Tuesday, June 8: Update

I’m in Claire’s room again this time listening to the smooth tones of Jack Johnson: Claire likes his music and it seems to calm her.

Today was part two to yesterday’s hard day. Claire was very agitated yesterday and her heartrate and blood pressure betrayed her feelings to the world. It was difficult to watch and concerned the doctors. Today, Claire didn’t have a chance to be agitated until after surgery and the anesthesia wore off. We were disappointed to see the posturing continue as she started to stir.

What was encouraging is that the posturing doesn’t appear to be as aggressive as yesterday. Furthermore, her heartrate and blood pressure were not as volatile. Claire also did a much better job of moderating and calming herself today.

We were disappointed that the ventillator tube didn’t come out today and were hoping that Papa would be able to kiss her goodbye tube-free before be had to return home tomorrow. As it is Papa gently held her hand and whispered he’d see her soon without the tube.

It is hard too see my dad go home. He is a comfort to be around. He is strong and caring. He loves his family. The home he made for me and my siblings while we grew up made me want to duplicate it. While our world fell apart this week, he took care of us. I love him for it.

While my dad missed the extubation, he didn’t miss it by much. We’re expecting to have the ventilator tube removed early tomorrow. This is a big and complicated step. Claire is breathing well over the ventillator but we are still concerned about how well she will be able handle mucus production in her airways. We unconsciously swallow and dispose of mucus that lines our airways. We don’t know if Claire will be able to do that. She has a low cough and gag reflex that indicates she should be able to do it, but we don’t know how prepared her body is to take over those functions. So tomorrow will be a long, challenging day as she is monitored and makes a case for staying off the vent. Please pray her body only gets stronger once she’s extubated.

All of these events will take place in the context of Tiffany’s birthday. While celebrating is a difficult proposition, I am mindful that tomorrow is the anniversay for when my beautiful wife and best friend arrived. She will always hold my heart and I will always pursue hers. We celebrate together and we grieve together. Tomorrow will be a combination of both, and we will do that together as well. I thank God for my Tiffany.

29 thoughts on “Tuesday, June 8: Update”

  1. I know these are hard days and it’s hard to think of a time when it won’t be like this. Just trust and have faith in God. That is what got me through the darkness of the PICU with Christian. Everyday is a battle and you don’t know whether you’ll win or loose. I honestly just tear up thinking about you and Tiffany and what you are both going through because I was right there almost a year ago.

    I am also so thankful that you guys have each other. My husband was and is my rock and I’m not sure how we would get through this stuff without each other.

    I am truly touched by this particular update because you mention your dad and how much comfort he brought. My dad lives in Florida and came all the way to Arizona to be there for us. I remember feeling so safe when he finally arrived.

    As I read your updates, it’s like I’m replaying our life last year. There is light at the end of the tunnel, I promise you. We are living proof of that! Hold so tight to your faith, it will get you through.

    We also faced g-tube surgery and trach surgery (Christian’s cough and gag weren’t strong enough because of his sedatives). Christian had a trach for 7 1/2 months. He is now trach free and doing great with handling his secretions/breathing/etc! Christian also postured, had high heart rates, temperatures, blood pressure, all of what Claire is going through.

    These are tough days and touch decisions. If you need anything, even to vent, please contact me – gabriels_mama@yahoo.com. I’ve been there.

    God bless you guys! And God bless Claire!

    The Quintero’s

  2. Tiffany, Happy Birthday!!! What gift you are to your husband, children, and friends. I hope that on your special day that you will see many blessings God has instore for you through out the day! As I read your blog, my heart breaks for you!!! I too am a Mom. Please know I will continue to pray for a miracle!!! God is good all the time. Even now!!!

    Happy Birthday!!
    Jeremiah 33:3, Roman 8:28

  3. I am a friend of Pearl Prins. I am an RN with many yrs ICU experience. I am very impressed with your updates. You do a great job keeping all of your family and friends updated. You are all in my thoughts and prayers, I have seen several miraculous recoveries over the years. Am praying for Claire!

  4. Continuing to pray for you all…
    In that you are blessed with family who have been & are by your side to love & support you when the rest of us, your family in Christ, are not physically there but always with you in spirit & prayer;
    For Claire’s recovery to be a productive process;
    For you, Tiffany, Autumn & Heidi’s love, faith & strength to endure this trial together, according to His plan;
    And for Tiffany, who’s blessed so many lives, that she has a happy, albeit bittersweet birthday 🙂
    Love, Leticia

  5. I know you don’t know me, but I am praying so hard for you and your family. You are very eloquent and the love you have for your family is evident. You have many people pulling for you little Claire. Show everyone what you’ve got little girl!!

