Friday, June 11: Update

We’re settling into the cadence we expect will continue until we get our transfer orders to Baylor Children House. It’s a slow, plodding pace and we’re thankful for the opportunity to catch our breath.

Claire slept through the night last night with relative ease. It was good because the morning started with occupational therapists darkening Claire’s doorway. The therapist spent some time demonstrating how to stretch Claire’s ankles, calves, and shoulders. The therapist also test some of Claire’s response control. Claire was told to move her arms up and down. She couldn’t, but she was trying. The therapist said that while she was holding Claire’s arm and giving instructions, she could feel the muscles attempting to lift her arms. She needs help to lift them, but she is responding to some degree. Small, minute steps. Steps nonetheless.

Claire also got to sit in her captains chair today. Her one hour of scheduled time turned into two and a half after she fell sound asleep. The upright position helped clear her airways and escape the prone position in the bed. The physical therapist worked with Claire’s legs and arms again. Claire is making effort to raise and lower her legs, but it is hard to distinguish between some slight agitation posturing and real effort. What we do know is that her legs are responding to touch.

Claire also got her much loved, much adored blanket today. We tried to incorporate it into physical therapy asking her to reach or grasp for it. This was met with protests or frustration. It’s hard to see the pain in her eyes but we’re happy to see the struggle from what we’re telling her to do and the effort she is making to perform. After an hour of work and healthy coughs, she fell asleep.

No big leaps have been made. No major changes. But we are encouraged by the slight day-to-day changes. I am eager to share updates, but I must be patient with those little movements forward. I thank you for being patient along with me.

Later today Tiffany and I got to hold Claire. It warmed both our hearts to feel her in our arms.She was agitated because of some chest congestion but slowly drifting in and out of sleep with us.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

51 thoughts on “Friday, June 11: Update”

  1. It is so amazing to me to see how far she has truly come in the past week and a half – pictures and updates. I know it is a slow process, but she seems to be making progress. I do not know you guys, but my sister, Calli Fraley, knows you guys. She sent me the web link for your site a couple of weeks ago and I look forward to your updates every day. Please know that there are so many people out here thinking about and praying for Claire and your family. Stay stong and God Bless!

    Daymi Rennaker
    Dallas, TX

  2. I know they seem like minute steps, but responsiveness, even the slightest bit, is HUGE!!!

    It sounds like Claire just keeps pluggin away. She looks really good, just beautiful.

    Where there is love there is life.

  3. Hey guys, the little steps forward are each amazing and wonderful. Considering where she was Sunday night, the fact that there are any steps forward, albeit timy, are such an encouragement. Thanks for sharing those.

    So happy to see her sitting up.

  4. I am glad we have positive minute steps. Praise God you were able to hold her and comfort her. Still praying Claire, keep it up. Claire, you look so beautiful! Keep trying little one!

  5. Thanks for giving these updates. We are so glad for every little step in Claire’s progress. You are always in our minds and hearts.

  6. Tyler and Tiffany, I’m not sure if you remember me…I led worship at Vanguard way back in the day with Brian. I just saw the link to your blog on a friend’s facebook page, and read from the very beginning. First of all, my heart breaks for your family right now. I have had to walk my parents through a long recovery from a motorcycle accident, but never a child. I want you to know that my husband, my 3-yr-old son Levi, and I will be praying for you every night. I remember how exhausting it was to live hour by hour, just waiting to hear some news of progress. I was always rock-solid during the days at the hospital, and then promptly melted into tears as I exited the parking lot each night 🙂

    I haven’t seen the two of you in years, and I know you have lived alot of life since I last saw you. You’ve probably heard this 100 times already, but you guys absolutely amaze me. I’ve seen alot of people walk through devastating situations. Some people handle it well…with honest emotion and grace. But more often than not, people simply don’t know what to do or say. You guys are a beautiful example of what it means to choose to fully embrace the experience and invite others into it. I will be praying that you are well taken-care of during the next season, as I know you will have many ups and downs. Bless your sweet family!

    Lori (Sanders) Kennedy

    1. This is Susie , Tyler’s mom. Lori I remember you fondly. How nice of you to write in. Bless you and your hubby and son!

  7. We continue to pray for your precious Claire,
    that she will improve with each passing day.
    The fact that you can see that she wants to make
    the effort to follow what you ask her to do is
    encouraging in itself. It would seem to indicate an understanding of what you’re asking.

    Our prayers will continue.

    In His Love,

    Ken & Jana Kirkpatrick

  8. Claire,

    What amazing steps you have taken these past few days!! You are going to win this fight. You are stong and determined!! Way to go girl, way to go!! I am so proud of you!

    You have lots of people praying for you every minute of everyday. Always know that Jesus loves you and wants to be your friend forever!!


