Wednesday, June 30: Update

Claire’s therapists had some aggressive plans for her today. Claire, however, wasn’t consulted beforehand. She was a little less compliant than she was yesterday. The therapists did put her through some more challenging exercises still. Claire had to put her weight on her hands and support her upper body and then rest her elbows on her knees putting weight on her legs and feet. She showed resolve by trying to raise her head again today despite her overall energy lack.

The therapists also suggested that we consider some therapy in the water. This sent chills down my spine when Tiffany told me about it. Once the initial reaction passed, Tiffany explained the rationale: Claire has been calming during her showers and the pool therapy would help with her toning. We hope she can try it out soon.

Claire continues to improve her sleep cycle. She slept for six hours straight last night. That is the longest stretch she has had of continuous sleep. Sleep is one of the critical recovery factors. It is an indication of the brain calming down and we hope cognitive therapy will soon follow.

Tiffany and I are home with the girls tonight. We played Clue with the girls. Autumn won. The girls got in bed before 10:00 PM for the first time since the accident. It’s going to take a while to readjust their sleep schedule. They were in bed at 8:30 but they’re still awake and I anticipate they’ll be up for a while longer.

Our emotional state was less volatile today. The longer the good day streak continues, however, the more I find myself bracing for the next bad day. It’s hard to just rest and recharge. Since we don’t know how, we’re going to force ourselves to go to sleep earlier than we have been. We hope we can replenish our sleep reserves some.

So with that, thank you for your hopes and support and goodnight!

32 thoughts on “Wednesday, June 30: Update”

  1. You don’t know us, but we’ve been keeping up with Claire’s story. I feel so optimistic about Claire and her recovery each time I read a post. She’s an amazing girl with an amazing family. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date and sharing so much about Claire and your family. It helps me adjust my prayers to Him on your behalf. Enjoy your night at home and know so many are praying for your family.

  2. Praying for you! Does the Occ Therapist do the cognitive therapy? I am so interested to hear what all the people are doing to create recovery!

    1. Koralyn–
      Right now, there is a Physical Therapist who works on Claire’s lower extremities (to keep it simple), and there is an Occupational Therapist who works with her upper extremities (again, to keep it simple). They are there to assure that Claire keeps using her muscles and that she keeps full range of motion since she can lose it from tensing her muscles when she postures. The Speech Therapist and NeuroPsychologist do cognitive therapy, but they cannot start before Claire comes out of her coma fully. They come test her weekly to try and evaluate her progress. There are many others here who meet with Tyler and I doing various things like training us to care for her when we take her home. Beyond all of this, it is really up to Claire’s brain to pave the way. That’s where the prayers come in! 🙂 I hope that helps you understand a little more.

  3. Praying for rest and recharging for all of you. May the peace that only God can provide be with you always.

  4. I find myself thinking of you all whenever I am not fully occupied otherwise. I suspect you are never really gone from my thoughts just sometimes pushed back a bit. I have been wrestling with the whole suffering thing for some time. This has thrust me right back into the throws of it all…reading, praying, meditating. I seem to come back to the same place: do I really trust our Father? And I think my answer continues to be “yes.” So I have a running conversation with God about Claire. Today we received news that a good friend has had a successful removal of a brain tumor and will require no further treatment (this is a change as of today). I said to Larry, “He has healed Daryl’s brain, I know He can heal Claire’s.” So my begging Him continues. May He give you strength for the day. I love you…cjk

    1. So good to hear from you Carol. Every morning starts the same for me. I am sick to my stomach, and I think sad thoughts. Then I pray or more appropriately, beg. Then I start to relax and go about doing the daily things of life. Thank you for begging with me. I too believe that God can heal Claire. Here’s to hope! 🙂 Thank you for your constancy and thoughtfulness. Much love to you and Larry. –Tiffany

  5. Yay Claire! Yay sleep!!
    She got tired from working so hard yesterday – but still worked today, despite some protests – good for her!!
    Hope all of you get a good night’s sleep.
    Care to the caregivers, love and prayers to all.
    Susan D.

  6. So glad to hear of Claire’s progress, and happy that you could spend an evening with Autumn and Heidi. Praying for continued positive steps and good sleep for all of you.

