Saturday, June 5: Update 2

I thought I’d start this post with an update on Autumn and Heidi since a number of you have asked about them on the comments. Both are doing marginally better than they were during the first few days. Our good friends, Jon and Becky, took them home tonight to escape the hospital. I heard from Jon earlier and he reported that Autumn was having the harder time and asking for some alone time. Heidi has been more herself. Both are emotionally on edge and were trying to discuss the events in due course and distract when prudent. We’ve had a number of candid and sobering discussions this week. The situation has given rise to some separation anxiety for both kids and parents. Tiffany and I would prefer to have them close – they give great hugs – but we know that it is important that they escape and act like kids. They don’t always understand his dynamic and we hope it pays off long term. Needless to say, both Tiffany and I foresee some therapy in the coming months for the entire family. All in all, Autumn and Heidi have been precious and strong. We can’t wait to sleep under he same roof again.

Regardingan update, there is still not much to relate. I was overly optimistic about the ventilator use being discontinued today: we are close to where the stats need to be, however, the removal will involve a much more involved testing phase than I thought. While I was naive about the process, I understand the endgame: the goal is that once the tube is out, it stays out. There are a couple of additional items the doctors will be looking for to make sure that occurs. The time it takes for those items to appear could be days away. So updates may be shallow for a while.

The doctor took note of Claire’s feet and hands tonight as well. They are a little stiff from the posturing so she will be ordering some braces be made for her legs and arms to keep them from flexing so aggressively.

The majority of our discussion was focused on long term care. I hink both Tiffany and I have avoided this somewhat because we still have such a limited view of what we’re up against. The doctor was very candid about nutrition options and encouraged using the “button” inserted directly into her gut.

We also began to discuss rehabilitation options. It’s hard to wrap our heads around what this will entail because we don’t know what Claire will be working with. Will she be able to talk? Walk? See? Comprehend? It’s all a mystery right now, so talking about it felt premature.

We talked about it anyway. While we understand that there willbe rehab, both of us are still of the mind that the doctors treat according to the averages. We still hope for an exceptionlly above average recovery. We are asking for a miracle and to get one means that Claire will defy the expectations. And so we wait.

Thank you again for all the thoughts, hopes and prayers. As we settle in for the long haul, we understand that the acute feelings you may have shared with us for the last week being to take a toll. We thank you for continuing to keep us in mind as the horizon expands ahead.

45 thoughts on “Saturday, June 5: Update 2”

  1. Thanks so much for the update I think about your family every day. I am trying to wrap my own head around it all. I pray for not only the healing of claire but the rest of your family as well. God bless and good night.

  2. The waiting is hard, and I will pray for patience and daily renewal of your mental, physical and emotional health. Love you lots and miss you lots too.

  3. We are checking and reading the updates on a regular basis……it helps to feel a little closer to all of you. All of us are continuing to ask for miracles. We love you all!!!

  4. Thank you so much for the updates. I hear your pain and your hope. It reminds me so much of being real and Jesus in the midst of pain bringing hope. Praying each day for all of you.

  5. Tiffany and Tyler,
    Just want you to know I think and pray for you both so often.
    What a testimony to the love of God – all your friends and even just acquaintances who care so much about you and your dear family. It’s so good to read your thoughts in your blog – and see that you are dealing with reality – the love and care and hope you have. YOU sound healthy – and that’s a hopeful situation for your family. Who knows what God will do with the whole of this situation in your future. ‘There is hope for your future,’ declares the Lord.'(Jeremiah 31:17) It’s just that we must make changes to get on God’s plan for us. Your future, including Claire’s, is brighter than you think – if you see it from God’s plan. May you know his presence and leading during this time. Love, Lynne

  6. We are praying for that miracle! Know that we are walking along side of you all during this long haul of recovery. And yes, we wait for Claire to defy all expectations!

  7. Hold on tight! I have 3 boys and Makenzie’s accident was very hard on them too. Three years later they are doing wonderful! They love their sister so much and are very protective of her always!

    Rehab is really an amzing time because this is when Claire will start showing you her true strength and fight!