  9. I cry when I see Claire in your arms. Thank God for the progress she’s making. I love seeing her with her blanket…it’s such a familiar sight. Love you so much.

  10. Bless her Angel heart!! You can see just a beautiful aura around this amazing little girl. I have tried to wrap my head around how you and Tiffany are able to handle this, and I just can’t fathom, the pain, anxiety,exhaustion and heartbreak you are enduring. I can tell you, that I feel so very grateful and so privileged that you are sharing your journey and your precious Claire with all of us. Thank You. Small steps, are still steps.
    Keep making progress Claire. You have no idea how much you are loved by SO many, friends, family, and people you have never met. You have captured many hearts sweet girl! Keep pushing, keep fighting, we are all pulling and praying for you!

  11. Precious, beautiful Claire. We love you and wish we could fight this fight for you! Praying continuously!

    Becky & Sosa Family

  12. I am so glad to hear about Claire’s progress today! I am also glad she got that blanket back:) It is so rare to see her without it. My prayers are with all of you.

  13. What glorious news to hear that she is at least working “a little” in therapy! She is such a beautiful little girl with breath-taking eyes. We are praying for full recovery…


  14. Hi Tyler and Tiffany
    that is great news!! You all are 12 days at and she is showing purposeful movement!! I am so encouraged for you all. All I have to go off of is my sons near drown 14 months ago. All brain injuries are different, but JD was not doing any of the things you’re describing by this point in his recovery. Keep up the good work you guys, Claire is blessed to have such strong parents. Love each other and lean into Him,
    God bless,
    Beth & John Hartman
    JD, Macy, Catherine Grace and Clare

  15. It may be hard to see the progress but she is making progress. May times, patients do not remember this time of their recovery. I know it must be so hard to watch her struggle. She is healing and will continue. So much love and so many prayers for Claire and all the family.

  16. I am so glad that Claire had a peaceful night. These little steps in her movement are brilliant. My son was not doing this so soon after his near drowning. Your Claire is obviously such a fighter. Stay strong and have hope, I believe Claire is going to make a great recovery.

  17. So wonderful to see each of you holding her! And to hear of her working so hard to respond to the therapy. How lucky she is to be part of the family you and God have created. Between you and the soul God gave her, you’ve got one plucky little girl there.

    I’ve got a question. Does all her effort, the eye contact and all that, mean she’s out of the coma? Or at least on her way out of it? Just curious.

    Blessings and prayers on your journey.

  18. Blankies are such a comfort! Her brain/body are re-learning command paths – hard, but she will get it.
    Love and prayers to all – AND take care of the caretakers too!!
    Love from Susan

  19. Claire has made a lot of progress in so little time!!! I know for you look like ages, but relative speaking, it is a short time, and a lot of progress. God Bless her and your family.
    We will pray for a great weekend for you and specially for her.
    Axel and Gaby

  20. I was listening to Charles Stanley today and he was talking about the scripture that says that the prayers of a righteous man or woman avail much. He was saying that one person praying is powerful, just one person can make a huge difference. I think about how many people are praying for Claire and I have renewed hope. We are unleashing the power of heaven, one utterance at a time.
    I am anxious to see you all. I will be there next week. The time cannot come quickly enough. The pictures you have included are wonderful.
    Love you all so much.

    James 5:16 (New Living Translation)

    16 …pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.

  21. What an amazingly beautiful child! I just want you to know that I refuse to sell God’s power short. I’m praying for an immediate, total recovery. There are too many examples of God blowing us away with what He can do. I don’t mind being His fool.

      1. Sorry, that was meant for Tim’s comment above, but frankly, all these are beautiful comments. I am amazed that we are not more flabbergasted to recognize that Claire is ATTEMPTING to respond to instructions…. this has HUGE significance – it means she KNOWS what you want her to do!!!! Just take those words in… “she knows”. That was not a given…. but she is still there and fighting her way back out!

  22. I am amazed at Little Claire! She is so strong!! After just a week and a half she is making such huge steps! I’m amazed!
    After reading this post , I have decided to start praying for her husband. I believe she is going to be one STRONG , SMART, and BRIGHT Woman! He’s got to have as much determination for life as she does!!
    Love you both so much! I’m so so proud of you two!
    Lovts of love,
    Aunt Gina

  23. LIttle Claire Bear looks AMAZING! Santana was swollen and eyes were SO FAR away even when we took him home. She is beautiful and so is your strength. We are praying for you guys. Praying for the WHOLE family. Tie another knot and hang on tight!!!! God Bless!

  24. She is just beautiful – she looks great, really! The attempts to make purposeful movement are terrific signs – really terrific – amazing! Will be following you – you guys are doing great! All of us are here for you.