  7. I’m so happy to hear of the progress that Claire is making. Let’s just all be patient and always hope for more progress to come!! Get some good rest :). Take care guys!

  8. Sending up prayers from Florida – for a good night’s rest AND that the good days far outweigh the bad. I can’t believe how far Claire has come – I know it feels like she has far to go (especially from your perspective!) but each time I pray for Claire and for your family I just feel such an incredible peace. I know that God is watching over all of you. Take it one day at a time!

    Much love,


    PS. I wanted to share a poem that brought me comfort when my father and an aneurysm burst at the base of his brain. I hope it brings you some comfort in answering the ‘why’ of it all. We’re all just clay in the Potter’s hands being fashioned for better things!

    Short Roots
    By Carol Lynn Pearson

    The tree
    At the church next door to me
    Turned up its roots and died.
    They had tried
    To brace its leaning,
    But it lowered
    And lowered,
    And then there it lay—
    Leaves in grass
    And matted roots in air,
    Like a loafer on a summer day.

    “Look there,”
    Said the gardener,
    “Short roots—all the growth went up—
    Big branches—short roots.”

    “How come?” I asked.

    “Too much water.
    This tree had it too good.
    It never had to hunt for drink.”

    Especially in thirsty times,
    My memory steps outside,
    And looks at the tree
    At the church next door to me
    That turned up its roots and died.

  9. Hey guys, thanks for the update. we are thinking about you all here in Oklahoma. I am glad to hear Claire is having some good days.

  10. Sleep well dear family and know that Father has you all in His big arms carrying you through these difficult times. Be encouraged. Remember Nothing is impossible for our God!Our prayers are with you constantly………………..

    Your Seattle family

  11. Tyler and Tiffany,
    Keep hanging in there. We’re so glad that Claire is progressing. Sending you our love as well as our prayers.

  12. Hi Tyler and Tiffany,

    I know you don’t know me, but I’m one of the many people who prays for Claire and your family every night. When I read your entries, I am so touched by your love and devotion to Claire. I can really sense the emotional, mental and physical fatigue in this last entry. Please hang in there. Please force yourself to get some sleep. I know you know this, but you need this desperately to lead Claire on this journey. I know it seems like the last priority on the list, but without your sleep, you can’t function. You are the most wonderful parents. I admire your courage and strength more than I can say. Remember you are in our prayers and you are not alone.

  13. I have struggled for many, many years with fears of what the future might bring. These began due to 2 very unexpected deaths in my family. The only way I have found to combat these fears is through the scriptures. I researched every scripture dealing with fear, and typed them up and keep them at home and at work for whenever I start imagining what could happen to my friends and family members.

    I will pray you will not succumb to fear; it is not from God, as I know, but it is a real issue even for Christians.

  14. I know we have never meet but I think of you all, all the time. I ask God every night to watch over and heal Claire and your entire family. You all are doing a great job supporting Claire and your other 2 daughters.
    I hope you all get some well needed sleep. That helps everything.
    Thanks for updating so often. Prayers always!

  15. Wow, Claire seems to be a little machine!! She seems to have a very strong will, and sounds to me like she will come out of this smelling like roses! I understand about the bracing for the next bad day thing…I tend to do that to myself sometimes too. It’s hard not to want to be prepared. Just relish the fact that there have been so much good, and that she has been sleeping better and better, you should find your bad days will be fewer and farther between. The first month has been the worst, and I’m sure the worst is about over (no, I don’t have a crystal ball, but I’m hoping!!) thinking of you always.

  16. Tyler and Tiffany

    I hope you were able to have some good rest last night. I am so glad Claire is making progress. I do have a question though, I hope you are not offended, but I have little ones younger than Claire. We are water people. We like to go boating and swim at the commnity pool often. Would you mind sharing what happened in the accident and how as parents we can learn what to do with our children or teach our children, to make sure they are completely safe in the water? If you don’t feel comfortable, it is ok, I just see you mention how you continue to cringe at the thought of water. We pray for your family every day and hang on every post hoping the best!! We love yall!

  17. Praise the Lord for progress and the hard work of everyone involved in Claire’s recovery.
    I pray that the good days will continue and you guys will be able to get some rest.