    When Makenzie was extubated there was much talk of putting the tube back in but 24 hours later she was doing so well and it was never talked about again. Claire is getting there and I know how very hard it is to wait but the wait is well worth it! Our hospital let me hold Makenzie several times before the breathing tube came out. Have you asked them if they will help you do that? It really lifted my spirits and I feel it did Makenzie good too.

    As far as the g tube goes it has been the best thing we ever did. I have a bunch of info on Makenzie’s Tube and feeding pump on her website at:

    I know it is a lot to take in but sometimes understanding it all can be comforting even though Claire may not need any of it at all! Another great site for info is

    We are praying God’s healing over Claire! I also pray that God gives both of you along with you children peace and protection.

    Please feel free to email me anytime at with any questions you may have!

    Believeing in Claire! Tons of hugs and prayers!
    Pam and Makenzie

  8. I wish I had something profound to say to encourage your hearts beyond “I’m praying”. Alas… I’m praying, and my heart aches for your uncertainty and pain! Believing that Our God Reigns and He is Claire’s Healer!

  9. God defies expectations every second of every day, just keep your faith and let the docs do the rest.

  10. You don’t know me or my family but we wanted you to know that we are praying for your family. We have also asked that our extended family and their prospective churches keep you in their prayers.

  11. Your blog is important and so helpful to know how to pray. I’m sure the writing is helpful to release some thoughts. Keep it up. We love your parents so much and therefore care deeply for your family. Please know we think of you alot and pray alot. May HIS peace overtake your minds and create a space for real Hope. Blessings to you guys.

  12. I’m a first-time visitor to your blog. I just wanted you to know that I am hoping the best for dear sweet Claire. She and your family will be in my thoughts.

  13. Tyler, you made mention of some “posturing” Claire is showing. I wanted to know if it’s all the time or just when she seems agitated? Also I was reading online (no really, I was) and there are two different types of posturing that can occur. Is she displaying the one where her arms and hands tuck into her chest, or when they go straight down to her sides?

    P.S. I just want to jump on a plane and spend some time with you guys.

    1. Gina: The posturing occurs when she is agitated. She is displaying the posturing here her hands go straight down her sides. The posturing has moderated some today and she is responding much more to touch right now. Tiffany and I just left the PICU and she was very sensitive to touch while she was sleeping. It was encouraging.

  14. I will continue my prayers. I have told many about your sweet daughter. My sister belongs to St. Basil the Great in Irving- her name will be added to the prayer list there. I will write her name in our book of intemtions at Mass tomorrow morning.
    I pray you get some rest while the nurses care for youe babe. I also continue prayers for your older girls and the friends reaching out to help.

  15. We believe that God can do anything with Claire. We will pray for a miracle and believe God has his hand on Claire. We pray for your peace as well. God bless!

  16. Dear Tyler and Tiffany,

    I just read Claire’s story and want you to know that we will be lifting your family up in prayer. I have been a paramedic for 15 years and I know for a fact that God’s plans are amazing and powerful, and He performs miracles every day. I hope that your entire family feels His peace in the coming days and weeks, and that you know that He is holding your daughter in His hands right now.

    May God bless and keep you all.

  17. Tyler and Tiffany,

    How I wish I could be there and help you in some way. I am constantly thinking of Claire and praying for her healing and comfort. I know God is with her and with all of you. Brian, John, Clare, Peter, and Helen and my Mom and Dad are praying for her, also. She is never out of my mind and heart. It’s impossible for her not to be. I leave for Italy on Monday and I have to say I am having some difficulty leaving knowing that you are going through this. Thank you so much for all of your updates. You are such a beautiful and special family. I miss you all. Tiffany, my lovely friend, stay strong. I love you.

    1. Marnie–
      Thank you so much. I miss you terribly, but I want you to go to Italy and enjoy yourself! Truly, I will be upset with you if you don’t. Claire is being cared for by the best there is: God. I’ll allow you a thought and a prayer a day, but that’s it.
      I love everyone of you: Brian, John, Clare, Peter, and Helen. We have our needs met, and sometimes that has to be enough. I am hopeful about the future. Enjoy Italy… I know I’ll need some good stories in the weeks ahead.

