at this point, our daughter’s brain was so agitated that she was unable to sleep (and sleep is so incredibly important in brain injury recovery) – so it’s great to hear that Claire’s sleeping. And sitting upright in the tumbleform – she looks beautiful – our daughter’s head would just flop forward, no matter what angle we adjusted it to. I’m cheering along with you – Claire is doing great things right now!!!

  2. Tyler and Tiffany,
    Thanks for the pictures. Such a beautiful picture Susie. I pray without all day. My prayer, my cry has been make Claire whole and hold up each of you as you hold Claire up.
    Love in Christ Jesus!

  3. Thanks for the moving updates. I am so missing you all, out of town, will see you on Monday. I am encouraged by Claires progress as I speak with others with similar experiences, she is doing amazing! Thinking and praying for all of you. Big hugs!

  4. Claire, you are a beautiful, amazing, and strong little girl! We surround you with our love and faith! May the Lord hold you close and strengthen you day by day…all in His Perfect Will. Thank you Lord for every step of progress, big and small, that you’ve helped Claire make thus far! Tyler & Tiffany, we are blessing you with strength, patience, rest, and that the peace and love of the Lord fills and overflows your heart–Rest in Him.
    Standing with you here in Colorado,
    ~Nathan, Melissa, & Isabel Liljestrand

  5. A huge hug to you little Claire and to the rest of you that are caring for and holding up Claire every day. I’m praying that God will restore every part of her so she can think, walk and talk like the other children her age. God’s strength and blessings to all of you.

  6. we think about you guys all the time…we miss you, and love you…Let’s hope Tyler smiled a little bit with today’s USA’s goal!!!
    besos, besos…

  7. Cute, cute cards. Unbelieveable how far her story has reached. I just love that little girl. ~sigh~

    1. correction: You AND Tiffany: English teachers really ought to proofread things before they hit “submit.”

  8. Thank you for sharing…I have been following Clas blob since day 1…and I pary everyday!! I am a Mom myse;f and my heart goes out to you….

    God Bless you

  9. I just wanted to let you know that someone in NC is watching your updates and praying for your beautiful little Claire.

  10. As Claire’s grandfather, I want to thank each and every one of you for lifting up Tyler, Tiffany, Autumn, Heidi and Claire in thoughts and prayers. Whether you are family, friends, brothers and sisters in Christ or new found friends, THANK YOU for your compassion and caring. Words can not express how greatful I am for you. Please don’t grow tired in praying for Claire.
    As Michelle reminded us yesterday, the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. (James 5:16b)NIV. If you claim Jesus Christ as your Savior, then through His atoning work you are counted as righteous. Therefore, your prayers are powerful and effective in aiding the healing of our Claire. Our Mighty God is listening.
    Do you know this praise song? How Great is Our God, sing with me, How Great is Our God.
    AND ALL WILL SEE, How Great, How Great is Our God.

    To God be the Glory!

  11. Hi, I’m a friend of Emily’s from Detroit, and I heard about what happened through her Facebook page. I’m one of the many people that’s been following your story, and I keep hoping and praying for all of you.

  12. Thanks for these updates. Marnie and I are checking every day for the latest news. The pictures are incredible. Know that we are keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers and look forward to seeing you when we can.

  13. I found out about Claire a few days after you started posting from a friend in Colorado Springs. I have been praying daily since and will continue to pray for complete healing for your precious Claire.
    I am so encouraged by the posts and photos! You are amazing parents and Claire has amazing doctors and an unending prayer chain.
    You have my continued thoughts and prayers…
    God bless

  14. Tiffany & Tyler the other day when I was praying for you 2 in particular the Lord showed me that how each one of you is handling this trial is supporting one another. God created each one of you with unique gifts. Tiffany it is OK to not want to know all the details about what is needed for Claire’s future & to just be with her in the now. The Lord created Tyler to be a details guy he does a great job of knowing whats needed next & moving towards that. You complete Tyler in the ways that God knew he needed & he completes you in ways you need. I have seen you two grow closer & deeper in love with each other through this time of trial. It is amazing to watch the scripture that talks about the man leaving his mother & father & clinging to his wife & the two becoming one flesh, & seeing you & Tyler becoming the one flesh God always intended for you to be. Be who God created you to be, hold one another up, & believe in the One who created you & prepared you for such a time as this. He is truly faithful & loves you more than you could ever fathom, but fathom it anyway. I love you both immensely & am very very proud of you. God is with us all. I will praise him for the miracles He has already done & for the ones still to come.


  15. My Mass this morning was for Clare. You are continuously in my prayers. Your faith is not only blessing Clare and your family, but I feel I am being blessed by you as well. Thank you

    Love to all,
    Aunt Mary Ellen

  16. Yesterday when my small group worked together on a project, several asked about Claire. Thank you again for updating the blog as often as you are able. I was able to give a lot of details that have taken place since last Sunday. We will continue to lift you all up in our prayers. Thank you for the pictures as well.
    Claire looks really good, and I am encouraged by her progress! Great to reconnect with you through email.
    Always praying,

  17. Just thought I would share a little moment I had with my two year old in the car tonight šŸ™‚ We were talking about what she learned about Jesus this morning and in the middle of the conversation, she looked up and said “God, take care of the little girl.” When I asked who she was talking about she said, “The little girl that is sick, Momma. The one you said is in the hospital, you said God would take care of her.” To see such faith in a little one, gave me lots of hope! Love and prayers to you all! Oh, and please tell Autumn that Mrs. E says Hi!

  18. Tyler and Tiffany,

    The messages from your fathers moved me greatly. They both love each of you as if you were both their own, and God’s own. It is beautiful to read. I talked to Joann yesterday, and she is as impressed as I with how well you are doing together. She was so grateful for their visit with you in April, what good parents you are, what “live wires” the girls are, with “sparkle” in their eyes, and how well behaved. We agreed that with God’s guidance, your love, lots of help from the rehab people when the time comes, and the prayers you’re getting from everyone from those closest to you to total strangers, your feisty Claire will pull through. None of you will be quite the same. But you know what? You will all be stronger in your faith. And your “new normal” will be what God intends. I truly believe that.

    People keep asking me how she’s doing. I’m glad to be able to report the good news, but I always ask them to keep praying.

    Much love,
    Aunt Dodie

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