  6. Claire has always had good taste in music. We just watched our wedding video for the first time last night, and laughed and cried at watching Claire dance so happily with her sisters. We can’t wait to see her dance again.

    We hope Tiffany has a special day tomorrow. Give her lots of love, hugs and chocolate for me (Esther). I am so grateful that God blessed us with her and I can’t wait to celebrate together. Love love love you, my dear friend.

    Praying for the extubation tomorrow. Praise God that she’ll be able to breathe on her own! We will continue to fast and pray until we see a full miraculous recovery for our precious Claire.

    We love you guys,
    Gordon and Esther

  7. Have a God glorified day tomorrow as you celebrate love , peace , and joy, while resting in the hands of God and waiting for little Claire to pull through.

  8. Happy Birthday Tiffany..Tyler your words bring me to tears. Its so rare these days to find a man that loves his wife as much as you do. its always been so obvious that you were an awesome father, and husband, but (this morning i should say) your words have brought me to a new level. Today is my anniversary. Doug and i don’t have children yet. And after all that has happened, your words in the hospital that you said to me, “its worth it, children are worth all this pain” have given Doug and I a new outlook. I wish the best for Claire and all of you. I saw Autumn the other night, and her running to me with her beautiful red hair and hugging me, was all the reassurance that I needed. She is such a strong girl, and Heidie in her carebears pjs made me smile! I pray for your family every moment of every day..words are not enough to express the heartfelt sympathy that we have for what you and your family are going through..Tiffany..you have a wonderful husband and beautiful girls, you all are truly blessed..please remember this through this mountain that has been put in front of you. We wish Claire the best recovery possible..and love you all!!!

  9. Praying that all will go well for Claire today; and Happy Birthday, Tiffany!

    Blessings, Ken & Jana Kirkpatrick

  10. Happy Birthday Tiffany! You are an amazing woman and I would love to come and give you a hug!

    I just want to share something with you. I have been blessed with a second chance, and I can only attribute it to prayer and God’s amazing Grace. You see, I was the one in the bed almost 10 years ago after a car crash. I had brain injuries, subdural hematoma, broken and embedded skull, cheekbone, jaw, and shoulder. I was pretty bad off, but better than many in neurology at Parkland (no one in my family will EVER ride a motorcycle). Thankfully, I don’t remember anything about the 1st 10 days after the accident. I have been told of the crazy things I did during those days, like pull out my IV MANY times, get out of restraints and take my teddy bear to the nurse’s station to tell them I wanted to go home (they didn’t know I could walk or talk, so I kinda surprised them), and make many nonsensical comments (those continued for several months). But through it all God was busy healing the holes in my brain, piecing it back together again, reconnecting the areas by growing new nerves, and sending wisdom to my doctors.

    I am not the same person I was before; what seemed like a tragedy at the time has made me a stronger (and sometimes stubborner) person, but also made me realize that I am not in charge, God is.

    Claire is in God’s hands. May He continue to show his amazing healing! Jean

  11. Happy Birthday Tiffany! I was one of Claire’s teachers for your lunchtime Bible study. It is 3:57AM and God woke me up. I have been praying for Claire over the past week +. Last Sunday at Mass, as I was praying for Claire. Our priest started his homily with the words “Jesus came to give us HOPE.” I felt encouraged that Claire is in Jesus’ hands each step of her journey. I recently started a new Bible study program “Experiencing God” My lesson was to pray for God to lead me in my life in His will. I am writing this blindly in “the Spirit of God”. Why else would I be up at this time. My first days’ reading was about basically taking a leap of faith and blindly going where God leads me, step by step. There are so many people praying for Claire for a healing. I would like us to pray for more specific goals for Claire. The other day your husband said that Claire was having a tough time at night. I made my prayer that day for her to have a restful nights sleep and was happy when I read that she had a better night. My prayer is that if all these people praying have a specific prayer for the day, we can storm heaven with that prayer and at the same time be encouraged that God is hearing our prayers and answering them. Sometimes in life, we have to take things one step at a time and I think this is one of those times. We all know that miracles happen every day, let’s take those miracles one day at a time instead of looking at the big picture. Claire and your family remain in my prayers. Yours in Christ,

