Sunday, June 20: Update

I’m going to keep this update short since I hope everyone is spending their time together as a family for today’s holiday.

Claire has had a challenging day. The doctors have weaned her completely off the methadone and have steadily decreased her ativan (yes, I was misspelling it earlier). Her agitation has remained constant as more of her body wakes up. She is having trouble sleeping through the days: her brain is trying to reorganize itself and battling between staying awake and succumbing to sleep. She will calm down for three or four minutes before getting agitated for 30 seconds, then start the cycle again. It’s hard to hear her struggle.

The noises she makes to express agitation have continued to evolve. She is employing a whimper now that is much closer to the way Claire used to cry. It break our hearts and cheers us at the same time – it’s an odd dilemma. She sounds so pitiful, yet we can hear some aspects of the Claire we miss. Then there are the yells. Those are fun. She uses them freely when we’ve done a rehab stretch and held it for a long time. It’s either her way of telling us to cut it out, or a victory cry. We’re choosing to believe it’s the latter.

I am very thankful for my father and father-in-law today. They are both men of strength and virtue. Their response to this family crisis is but a glimpse of their character. Everything they have demonstrated these last three weeks is accurate. We love them for that and much more.

Thank you for your prayers and support. Happy Father’s Day.

25 thoughts on “Sunday, June 20: Update”

  1. I can’t imagine how difficult this day must have been for you. I am remembering you in my prayers this evening. God is an ever present help in times of trouble. I pray He gives you His peace tonight so that you can get the sleep your body needs and wake up with a full tank tomorrow.

  2. I’ll take the victory yells! 🙂 Just wanted to drop by again and let you know that us South Dakotans are still praying for all of you every day. Don’t forget that Claire has a whole country of Christian bikers on her side too, on their knees on her behalf. With all that prayer power, those have to be victory yells!

  3. Tyler,

    This one’s for you and your father and father-in-law, in honor of the day. Happy Father’s Day! You and they are clearly wonderful fathers. It shows in all that you and Tiffany and all three of your girls are. Hooray for whimpers that sound like what you’re used to, and yells! I hear that the agitation’s hard to watch, but it must be part of the necessary healing of her brain.

    I was so glad to hear about your soccer game, and your day of play with Autumn and Heidi. Hope Tiffany gets a relaxing day like that (something other than soccer on your agenda, Tiff?).

    God be with you. You remain in my prayers constantly.


    1. I enjoy soccer very much, but if I had to choose all the things I’d like to do on a relaxing day, I don’t think soccer would be on the list at this point. 🙂
      Right now, just thinking of the way Tyler talks to Claire and her subsequent calming is relaxing. I’m so thankful for him. He is the best father, and he learned from the best. He is my best friend. Please pray for his rest tonight.

  4. Tyler, I don’t know you but I’ve been praying for you and Claire since the accident. And I prayed for you today especially.

  5. Tyler, you too are a great father, and the strength and love that you have for all your girls (including Tiffany) is so evident especially during this difficult time. You are their rock. Your girls love you and respect you, and they’re so lucky to have you as a father. I’m truly grateful that Tiffany has you to support and care for her. Happy Father’s Day!

  6. Happy Father’s Day to you Tyler!
    So glad to hear that you guys are hearing signs of the Claire you remember from before the injury… I pray that those moments will increase in the coming weeks and months.

  7. Tiffany,

    Having your spouse be your best friend is the best gift you can have, because it lasts! It will see you through the “in sickness and in health” and “for better and for worse” that you’re in the midst of right now. You’ve met Grandma Rae; Tyler may remember Grandpa Bob as well. They had 57 years of marriage, and were best friends through all of it. When I was a kid it embarrassed me that they held hands in church. But that was part of where the strength of their marriage came from. I can tell that your mutual faith is the rock on which your marriage is founded. And I can also tell that that came from the families you were both raised in. Blessings to you both. That’s the foundation that’s seeing you through this had time.

    Now have yourself a day with Heidi and Autumn and do something for yourself outside the hospital, at least once in a while! You need it, for your sanity and your sleep too!


  8. Y’all are such an inspiration! Happy Father’s Day to you, your father and your father-in-law! Our prayers will continue for all of you! God’s Blessings to all of you! 🙂 pat

  9. Happy Father’s Day Tyler! You all have been in my prayers from day one. Though I dont know you, I can tell from your posts, that the love you have for your family is so powerful. May God bless you all, especially Claire.