  18. i am one of Claire’s cousin Bailey Morgan’s friends, and I am so concerned for you guys I pray for you every day and read your updates. i sincerely hope the very best for Claire. ❤

    1. Thank you for your updates. You know it is hard to tell what the future holds for you but I am praying for it to be a great one. I am consistently thinking about Claire and your family. Please don’t give up on a miracle happening because I have seen them happen. If your family needs anything please call me. Heather F. Has my contact info.

  19. I just read your whole story with all the updates. A friend of mine asked me to pray for your precious daughter. I am adding her to my prayer journal and will continue to check your website for updates. Thank you for being so honest! I can only imagine the ups and downs of feelings and emotions you are experiencing. Please take care of yourselves, too!

  20. Remember….MIRACLES happen. POSITIVE thoughts. Whatever the outcome, there is a reason for everything. We may not know why now, we may not know why tomorrow, we may NEVER know why…..but there IS A REASON. Keep the faith. Claire’s angel is holding her tight.

  21. Tyler & Tiffany,
    I have been following your updates since finding out about Claire through friend’s blogs and have been praying constantly for you all. I haven’t commented because I just haven’t had the words. I still don’t. Know that your precious Claire is being covered in prayer and your dear family is being lifted as well. May God grant you all strength during this difficult time.
    “Listen to me, you whom I have upheld since you were conceived and have carried since birth. Even to your old age and gray hairs I am He and I am He who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you. I will sustain you and I will rescue you.” -Isaiah 46:3-4
    “Because of the Lord’s great love, we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” -Lamentations 3:22-23

  22. Hello, my name is Maureen, and I am Andrea Shomans aunt from California. She wrote to ask us to join in prayer for Claire, and asked if we might send you both some encouragement becasue we also have been through the nightmare you are experiencing…. with our son James when he was 2 yrs old.
    James drown in our swimming pool and spent 5 days on a respirator in PICU.
    He is now graduated high school and is a helicopter pilot.
    I hope to encourage you by sharing our own private struggle on the 4th night in ICU, the doctors were carefully preparing us for the worst outcome…
    So much unknown, but GOD we knew. So in the darkest hour, (as many friends and family prayed us through )…, we knelt on the hospital cold linolium floor in the middle of the night alone for the first time as a couple, we cried and cried and then prayed the hardest prayer a parent could utter…we both surrendered our will to God s will, and told God how much we love James and wanted him back, but we trusted Him fully with the outcomes. There was a breakthrough in our hearts, as we faced those dark moments with the knowledge that God was able to be fully trusted, no matter what He allowed. Never before had we had to live what we believed so profoundly.
    We now join with you in prayer for your daughter Claire, and for that deep assurance of God’s love over you ~

  23. It was very good meeting you and your family yesterday and seeing Autumn! You and your entire family continue to be at the top of my prayer list! When I talk to God about you I simply ask Him to heal Claire completely and to fill you with His peace and comfort as you go through this horrible trial that nobody here on earth can fully understand. Only God can and He does and He is there surrounding you! Please remember that so many of us are just waiting to help with whatever you need these next few weeks and months…

  24. I am heading to church this morning and I know there will be many asking for updates on Claire…thank you so much for keeping us updated. My prayers for Claire will continue…I will be praying for complete healing for her and your family. I would like to help in any way I can…please don’t hesitate to ask. God Bless 🙂

  25. Checking your updates and on our knees before the Lord for your precious Claire and precious family. Praying for miracles!! Our God is able!
    Amy, Richey, Reese and Riley Owen
    (Fellow IBCers)

  26. I am continually praising God for you and your family. You have shown encouragement, peace, love, hope and joy during this time. I know it doesn’t feel like it but that is because God is working. Our God is greater than any struggle. I will continue to praise God for his good works and wait anxiously for Him to do more amazing things.

    Tell all 3 girls I love them and hope to see them soon.


