Extubation Time

Tiffany and I just stepped out of Claire’s room as the team assembles to extubate Claire from the ventillator. Please pray that she continues to get stronger and is able to swallow and cough well enough to clear her airways.

She is breathing well right now and her eyes are open. Thank you for your prayers.

50 thoughts on “Extubation Time”

  1. Yea. I am praying it well go well. Thank you for updating as mush as possible. From me personally, you can do as you can. I love being able to communicate her status from this site.

  2. Lord God,

    I thank you that you hear our prayers. I lift Claire up to you and ask that you restore her to complete wholeness. I pray that every bodily function will return to normal and that no part of her body will be damaged. I stand with her loved ones in faith and wait expectantly on you.

  3. You can do this Claire, show them who you are – A Child of God!!! Be strong little one…praying and crossing fingers for you. Happy Bday Tiffany
    Wendy Bokros

  4. Praying so hard that God will breath Life into those little lungs and that he squeezes her heart for every breath. Praying for your strength in all your decisions you have to make. ((hugs)) from Arizona!

  5. We are praying all together in the kitchen this morning. We can’t wait to see Claire’s beautiful eyes.
    Happy birthday Tiffany! We love you and we enjoy every minute we get to spend with you!

    The Dendys

  6. I just woke up and saw this update in my inbox. I am praying right now and will continue to do so. Our God is an awesome God who can do anything he wants!

  7. Thinking of you all this morning…happy birthday, Tiffany! Come on, Claire! You can do it!!! 🙂

  8. Dear Tyler and Tiffany:

    I pray for your precious Claire, that she will be able to function well with out the ventilator, and that she will continue to improve with each day that passes.

    I pray for the two of you, that the Lord will give you strength, encouragement and His comfort during this time of Claires’ recovery.

    Thank you so much for your posts, keeping us updated on Claires’ progress.

    In His Love, Jana Kirkpatrick

  9. Go Claire Go!!! You can do it little girl!!! We are praying for you to keep making these little but awesome steps!!!!

  10. That is great news! We are keeping Claire and the rest of your family in our thoughts and prayers! She is such a strong little girl!

  11. It is difficult to be seperated from all of you. The time I spent with Claire by her bed and the blessing of time spent one-on-one with each of you has strengthened our bonds with each other. Tim and Susie are such stalwarts of faith. So many of their brothers and sisters in faith draw off of them for Godly guidance which is always point up toward Jesus our Savior.

    May today be a day of celebration first for Claire and also for Tiffany. Claire is always the forefront of my petitioning of God. Tiffany, you are so precious to me. What a joyful gift you are from the hand of God. I am so thankful for the Lord having sent Tyler for you. May you draw strength from Tyler and Tyler from you. May the both of you together lean on God for the strength you need both today and the days and years to come as you move through life raising your three beautiful daughters. Trust in Him. He IS faithful.

    Sarah, we are apart today but our spirits are close as we praise God for the indescribable gift of Tiffany. Thank you for being my wife and lifelong partner. You show me such beauty in God’s world that I would have never seen without you. Praise God!
    In the love of our Savior, Ed (Grandpa, Dad and Husband)

  12. I pray that without that vent Claire had “a vendetta against” she’ll be much more comfortable and can focus her fighting spirit on the next steps. And so can you, Tyler and Tiffany. Thank you God!


  13. Praying for Claire today as she moves forward in her healing. Although school is out for the summer, know that the Landry family loves you all and is here for you – whatever, whenever you need it.

  14. I am a friend of Molly Taylor’s in Texarkana. I am praying constantly for sweet Claire and your family. Please continue to tell us specifically what to pray for.

    Jordan Miller

  15. we are following each e-mail everytime you send one.it is so heartbreaking to see you a claire going through all this.keep praying and your hopes up.
    donna and fred

  16. I and many more are praying. What a wonderful birthday present for Mama, if she is able to remain off of it! I pray for strength for all of you!

  17. We don’t know each other but through mutual friends, I saw your blog posted on facebook last week with a request for prayers. I’ve been reading your blog ever since and just wanted to let you know that there are more people out there than you can possibly imagine praying for your family.

    Claire seems like a real fighter! We will continue to pray for her recovery!

  18. What a wonderful way for Tiffany to start her Birthday! I pray Claire handles everything that comes her way today, like the superstar she has proven to be. I was so happy to hear that her eyes were open this morning as well! God is Good. Thank you again, for sharing Claire with all of us, through these updates. Claire has become apart of our life now! Happy Birthday to you Tiffany! I know your day will be filled with an abundance of love! Stay strong you two!