  18. I check on Claire every day or every other day in order to learn of her progress. I cry and cheer for her as I read the stories you share. My heart aches for the pain and heartache your family has been put through…..I know well the devastating change in reality that happens after a major life event. You find yourself longing for the way things were and struggle with the new reality of life. I am praying not only for Claire’s continued progress in all areas, but also for you, Tiffany, and the girls to find peace amidst the storm. Words cannot adequately provide comfort in such times, but I can offer my earnest prayers in support! We continue to stand with you!

  19. A friend posted your blog on FB. I do not know you and as I read your families journey I prayed each time you requested it. I will keep you all in my prayers as this path twists and turns. Thank you for opening your soul and writing it down and sharing it with the world. Your daughters are beautiful and you can tell very special. I have driven by OCH many times after trips to Baylor during my pregnancies. I had no idea what was happening behind those doors. I will pray for Claire’s treating physicians and nurses that they will be guided to know exactly what she needs to get her home where she belongs. May your families be able to be here as much as humanly possible. Hugs to all of you!

  20. A friend In Colorado sent me to your site and requested prayer for Claire. I live in Ohio and though my story is different than yours it is also the same.

    New Year’s Eve my sister was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The surgery to remove the tumor casued a severe stroke. She spent a week in Neuro ICU, another four weeks in a neuro rehab hospital and due to insurance stipulations had to be sent home before finishing rehab to begin radiaiton treatments.

    Everytime I read a new emotion you are going through it strikes home with me and I rememer being there. We all have to go down our own path. What is right for you is right for you and what is right for someone else is right for them. There are no rules for something you’ve never experienced.

    Now six months later even though I still have my sister I am mournig the sister I lost. The one I grew up with, the one I traveled with, the one that I shared so many memories with.
    At first I felt guilty now iI know it’s okay to feel this way.

    Praying for you and your family as you continue down your path.

  21. It’s SO tough to be right in the thick of it.

    When ya hv a moment to breathe, consider the use of Low-level Laser to reset the body/brain responses. It’s again quite fascinating how far we’ve come in understanding the body/brain response to trauma. My experience:

    I was visiting a Chiropractor for my husband’s dislocated shoulder. They had Low-level Lasers; I was intrigued. I told the Chiro I was in excellent health except that my PH was acidic (yellow test strip) and I knew that Cancer does NOT grow in a balanced PH (green test strip) so I had been diligent about including plenty of greens & calcium to move my PH into the green, but to no avail. In the body, an acidic PH is like trying to grab nutrients in a internal storm so you end up utilizing them inefficiently; balanced PH = highest assimilation & usage of nutrients/medicines etc.

    He tested me n agreed w my assessment, then said “Candy your weakness is your trauma load which is extremely high. We can use a Low-level Laser to treat them, here’s how: you make a list of all Physical Traumas you’ve had, and another list of all Emotional Traumas, even those you may feel are no big deal or too long ago. Then we take one at a time and ask you to think about experiencing it; the body will respond and as it does, we turn the laser on for 10 to reset all responses BACK TO NORMAL. It cured my claustrophobia too:)

    After treating my traumas, my PH moved into the green for the first time. Then when I took an Aloe Arborescens product, within 4 days, my PH moved to optimum range 6.6 for good.

    These Low-Level Lasers are refered to as Cold Lasers; you can’t feel them at all and they are FDA approved SAFE. They could be used to calm and reset some of Claire’s responses…

  22. Tiffany & Tyler,
    I would like to ask your permission for something. Let me explain. First, I was one of Claire’s lunch teachers at IBC. I am in charge of the crafts in our church’s VBS. One of the projects was a Kid to kid blanket project, but for our small church was too expensive to do. I would like to make it a more personal project. With your permission, I would like to share a little about Claire and your family, asking the children to pray for you and have them make 3 fleece blankets for Claire and her sisters. The material has a Christian theme with the words Faith, Hope and Love. Between the layers of material, will be felt hearts with the names on them, a symbol of their prayers for Claire and your family. Our VBS is the last week in July. Please let me know if this is OK with both of you.

    Yours in Christ,

    1. Chrissy–
      That is so thoughtful of you. It would be a blessing to be in the prayers of the kids at your church. Thank you for thinking of such a sweet idea.
      Tyler and Tiffany

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