  10. A very good Fathers Day to you Tyler! We are so proud of you and your beautiful family. Faith is trusting in the process when we can not see the end or the purpose. Only with Gods grace can this be acomplished, at least that has been my experience. And He is ever so generous! You have our prayers and our love.
    Grandma and Grandpa Simons

  11. I can only imagine how it feels to hear a little of Claire, it maybe crying now, but I am praying so very hard for that to change! I’m on the extreme hard- headed side, and Claire just has to pull through this journey and shine her light on many. I’m so glad you have had such great caregivers, nurses and physicians! That makes a HUGE difference. Bedside manner and compassion go along way in my book! I am praying that you and Tiffany have a encouraging meeting on Tuesday with the Care Team!! I’m Team Claire all the way! This little angel is going to do great things!!! Happy Fathers Day! You guys are an inspiration to so many! Claire, goodnight Sweet Princess!!! Tomorrow will be a better day!

  12. It is so encouraging to read your updates, and while I don’t comment on every one. I do make a point of coming to visit your site and always keep Claire as well as you, Tiffany and the girls in my prayers.

  13. I’m so sorry your fathers day was so heavy — your updates are so sincere and personal — thank you for letting us into this very intimate place in your heart. please keep each of these updates in a safe place — there will be a day when they will bring great comfort to another family going through what you are. Yesterday I was thinking how the greatest men I know in real life came from such horrible circumstances. Invariably, there was a clear pattern. Human suffering + God = greatness. It’s so hard to see it now, but I PROMISE you are in the middle of this process. God is berthing his very character into you and transforming you. And the lives you touch — today — and for all of your life — because of what you’ve trusted God to do in you through this — you just can’t imagine it now — true GREATNESS. Kingdom of God, Eternity, life-changing greatness. I hope you remember these words when you stand in Heaven one day and see the myriad of people who are there because you let God have his way in your life, humbled yourself, trusted Him, and gave Him the glory. I hope it’s ok for me to say all of this — I just feel so compelled to assure you the truth of this situation. Hugs and prayers…

  14. I am sure your father and father in law would say the same about you.

    Praying about the care conference; for you and your wife; for your other children; and for Claire.

  15. I tell you the truth, you will weep and mourn while the world rejoices. You will grieve, but your grief will turn to joy.

  16. Dear Tyler and Tiffany,
    I read this journal today after my cousin, who lives in Dallas, posted it to her Facebook. I read in half an hour the ordeals you guys have been facing over several weeks now. I am sure that yesterday was hard for your family, especially having two daughters that are well. I have three daughters myself and can not imagine how to balance life between one who is ill and two that are well. I want to thank you for sharing your story so publicly. It has helped me remember how blessed I am and you offer hope to hundreds of families who are going through other life stresses. Claire is a strong little girl and has done so much in such a short period of time. She is a fighter and she will inspire millions of people!

  17. Claire and your entire family are in my thoughts and prayers. I am deeply touched by all that happened in your family, and appreciate you keeping us posted on Claire’s progress via this blog. I know Ed and Sarah from First Pres in Colorado Springs and many people here are also praying.

  18. i’m a stranger to your family and while i read all the updates, i don’t often comment simply b/cs it seems a bit voyeuristic. i write today, tho, to just say my heart is heavy for your family and this time of recovery for claire, for the goings-on and routines that have to happen at home and outside the hospital, for the two other daughters and how their world has changed so much in so little time, and how i just don’t know how “you’re doing it.” which is ot say i know it’s HIM, but you always think “i could never do that.” this is a raw place, and i’m humbled and thankful for the obedience and love i see in you for your family.

  19. Hi Tiffany and Tyler –

    I’m so encouraged by your updates. I know how incredibly difficult all this is but Claire is on the road to recovery! You all remain in my prayers.

    Has anyone talked to you about storming – sometimes called neuro storming or sympathetic storming or even thalamic storming? Most of the families dealing with brain injuries have gone through this with their loved ones. It’s terrible but won’t last!

    Please remember you can find support from other families who have been where you are.

    God bless you all,

    1. Sabine:

      Thank you for sharing. We discussed sympathetic storming with the doctors at Medical City. We’re convinced that she is still storming to a degree as her brain tries to calm down and reorder itself. You’re right: it is terrible. And we are glad it will abate with time. We have to remind ourselves that this is still a recent injury.


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