Saturday, June 19: Update

I don’t have many Claire updates today because I didn’t see her today. We wanted to make sure the girls got a break from the hospital today. Autumn’s basketball game fell in the middle of the day, so the morning was spent readying for that.

I spent the remainder of the day with Autumn and Heidi while Tiffany, her mom and her sister went to see Claire. The girls came up with the idea of brushing and styling my hair. It was pretty relaxing. But I had to tell Heidi I’d prefer if she didn’t apply makeup and put me in a fancy dress. Autumn tried to sneak away for Tiffany’s makeup case: she’s sneaky in her own mind and I caught her before she’s even made it to the bathroom. It was time well spent.

I had a reason for staying home the rest of the day. My outlet has long been soccer on the weekends. It’s a way to relieve normal day to day stress and it helps me sleep better at night. Betwen the lack of exercise, sleep and appetite I’ve managed to lose 15 pounds since this started. I attribute a large part to the stress and many of my close friends – and wife – have been encouraging me to get back on the field. So I did tonight.

My teammates were very attentive and didn’t pry at all whih meant the world to me. I went in with the intention of scoring one goal for Claire. I scored three for her. This was due in large part to the fact the other team was playing two men down. But that’s beside the point.

It was nice to run again. I felt hungry afterwards whih is good and I’ll sleep well tonight. It was a healthy choice and I’m glad I went.

What I gathered from my mom and Tiffany is that Claire’s agitated states are moderating very well. Controlling the stimuli around her is helping her brain sort itself out. We’re seeing her range of motion improve in her limbs due to her hard work. We are more encouraged every day.

This coming week will be a week of bigger updates after we have our first Care Conference. Thank you for indulging some of the posts about me that lack some of the Claire details. We thank you for your prayers and support.

17 thoughts on “Saturday, June 19: Update”

  1. Don’t downplay those goals too much with the numbers bit. I am pretty sure 2 of those goals came after we evened up the teams, and at least one of them was left footed.

    I am really glad you played.

  2. Tyler,
    You did what you needed to renew and get back into life. How was Autumn’s game, was it fun?
    I’m glad to hear you played soccer today. Austin got back on the feild last year and enjoyed the exercise and comraderie. I think you guys need to get out your emotions and energy different than us girls.
    Know you have all been in our thoughts and prayers.
    Love to all,
    Aunt Mary Ellen

  3. It sounds like you were took a great opportunity to celebrate father’s day. It takes a real man and a good father, to play dress up with his daughers and have JOY doing it! I wish we had pictures to see that. LOL…
    Tyler, please try to enjoy your day today on father’s day. You are an awesome daddy!! Don’t ever doubt that. You come from such a caring, loving, especial family that have servants heart and live for God. Autumn, Heidi and Claire are so blessed to have you as their daddy. And Tiffany is blessed to have you as her husband. I pray daily for Claire and her recovery, but this past week you and Tiffany have been in my thoughts as well. I pray for your marriage, may it continue to be solid and strong. May you lean on one another to to comfort each other. May your love for each other deepen with every day. This is a race, may you both be on board on the same team. May you both together be as one mind, one spirit, one love. Amen…

  4. Continue to be encourages and uplifted by the care concern and love of your friends………God is there in control. We feel it _we know it. We live it. With Prayers Barb & Frank Manchester Conn.

  5. I just wanted to say that I am saying an extra prayer for you today-Sunday. May our gracious heavenly Father continue to surround you in His boundless love and give you an extra measure of grace today. He is good and He is faithful.

  6. We’re so thankful you’re being honest about yourselves, your thoughts and needs. Claire needs all of you to stay well! Continuing to pray for each of you.

  7. Tyler so glad you played yesterday, and your time with girls was well spent! Happy Father’s Day. Love to all of you.

  8. Tyler,
    I’m so glad you had the opportunity both to spend the day with your daughters and to play soccer. I hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day and that Claire continues to steadily improve. Thank you once again for the updates.

    Praying for all of you,

  9. Claire’s situation affects more than just her. We need to know how to pray for you all as well, and see that you guys are doing ok too. Keep posting, regardless of what kind of updates you have.

    Glad you were able to get out and blow off some steam!
    Praying still.

  10. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads on the Claire Care Team – Tyler, Tim, Ed, and all the support and staff people.
    Susan D.

  11. I’m so glad that you could spend some time with Autumn and Heidi. They also needed that. While things won’t go back to normal immediately, let’s just not think in what could be prevented. Just look ahead and let’s keep on celebrating every progress Claire makes. It’s hard to be patient but we all have to. She will do it in her own pace and we’ll be there all the way! Send u a big hug. You are doing a great job keeping your family together.

  12. i’ve been reading since your first post. i haven’t commented before now because i don’t know you and you have your hands full, and frankly i didn’t feel i had anything new to offer.
    today, though, i feel like i need to give you a great big hurrah for your small spate of self-indulgence. by recharging your battery you are allowing a much healthier you to be with claire and the rest of your family.
    i’ve thought about you often on this father’s day. i’m sure you would want one that looks much different from today… but i’m praying that you have an opportunity to celebrate being a father today. a loving, strong, caring father and husband. you are an excellent example not only to your daughters, but to all of us.

  13. Happy Father’s Day, Tyler and know that you and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers, ever since Claire’s story appeared on a Prayer Vine that I receive each day. I’m hundreds of miles away from y’all, but you’re in my prayers and Masses each day. Continue the good fight. God will reward you immensely. God Bless.

    Ann Beckemeyer
    New Orleans, LA

  14. although not exactly my business, i was a little concerned about you, Tyler. But your sense of humor in this blog affirms that Tiffany, Autumn, Heather, and Claire have nothing short of the best a father can offer. You da Man!

    A & D

  15. We are praying for a full recovery for Claire! We have two three year olds ourselves and pray for strength for your family during this time.

  16. Dear Tyler,
    I am so thankful for your blog.I so appreciate your honesty.It gives me more specfic ways to pray for you and yourprecious family.Iam so thankful that you went to the soccer game.Having been a caregiver for my mom I learned it was important to take care of myself,however it was a process!

    I’m a friend of your mom’s
    Joy to you,
    Sue Wear

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