  27. I want you to know how much I am praying for your sweet Claire. I appreciate the time and energy it takes you to write up the updates for all of us, so we can know specifically how to pray and to share in the praises the God blesses you with. Claire is a fighter. It is evident from your posts and how things are progressing. May God continue to give you all peace to get through each day, strength to withstand the uncertainty of the day, and comfort. I will pray too, for your little girls, that they may be able to understand that in ALL things, God has a good plan for each of us in every situation. May this whole experience draw them closer to our Lord. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to pray for your precious girl and family!
    Kim Brown

  28. God bless you….keeping you all in our prayers. That your needs will all be met, and everything will draw you all closer to God.

  29. I’m praying for Autumn and Heidi too. One day soon this will all be over and you will have all your girls back with you under the same roof. God is in the miracle business!!! Hang in there! Just lean on God.

  30. Hi guys, just knowing of the little progress that Claire makes everyday, makes me think that it’s gonna be alright. It’s gonna take time for sure, but we should always hope for the best. Let’s just stay positive. Send you a big hug.

  31. Praying constantly for Claire and the whole family. It is easy to remember to pray, because I can’t get you out of my mind! Thank you for the updates so me and others can pray specifically. Hope you will feel God’s love and peace today, despite the difficult circumstances.

    1. Isaiah 26:3 ” You will keep in perfect peace
      him whose mind is steadfast,
      because he trusts in you.

      I hope you do not think me insensitive or naive when I say to try not to worry, rest in God’s abundance for you…His love, strength, provision, comfort and most of all, His peace. He is a big God, able to do beyond what we can imagine.

      I miss you guys and wish I were there. Looking forward to seeing you very soon.
      Love, Michelle

  32. Thank you for letting us know of Claire’s progress. You all are in my thoughts and prayers. Continue to let your faith guide you. Feel God’s presence with you, Claire, and your whole family during this time.


  33. Foundation UMC in Temple, TX is praying for your sweet family. Know that you are surrounded and showered with love.

  34. Something my Pastor said in church today after praying again for Claire really hit me. There is that which is true; Claire’s situation, circumstances and the reality of what you are going through. And then there is the Truth…of what God promises us through His Word.
    We are standing on His promises that healing is Claire’s…that she will dumbfound all her doctors and tests to be a living, walking, breathing Miracle!!
    My heart goes out to all of you and I pray for the strength and peace of the Lord to be with you. I pray you feel His presence and experience His love for you like never before.

  35. Our hearts and all of our prayers go out to you all. We’ve experienced first hand the overwhelming support and prayers of friends, family and even caring strangers . I am certain that this outpouring of grace and love is responsible for the miracles in our lives. I continue to pray for miracles in yours.

    May the Lord wrap you all in His love and continue to provide his angels to take such wonderful care of Claire and your family.

  36. Tyler and Tiffany,
    We can’t even begin to know how you feel and can only imagine the medley of emotions you all go through every day, not to mention every hour. We appreciate the posts and updates. Please know our prays are with Claire and you all are in our thoughts. God bless.

  37. I found your blog through Michelle Younkman’s post on Facebook. Thoughts and prayers heading down I-35 from Oklahoma!!

  38. Dear, dear Tyler and Tiffany,
    You are DAILY, several times and even during the night if I wake up, in my prayers. You WILL stay there whether Claire fully recovers or is impaired in some way. The trauma of what you ALL have experienced during this time will be far reaching either way. Being able to support you in prayer is a PRIVILEGE not a chore or obligation. I continue to hope and pray for a FULL recovery for Claire and believe with all my heart that is definitely a possibility. I can’t tell you how much I respect you though for being able to verbalize the realities of the alternative outcome. I think that attitude is foundational to a positive future for all of you – and the future CAN BE POSITIVE no matter what! Praying for the ENTIRE family. Cheryl Price

  39. Hi, guys

    I heard this beautiful song today and I would like to share with you. . .

    “Lord, I will lift my eyes to the hills
    Knowing my help is coming from You

    Your peace You give me
    in time of the storm

    You are the strength of my peace

    I lift my hands in total praise to You, Lord!”

    God bless you

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