  25. You don’t know me- I work with Michelle here in Colorado 🙂 I just wanted to say I am praying for you both, for your sweet Claire, and for your other children. I am so inspired reading the blog, I can’t imagine what this must be like… but know that your incredible perseverance, faith and hope is reaching the whole country!

  26. Hi, I don’t know you but my sister in law Melissa from Colo. shared with me your story and blog and I’ve read it all and now I am praying for your family and adding my faith for Claire. As a mom of three little ones, my heart breaks with you as I read your posts. Thank you for sharing your heart and I pray for Gods peace to cover Claire and your family through this time, you are an awesome family.

  27. Our prayers continue as you press on. Please know that even though you don’t hear from us daily Claire and your family are on our hearts and we pray many times every day for all of you. My heart aches with yours and rejoices in the little victories too. We love you.

  28. I just wanted to let you know, like so many others, that you and your entire family are in my constant prayers. I am so moved by your beautiful eloquent words. You welcome me into your world daily. Through your words I am able to share your joys, your frustrations as well as your sorrows. I feel like you have allowed me to take on this battle, I too have become a warrior for Claire. Thank you for letting me be a minute part of your world. I will continue to fight the battle with daily prayer. I will continue to rejoice in Claire’s accomplishments, no matter how big or small. And most of all I will continue to BELIEVE that there is a miracle in heaven with Claires name on it. Nothing is impossible with God. God bless you and may you find the comfort you need from your family and friends that surround you (in Texas and beyond). I just had an assume feeling, your words have probably reached several different nations in our big world. So with that being said, you have someone praying for your family in every time zone, and can I be so presumptious as to say every hour of the day. Keep up your tremendous faith.

    Aunt Maureen

    1. This is my focus for this morning- “there is a miracle in heaven with Claire’s name on it.” Thanks Maureen

    2. Maureen,
      You said what I have been wanting to say so beautifully. I am thankful you expressed my thoughts and feeling so well.
      I praying frevently for a miracle

  29. Martin Family,

    I just found out about what happened to Claire. I’m SO incredibly sorry that you are going down this path but pray that you glean much encouragement from every baby step she takes! I will pray for Claire’s healing, peace and comfort for your whole family!

    ~ Veronica

  30. It is great to see Claire sitting up and making progress…Even though it is baby steps, it is still steps…I have experienced having to take steps myself with my middle child. He was tremendously overdosed on morphine in the hospital when he was 10 days old..He was without oxygen for 20+ minutes..He had flatlined and was able to be revived. he had to have the paddles used on him 3x in order to gain consciousness again..he spent 21 days in the pciu…he couldnt focus on us for several days, but God is good, and he is our miracle child. He had an Mri done at the age of 5 and the Mri shows some slight brain damage…Today he is 10 years old and is such a delightful child…he does have some speech impairment but he can communicate well, understands exceptionally well, and can run , jump, laugh, and play and live a normal life…even with his speech dissability, he is a very happy, well adjusted child…I have faith that Claire will pull through this, me and my kids do lift your child up in prayer. I know what its like facing the not knowing, but joy will come along with your reward so hang in there and be very patient…May God Bless You and your family..

  31. I’ve been following along since your first post, and since you said it was encouraging to know, I thought I would tell you that I have been praying for you and hurting for you all too. I’m so amazed that you’re able to articulate so well in such a traumatic situation. And it must take such incredible strength to continue parenting for your other two girls and just seeing all the hurt that is going around- I can’t even imagine. I’ll pray that God continues to sustain you and give you the peace and strength you need.
    Naomi (Hancock) Haverland

  32. Dear, dear Tyler and Tiffany. From Johannesburg in South Africa I have watched Claire’s progress and your progress for some days now and have finally decided to comment on your blog. I was at school with Gary Lindsay (I’m not sure if you know him but he posts Claire’s story in his Facebook page.)
    I continue to hold you all in my prayers and have sent your story on to many strong Christian folk in South Africa and on my Facebook page.
    My little girl (Jerry, aged 7)prays for Claire and would like to know how old she is.
    Keep strong and thank you for the updates – we look forward to seeing them as often as you are able to post them.
    Kind regards,
    Lynda Madden

  33. Dear Tyler, Tiffany and Claire,

    I’m sure you get this a lot, but keep doing a great job in taking care of your baby and keep asking God to continue to give you patience like he has, keep your head up. Claire, from what I’ve read you seem like a very strong little girl and I’m sure God will give you more strenght to get better. A friend of mine asked me to say a prayer for Claire, once i started to read this i felt a connection to Claire. I don’t have kids, I’m trying to have a baby, that’s if God has that for me. But for now, I know God put you all in my path for a reason and I’m glad he’s done that. I do not know you all but I feel like I’ve known you all forever. I will keep you in my prayers.

    Tyler or Tiffany, Give Claire a kiss and hug for me.

    ♥ Karen

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