Claire is out of surgery and recovering from anesthesia. Evrything went very well and without complication. It’s hard to see a foreign object in our baby’s body and will take some time to adjust.

Thank you for your prayers and support. We will update later today as we determine whether we will get off the vent today or tomorrow.

23 thoughts on “Post-Op”

  1. I am Regina Rountree’s aunt, live in N O La. Regina sent a prayer request for Claire last week. I check my e-mail daily, looking for and praying for good news. You as parents, and Claire are in my prayers constantly. Sincerely, Jean Foster

  2. so glad to hear that there were no complications! still sending postivie thoughts and thinking of you all! love always, jon, becky, & evan

  3. Thank you for keeping us updated…we’re all wainting for news…and I’m so happy everything went well and without complications!
    mucho amor, maria, rodrigo, mateo y mia

  4. Thank you Lord!!!!….. one more thing down… and I am sure more to come… Lord help Our Little Claire heal and her parents Strong!

  5. Hey guys
    I am so happy everything went good. I just wanted u to know I am still praying for u guys. If u need anything please ask. I am not sure how much I can do, but I am willing to do anything. Hope your day continues to go well and that u guys can say bye to that vent….


  6. I am so glad there were no complications. one step closer… still hoping for the best and we can’t wait to come visit you all again soon.

  7. Yahe!!!(: I am happy and blessed that everything went well for y’all.. Stay sweet
    I love y’all

  8. I am so very happy she made it through the surgery without complications. Is the G button temporary? Is this just while she is on the vent and somewhat still sedated? I am praying all of the time for Baby Claire. If I may ask, why are they sending you guys to the Baylor Childrens House, instead of staying put at the hospital? Stay strong, and Thank you so very much for keeping this blog updated. You have so many loved ones, family members, friends and strangers that have fell in love with your family, and especially Claire. My 2 babies are 4 and 2, and we get down on our knees everynight and say a special prayer for Baby Claire. Thank you again for the updates.
    Melissa McAfee (IBC MOPS Group)

  9. I am the mother of one of your friend’s friend/neighbor. Word gets around, doesn’t it? I have been and will continue to pray with you concerning your precious Claire. One of our granddaughters is a three-year-old Claire as well, so this truly has grabbed at my heart for all of you. I will stand with you for daily signs of recovery and wholeness for your little daughter and comfort and rest for all of you. We have a big God, don’t we, and NOTHING is too hard for Him. There is nothing under the sun that takes Him by surprise or perplexes Him in any way. He loves you and He is good. God bless you today and may He hold you close to His heart every step of the way.

  10. I am a friend of Andrea McCarther and she sent a prayer request when this happened and has been updating us with Claire’s progress. I am so happy for Claire and your whole family that things are progressing. I cannot imagine how hard this must be for you as parents. I have two small children myself. You have lots of prayers and healthy, good thoughts coming your way from Chattanooga, TN!

  11. I love that last reply by Jeannie. Don’t you just want to dwell on the fact that nothing perplexes or surprises our God? Thank you so much for the updates.

  12. Your family is still in my prayers. Thank God for the surgery going well! Please tell Autumn that I miss her beautiful artwork in my classroom. – ms. ambler

  13. Hi Tyler and Tiffany,

    I am very happy to hear everything went good with the surgery. Just to let you know that deep in my heart I keep praying to our generous God to keep his glorious hand on your sweet little daughter. Please be strong and keep your faith in our Father in heaven that everything will be alright with Claire.

    “7 ask your Father in heaven, and it will be given to you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you.
    8 Everyone who asks receives; everyone who searches finds; everyone who knocks will have the door opened. ” … Matthew Chapter 7

    Juan, Bia, James & Matheus

  14. Okay, I’m a Knuckhead here,
    I thought I subscribed to the update thing but apparently did not. Nearly wrecked when I saw about the surgery. (I’m pulled over now and writing…no writing while driving)
    Okay, so a gtube is in. that is good. It is no fun to look at but still will help you to see her beautiful face and no more yucky tape. JD also had his gtube put in about the same time after his neardrown accident. He recovered well , did they do a nissen also on Claire?
    I am so excited you will go to Our Children’s House at Baylor. WONDERFUL experience we had with JD there just about a year and a half ago. What a blessing you will be so close. We had to drive all the way from Austin and split up our family. I am happy you will not have to navigate that mess. You will enjoy Rocky from OCH. She is really good at what she does. (I’m assuming she is still the admissions rep) I will start praying now that you get your own room. Strangely enough we had our own room the entire time we were at OCH. If there is enough space they try to do that for you. Very nice facility there and a nice park nearby. We took all 3 of my girls there when John would come up on the weekend to see me and JD. That is a nice diversion. I will pray for the posturing and the heartrate. God bless you all. Please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions about near drowns, gtubes, OCH…anything! 512-264-5224 or
    Much love and prayers,
    Beth Hartman

  15. your family has been in my thoughts during this difficult time. I know the Landry family has all of you in their prayers.

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