  19. breath….Claire…..we love you, and we know you can do it!!!
    Happy birthday again dear friend 🙂

  20. Such good news. We continue to follow Claire’s progress and keep you all in our prayers. Happy Birthday Tiffany.

  21. That is wonderful news… the girls at Ann Taylor loft are all praying as well….. it is my second job… what a perfect bday gift for u tiffany!
    Happy birthday…

  22. Yeah Claire! Sophie asks about her everyday, and makes sure to pray for her, as do I 🙂 Please tell Autumn that I am also thinking about her and praying for her. God is in control!!

  23. Praying… Breathe Claire. Fill those lungs and get stronger. Accomplish this big step and focus on the next. We are with you every step of the way…

  24. Praying, praying, and praying some more! I’ll tell my kids, they ask everyday how she is!!
    Love you all!!

  25. Tiffany and Tyler,
    God has done work in me through your precious Claire’s story. You both, your daughters and Claire are never far from my mind and my prayers. I will continue to pray and believefor you little girl.
    God bless you all,
    Shonn and Jaimee Campbell

  26. Genesis 2:7 O breath of life! Hallelujah, how I have prayed for this day to be free to breathe!!! Hope all is going well under the cover of precious prayers,
    Shelley & Family

  27. Fight little Claire fight all the way you can do it… Praying for you… Hugs and kisses…..

  28. Happy Birthday Tiffany!!!! I wish I could give to you the present you want today, but we are praying for it, and our Lord will hear.. Huggs and Kisses.
    Gaby and Family
    Ps.. Tomorrow i will deliver dinner for you guys do rather it on the Hospital or at your apt…

  29. Saying prayers for all of you and keeping you close to our hearts. Happy Birthday, Tiffany! Wishing you peace and love on this day and always. xoxo H&H

  30. Martin family,

    I first heard the news about Claire last night when I called my parents to catch up on things. In reading through these updates, I am amazed at the strength of character you guys are displaying and at how much Claire is already progressing! That is an absolutely adorable picture of her in the first post. I am praying for strength, wisdom, and complete healing for your families, especially for Claire; I’m four hours away in Houston still, but please let me know if I can help in any way.

    May you rest well in His care tonight,


  31. Happy Birthday Tiffany! I hope that some joy is found in today. Fasting and praying on Claire’s behalf.

    Christa Flannery

  32. I am continuing to pray for Claire (sweet baby Claire, as I like to call her). I love being able to follow your blog and being able to pray for Claire and her exact needs. Her needs and yours (and her super big sisters).

  33. Every day I think and pray for your beloved little Claire.. I am so thankful for the progress that she has made thus far and continue to lift her up to our heavenly Father. You guys are so loved and thought of every single day…Continue trusting that our God is a Mighty God capable of more than we could ever imagine….

  34. Father God…..Words do escape me at these moments this wee child faces, and that of her family, as they stand by with great hope in their hearts…… You alone know the final outcome for Claire… and the life she will lead as this process to bring full recovery progresses…… We trust you for all the details Lord as you knew Claire before she was even formed in the womb…let us not forget that her times are in your hands as well as the families as they maneuver the various changes and happenings surrounding her care.
    This is a prayer that I thought exceptional among the more than 200 prayers that are on my online forum … I find myself spending a great time praying for Claire and her entire family through just reading the prayers of my FRiends of so long on that forum. This was an original prayer by “caaw” and it says so much I wanted to share with these nephews and nieces of mine.
    Aunt Eileen
    “Lord, nothing is impossible for you and you have given Claire the best medical team to restore her…thank you for that, but we do know who can and does fill in the gaps for all that is unknown of her condition….. We ask then that YOU yourself bridge the gaps Lord, by your faithful and good Spirit…for her body… and her mind in these days and weeks ahead….. And that you will keep the family members strong in faith, especially at those moments when it seems to falter…thank you that Claire is surrounded with love and as well the family to see them thru these times that have come in order to pass…. In Christ’s Name and for His ultimate Glory…amen”

  35. my heart goes out to you all… although i am saddened by what has happened, i am also optimistic. And I know she is a sweet girl who is full of life and will beat this. Tell her that Ms. shawna loves her and cant wait to see her so we can play at the gym. Tell the girls I said Hi, and I miss them. If i can do anything let me know. I will send my prayers up for you.

  36. May the loving and healing light of God almighty shine upon this child. May she be held tight in the Angels wings while she receives his love.

    God Bless you all and peace be with you.

    Doug and Billie Heier
    Ashton, IL

  37. Dear Lord, it’s in your hands and we pray with all our hearts that Claire will be well and strong again. Amen.

  38. i am really glad that claire is doing better and hope you are having a good birthday tiffany

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