  12. Happy birthday Tiffany! I want you all to know that the Martin family never leaves my thoughts and prayers! I look forward to my daily updates. Everyday I pray for complete healing for Claire! She has come so far and I feel that her progress is miraculous. I am ready to watch god work more miracles in her life. Thanks again for keeping everyone so informed. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do besides prayer! Send autumn and Heidi my love!
    Kecia cate

  13. I am hoping Claire gives Tiffany a great birthday and does an awesome job without the ventilator! Your family continues to be in my thoughts and prayers!

  14. Happy Birthday, Tiffany! I’ve been following your blog from the start and just wanted to say I’m thinking about you every day and praying for little Claire and your whole family! You have beautiful daughters!

    Tyler, you are a fabulous writer! Thank you for keeping this blog for all of us!

    Tiffany, I’m traveling to Finland on Sunday and will be gone till the end of July. I hope to see you in Nia class soon!

  15. Happy Birthday little sister! It is hard to believe that it has been this many years since God brought you into our lives. You are such a strong ,caring and wonderful wife/mother/sister! I wish with all my heart that your family didn’t have to go through this, but I know God is with you every step of the way, and will strengthen you for it. I hope that you are able to celebrate just a little today, because it is a very special day, and that as said above Claire gives you a wonderful birthday surprise and does great coming off of the ventilator. We continue to pray for you all throughout every day. We miss and love you all very much! Wish I was there to give you a hug!
    Love, Suzanne,David and Ashley

  16. Happy birthday, Tiffany! I continue to pray for your family as you walk through this time. I am thankful for the strong foundation that you have in Christ and for the deep love you have for each other. Praying for Claire as the ventilator is removed today, that she would respond well to that change. I’m so glad that your family has been there with you – what an encouragement.
    Sincerely, Susan Knighten

    Happy Birthday! Feliz Cumpleanos my dear friend. Be sure that I’ll be thinking about you today, I love you very much.
    I know today is going to be a hard and long day, but take a moment for yourself….just for yourself…
    LOVE YOU, miss you,

  18. The music is a great idea. Claire has been through uncaharted territroy and all of the low-impact (auditory) bearings of your love for her can only help with her orienting her journey back. You and your family continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

  19. Dear Tiffany,

    Happy Birthday! You are a wonderful and strong woman. I thank God because through Him, I knew you. I remember when I arrived in USA. I just had tears and sadness, and at that time I met you. You have been patient and careful with me. You helped me in many ways, Tiffany and I’ll never forget it. I wish I could help you now and can take some of your tears. Today my prayers go out especially for you. May God give you a very special day!



  20. Happy birthday beautiful baby sister! I remember when you were born. You never saw such proud and happy parents. Mom and Dad were delighted. I remember thinking how happy Dad was. I have never seen that man smile so much! Ha ha, well maybe a couple years later when Matt came. 😉 You were just precious and sweet. I always loves your little nose. It’s hard to believe that was so long ago. Now you are a confident young woman and one of the best mothers I have ever seen. I am so very proud of you. I love you so much. I am thankful that you have such a loving husband. Tyler is a good man, and a great father.
    I am praying for you. Find some joy in today and everyday.

  21. I just want to think that everything is gonna be fine, once the tube comes off. We keep on praying. I’m so happy that you have each other. You all are a great family and things have to get better.

  22. Hey guys!
    Happy Bday Tiffany!!! I am praying for Claire to succeed this step, that her little body is ready and CAN DO THIS!! GO CLAIRE GO!!! Dear God, please give Tiffany the best gift of all Claire – Amen!
    Continue to be strong and do your best to have a Happy Bday.
    Wendy Bokros
    (CO Bible study)

  23. Happy Birthday wishes go out to Tiffany today. My sister and niece both share your birthday so I’ve had the privilege of giving well wishes to 3 special people today. Thanks for the continued updates. I’m sorry that some of your pillars of strength have had to leave, but please continue to take heart in the fact that so many people are praying for you.


  24. I know that you dont know me but I am praying for Claire and your family every day. I want to also wish you a Happy Birthday!

    In Him!

    Jamie B.

  25. h A p P y B i R t H d a y Tiffany!
    May there be joyful moments and touches from God in your life today!

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