Monday, June 14: Update

Today has been spent anticipating and preparing for our move to Baylor Children’s House tomorrow. We don’t know what time we will be making the transfer so we’ve been taking the time to clean our courtesy room and transport the generosity of others back home.

Tiffany and I made our first trip back home together. We knew it would be a difficult trip. We busied ourselves as much as we could while we were there. It was therapeutic to think that by organizing the house some we were bringing a little bit of sanity back into our lives.

Claire has started varying the noises she makes and we are picking up on the different emotions and messages she is communicating. Consistent with her ability prior to all this, she is very good at communicating her disapproval. Christina, one of her nurses today, told us that Claire yelled at her when she started to move Claire back to the bed. That sounds about right.

The next few days will be hectic as we get on-boarded at Baylor’s and figure out the routine for the next six weeks. Once we have an idea of how things will operate, we will let you know when visits will be good to resume. We thank everyone who has visited during the last two weeks while we were at Medical City. Your support has been overwhelming and encouraging. We are eager to see you again at Baylor’s.

Thank you again for your prayers, hopes and support. I am hopeful for the updates to come over the next several weeks as Claire and our family start the intensive rehab program. Talk to you soon.

14 thoughts on “Monday, June 14: Update”

  1. I have begun to pray for the long term. I have been praying that each of your other girls will have understanding, compassionate teachers and classmates this fall. I have been praying for friends for them. I have been praying that the men and women around you would be able to step in and become co-parents with you when you are away, at the hospital, whatever. I have been praying for understanding from your bosses or whatever your work situation is. I have been praying for strength and hope. And most of all, for Claire. Peace to you all!

    1. Those are very insightful things to pray for.. thank you. We have been blessed with great people in our life who have poured a lot of love into us the last couple weeks. Autumn and Heidi’s teachers are all aware and have been very supportive and helpful through all of this, and Tyler’s employer has gone over and above to be flexible and supportive. Our family has come alongside us in every way they can, and we are so blessed to have people (Our Texas family) that Autumn and Heidi can play with and keep busy. Thank you for your prayers for their current friends and the friends they will make.
      Thank you for your prayers.

  2. Could you please let us know where cards can be mailed? My 4 year old daughter has been following Claire and would like to make her a card. Thanks!

  3. We will keep you in our prayers as you transition to the new place. I am praying that miraculous things will happen at this new facility and Claire will get stronger and stronger every day. I look forward to your positive updates! Way to go Claire, you keep yelling at folks! HAHA!

    Love you,

  4. Love the pics of Autumn and Heidi at the ‘station’.
    Love and prayers – safe trip to Baylor’s.
    Susan D.

  5. Wow! She’s yelling at people! That’s a great sign!!! I am continuing to pray daily for Claire,and the rest of you. I really enjoy your updates, and they remind me to pray! God bless you all. Praying the move goes well and the therapy is successful!

  6. We are part of a prayer chain out of Slidell, LA (right outside of New Orleans). We have been following the progress and miracles of your family. Sounds like God has been holding Claire in the palm of His hands. She sounds like a strong, feisty little girl, and with enough fight in her to get through this. Know that we are all continuing to prayer for you all.

  7. I am so glad to hear about Claire’s progess each day. Autumn and Heidie tell me how much they are going to help help her:) I cannot wait to see all three girls playing together again! Please keep me posted with the visiting schedule-I woul love to come again to see Sweet Claire soon. I continue to pray for your family. Malisa

  8. What an awesome God we have! That’s fabulous news that Claire is making her feelings known. I’m so excited for you! Good luck with the move tomorrow, know that you and your family continue to be in my prayers. Donna

  9. praying for a smooth transition and the best plan for rehab for Claire and your family.

    your strength and courage will be great assets in this environment.

    Peace to all of you.

    Blessings, Krista Floore Vickery

  10. Praise the LORD, for HE is doing great things!!!
    We rejoice with each new step, with the sisters “at the station” and enjoying time with Claire, with this move and the hope it represents! We continue to release the Presence of the LORD to go with you, surround your every move and fill Claire’s new room with great peace and progress!!!!
    Continuing in prayer,
    Uncle Glenn and Auntie Ruthie

  11. So glad to hear you are onto the next leg of this painful journey. Camryn was in rehab for 6 weeks also and that was an exhausting time for the main reason that I missed my other children desperately but knew that work had to be done. You will learn many wonderful things at rehab to prepare you for home. I just have a good feeling that Claire is going to excel 🙂 My feelings are almost always correct. Blessings.

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